IIAR Sydney Forum: The Who, What, Why, Where & How of Analyst Social Media Use in APJ

Drawing on Intelligen’s recent Understanding the Influencers survey of more than 130 analysts across APJ, Dave Noble (MD – Intelligen AR / IIAR Board member) will discuss use of various social media platforms by regional and country analysts and address some key questions for AR professionals in this region:
  • Which analysts are using social media, and what are they using it for?
  • What social media platforms do analysts prefer, and how does this differ by location and activity?
  • Why AREN’T some analysts using social media?
  • What do AR professionals need to think about when developing a social media strategy?
Date / Time: Wednesday April 11 2012 from 4-7pm NSW 
Location: North Sydney, Australia
If you would like to attend please email Dave Noble who will provide further details. For those not able to make it in person a Webex and bridge line will be available.
4:00pm IIAR Forum (IIAR members & invited AR professionals only) 
5:15pm IIAR Forum close
5:30pm Industry Networking Drinks at The Treehouse, North Sydney sponsored by the IIAR (Open to IIAR members, other AR professionals, analysts, analyst firm sales staff)
7:00pm Event close

2 thoughts on “IIAR Sydney Forum: The Who, What, Why, Where & How of Analyst Social Media Use in APJ”

    1. Hi Anton,

      We’ll be running on Webex on will have an audio recording – no video I’m afraid. The recording & slides will be posted on Huddle after the event. Email me if you’d like to attend.



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