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Around Pim Bilderbeek from The METISfiles in 10 questions

Today’s featured analyst is Pim Bilderbeek (@pbilderbeek), ex-IDC, now running independent analyst firm The METISfiles (@metisfiles, blog) together with Marcel Warmerdam and Simone de Bruin (both ex-IDC as well).

1. What are your coverage areas?
The METISfiles covers three themes: Elastic Enterprise, Connected Worker and Partner Ecosystems. I am principal analyst for the Elastic Enterprise theme. My colleagues Marcel Warmerdam and Simone de Bruin cover the Connected Worker and Partner Ecosystem themes respectively. These connected themes, each influenced by innovation in technology, represent the foundation of our research programme.
Elastic Enterprise is about on-demand consumption of IT and Telecoms. Connected Worker covers changes in worker technology, workflow and employer-worker relationships. Partner Ecosystemexplores how ICT vendor channel, alliance, and partner strategies are changing and adapting to accommodate on-demand ICT consumption by elastic enterprises and connected workers. Continue Reading →

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