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HuaweiObjectives – Unique value the post will bring

Transparency: to ensure that there is a fair understanding of the company’s business performance that is valued by external stakeholders;

Confidence: not only to have confidence about the reliability of our financial statements, but also truly generate buy in and understanding of the key messages about Huawei’s business including its markets, margins, trends, including in comparison to competitors

Role orientation (general skills covered)

Accountant + financial analyst, compliance + value added disclosures, external financial communications + analyst relations + accounting insight

The overall responsibilities for the head of the External Financial Reporting role include:

A significant involvement in the design and content of the Annual Report, both the Financial Statements and the Front Half, and in the preparation of Financial Communication and Analyst presentations and interim results announcements, if applicable.

Financial communications: engaging with the external community (however defined) and presenting the financial results in an insightful and compelling way, including at external conferences(for instance, Annual Global Analyst Summit).

Financial analysis: “question spotting” what external parties will want to know when they read the Huawei Financial Statements and compare them with competitor and industry trends. Critically appraise, and thereby seek to improve upon, current output.

Financial reporting compliance: ensuring the highest standards of compliance and best practice reporting, on a level with public company peers in Europe and the USA, both listing requirements and IFRS disclosure and reporting requirements.

Job descriptions / Position Responsibilities:

  • Design and review the Group’s financial reports (annual financial reports,interim financial reports and other financial communication presentations)
  • Prepare the relevant financial parts of annual reports and other external filings, and review other content (such as business review, market trends, etc.) and propose amendments in line with best practice developments
  • Assist in reaching a consensus between the Company and the auditor about the contents of financial reports presentation and disclosure
  • Handle financial reporting related enquiries from regulatory bodies, if applicable.
  • Play an active role in organizing and, where appropriate, presenting at external financial communication events, for instance, the corporate performance presentation at the GAS and other forms of financial communications with capital markets, industry analysts, the media and other external stakeholders.
  • Provide external financial communication support, such as transmission of key financial reporting information to the Group CFO, BG CFO, Regional CFO, or other financial executives to support their external communications, which may include the preparation of key messages, Q & A material, and, where applicable, face-to-face briefings and presentations.
  • Provide guidance on corporate communication to the platform companies and/or other significant Huawei subsidiaries on their external financial reporting activities, where necessary
  • Based on the insights obtained from an external perspective, trigger improvements in the company’s internal management and financial management, as measured by the ability to serve the needs of the external financial communication community.
  • Conduct industry analysis and share that analysis to support internal management and financial management
  • Identify improvement in the relevant processes such as external financial reporting and the external audit

In order to achieve the above objectives, candidates will typically be expected to:

  • Keep apprised of developments in the rules and regulations around disclosures on relevant capital markets
  • Keep up to date on any developments in accounting standards (IFRS & US GAAP) that will impact the financial statements/annual report, especially the financial disclosure related requirements.
  • Understand and report on the regulatory dynamics more broadly
  • Analyse the company financial statements regularly from an external perspective, drive the internal finance staff or accountants to support the analysis.
  • Based on the analysis and related communication with directors of accounting, finance or business, build a network inside Huawei better to understand the Business, Accounting and Finance more in-depth
  • Become familiar with the Company’s strategy, management system and management philosophy
  • Analyse other company financial statements as part of regular peer analysis, and compare with the Company’s financial reports and business performance.
  • Understand and review the industry analysts’ and financial institutions’ view ofHuawei, and other companies within the industry. Understand their key demands.
  • Understand and review industry developments and how they will impact Huawei’s external reporting.

Job Id: 61851534
Location: London
Company: Huawei Technologies
Job Type: Permanent
Contact: Suhuan Wu
Reference: Totaljobs/External financial reporting
Apply: <<Here>>

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