[Job Posting] Vodafone AR Manager Opportunity, UK

The role involves the implementation of strategic Industry Analyst engagement programmes for both Vodafone Group and Vodafone UK.  These will be specifically designed to increase Vodafone’s reputation – at both a local and international level – with this key external influencer group.

The Industry Analyst Relations Manager works alongside the Senior Industry Analyst Relations Manager in the day to day management of Vodafone’s Industry Analyst communications programme.

This individual is an important spokesperson for Vodafone, acting as a key point of contact for all external industry analyst relationships.

Essence of Role/Key Accountabilities

  • Provision of strategic counsel, guidance, training and analysis to internal stakeholders across the Group in their engagement with Industry Analysts
  • Define how Industry Analysts can play a role in driving the company’s success through their informed advocacy of Vodafone’s strengths
  • Devising and implementing analyst relations strategies and programmes to support Vodafone’s objectives and commercial targets for key business areas (such as Vodafone Global Enterprise, Vodafone Business Services, Terminals and Consumer).
  • Be a principal spokesperson for Vodafone, able to hold two-way discussions with analysts and proactively communicate relevant news, information and developments to the analyst community
  • Prioritise,  build and nurture relationships with top-tier key Industry Analysts, to improve their understanding and perception of Vodafone (with particular emphasis on Vodafone Global Enterprise and Vodafone Business Services)
  • Managing Vodafone’s responses to analyst requests for information, surveys, and briefings which will require close coordination with Vodafone’s business units/operating companies.
  • Working with Vodafone marketing teams to identify and use analysts strategically to support marketing efforts, including speaking opportunities, whitepapers, webinars
  • Managing relationship with our Industry Analyst Relations Agency
  • Development of Industry Analyst Newsletter and other social media channels for the continued development of information channels
  • Managing the Industry Analyst device loan programme

Leadership and teamwork

  • Working alongside the Senior Industry Analyst Relations Manager to deliver the strategic Industry Analyst engagement programmes for both Vodafone Group and Vodafone UK, 
  • The position is part of the Group Media Relations team and requires close team-work to ensure all communications activities are consistent with the overall Group Media Relations communications strategy


Required Skills

  • Ability to multi-task and quickly prioritise projects and communication activities
  • Proven ability to work to tight deadlines with limited resources and supervision
  • Ability to quickly understand any new products/services and/or technologies in order to be able to develop and implement communications plans
  • Ability to adapt to changing market situations in order to provide strategic counsel
  • Clear, concise communication skills essential
  • Strong ability in relationship management
  • Talent for communicating technical topics simply
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with all levels of the business
  • Previous Industry Analyst Relations, Financial Analyst Relations, Industry Analyst or PR experience preferred


For further details and to apply please contact IA_Relations@vodafone.com

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