Team Work Needed for 2009!

DARA Event on 20.1.2009 / Podcast about the IIAR

As the year has started with some of the most negative predictions we have heard for the past years, it becomes obvious that close collaboration between AR professionals of different companies and among AR and IT research professionals will become even more important than before.

One little step towards this objective are the local events organized by the IIAR and its associated organizations and chapters. In Germany, a few volunteers and I have also worked to bring AR and IT research together.

Next week, we want to strike a balance and look ahead:

Tower Bar Frankfurt/Main (IIAR website)For the 20th of January this year, the German Analyst Relations Working Group, which is closely working together with the IIAR, is organizing a fireside chat and networking dinner in the city center of Frankfurt / Main. The official title is: “IT industry and the IT research industry in times of economic slowdown”

We are enabling networking and discussions between important analyst relations professionals on the one side and important analyst houses on the other side. We have seen extremely positive reactions to our plans from both, the IT industry and the analyst houses.

The event is almost booked out by now and has been organized with the help of three sponsors: Fujitsu Siemens Computers, IBM Germany and Wilken, a German software company.

Our guests are:

  • Wafa Moussavi-Amin, General Manager Germany & Switzerland, IDC
  • Jeff Golterman, Group Vice President and Analyst Relations Community Leader, Gartner
  • Peter O’Neill, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Stephan Kaiser, Senior Consultant, Pierre Audoin Consultants

We want to discuss the reactions of IT user organizations and IT vendors to a beginning worldwide recession. However, the perspective of the IT research industry is also important: How do they change, and how do they react / adapt to the new situation?  This evening will be a possibility for all participants to share their thoughts, experiences and views on the market.

The event will be a wonderful opportunity to again raise the topic of officially opening a German Chapter of the IIAR in Germany. The German Analyst Relations Working Group (DARA) has developed a lot of momentum by today. The history of the DARA and the IIAR is a history of collaboration and mutual support. I personally hope that both organizations can push their level of integration even further.

The DARA will also elect a new board early this year. As a board member, I have led the organization of all its events until today. I would like to announce that this event will be the last I will have developed and organized: We are looking for someone who is dedicated to take on this responsibility in the future.

If you would like to hear the voices of some people involved in the IIAR (and DARA), you can listen to the latest podcast that I have just finished today. I recorded it end of last year with an IIAR Board member:

The topic is: “The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations – An interveiw with Peggy O’Neill” In this cast, we are talking to Peggy O’Neill about the IIAR and trends in the industry.  Peggy startet her career as a journalist. Today, she is heading Hill & Knowlton‘s North American AR practice.
Listen to the podcast (direct link) – Part one of two (mp3, 8 min.)

If you like this cast, you can subscribe to it here.

If you would like to attend the fireside chat and networking dinner, there is a fee of 49 EUR per person to cover the cost for the dinner. This is the data you need:  Date: 20 January 2009, Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Kaminzimmer des “Tower – Bar & Restaurant”
Eschenheimer Turm, 60318 Frankfurt/Main – (Tower – Bar & Restaurant: Tel: 0 69 – 29 22 44)


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