Analyst events- Is booze better than a booth? Financial Services- Why economic downturn is killing the City but not European FS industry analysts

Blog courtesy of: Simon Levin (IIAR Board Member), Managing Director at The Skills Connection
David Rossiter (IIAR UK Chapter), Director at Sunesis Analyst Relations

The IIAR held its latest London Forum at the UK HQ of the IT services giant Tata Consultancy Services last night. The event saw a turn-out of over 30 of UK’s leading AR and marketing professionals to have a discussion with fellow AR pros on sponsoring analyst events and listen to views of some of the best Analysts in the Financial Services sector. Participants included Dell, Symantec, Deloitte, BAE Systems Detica, Bearing Point, CognizantEdinburgh University and AGT International.


The London Forum started with a best practices roundtable chaired by IIAR Board Member Caroline Dennington (@CDenningtonLinkedIn) and one of the IIAR UK Chapter Leads David Rossiter (@davidrossiterLinkedIn) on sponsoring analyst events.  One of the many issues covered circled around the ROI of sponsorship packages vs. simple hospitality.

The financial services panel was chaired by Sally Yates (@sallyyates, LinkedIn) from Metia with Analyst speakers coming in the form of IDC Financial Insight‘s Alex Kwiatkowski (@alexkwiatkowski, LinkedIn), Daniel Mayo (@ovumICT, LinkedIn) from Ovum as well as Celent‘s Catherine Stagg-Macey (@Staggmacey, LinkedIn) and Ralph Silva (@rsilvalondon, LinkedIn) from SRN.

pizap.com10.172902399674057961363220971534For an hour, Alex KwiatkowskiDaniel MayoCatherine Stagg-Macey and Ralph Silva entertained, informed and challenged the audience before everyone adjourned around the corner for more private conversations over drinks and food at the Horse and Groom pub.Financial services specialist, Sally Yates successfully moderated a spirited conversation that ranged from overall FS market trends through the changing role of IT vendors to how the financial crisis has affected the analyst firms themselves.

Ralph was the first to share his views on the changes currently taking place in the Financial Services sector and what these mean to suppliers of technology and IT Services. A regular BBC pundit, Ralph was not shy of sharing some strong views and creating a feisty debate amongst panellists as to what will happen next in the Banking and Insurance industries.

DSC06430The big debate was really around the role of suppliers and what they should do next for a market still struggling after the financial crisis. While cost containment still remains the primary order of the day, many FS companies are starting to look at where innovation can be used to drive new market opportunities. Cloud, mobility, social media and big data were all key themes put under the microscope.Despite some pessimistic views on the state and future of the UK banking industry, all our analyst firms are optimistic about the future. Even if SRN’s hopes for the future are pinned on Wall Street rather than in the City, the others agreed that there continues to be a strong demand in Europe for advice from banks and insurers. They are not ready to lie back and die yet and are actively looking for insights on how to advantage of the winds of change which continue to buffet London, Frankfurt and the other financial centres within Europe.

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The forum concluded successfully and was very well received and appreciated by attendees.

The complete audio recording of the sessions can be found in the members area on Huddle.

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