Kim’s Game Plan for Constellation

Constellation Research GroupConstellation Research, Inc.–the award-winning research and advisory firm focused on how disruptive technologies transform business models–announced today the addition of Peter Kim to the research team as Chief Strategy Officer and Principal Analyst. Kim, whose research focuses on Digital Marketing Transformation, expands Constellation’s ability to provide marketing leadership research/solutions to its early adopter clients worldwide and cement its unique position “somewhere between an analyst firm and a futurist firm” as Constellation Research Founder and Chairman R “Ray” Wang describes it.
As Chief Strategy Officer and Principal Analyst, Kim will focus on the intersection of marketing and technology, where brands need more help than ever orchestrating platforms and service providers to deliver innovative customer experiences. Kim’s research agenda will provide guidance to CMOs, CXOs, and business strategists in the rapidly evolving area of Digital Marketing Transformation.  In the CSO role, Kim will apply his expertise to optimize recurring revenue streams and build out successful client-driven projects into more scalable product offerings.
What IIAR members should know:
  • Peter Kim is based in Austin, TX. follow him at @peterkim and on his blog
  • Constellation now has 250 clients
  • It has recently launched a new influencer community
“Constellation Research has been disrupting the research industry model and I’ve sought to do the same in my work over the past two decades as a strategist, marketer, consultant, and industry analyst,” said Kim. “I’m delighted with the opportunity to take my talents to Constellation Research.”
Peter Kim was previously Chief Solutions Architect at Dachis Group, a multi-million dollar business advisory firm that pioneered the discipline of social business design. Prior to Dachis Group, Kim was an analyst at Forrester Research, where he helped brands take advantage of the rapid rise of corporate social media.
“I’m truly excited to have Pete on the team as a colleague and peer.  His ability to identify astute insights for marketing executives and grow multi-million dollar businesses is bar none in the industry research world”, said Wang, “Pete’s arrival will help our clients with co-creation and co-innovation in world of digital disruption.  His domain expertise will bring gravitas to our Digital Marketing and Customer Experience business themes.  We’re honored to have him on the team.”
More about Constellation
  • Constellation Research was founded in 2010, and has since grown to serve over 250 clients around the globe. The firm’s commitment to providing Open Research challenged the traditional analyst models.  Today, Constellation continues to disrupt its own industry as it helps clients explore disruptive technology and trends.
  •  Constellation’s research, training programs, innovation workshops and ideation events focus on the under-served connections between business and IT strategy; recent projects have included helping senior executives at some of the world’s leading companies to prepare board-level strategy and cultivate innovation.
  •  In 2011, the firm launched its Connected Enterprise event, which returns October 29th to October 31st, 2014 at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.  This year’s executive innovation summit focuses on dominating digital disruption and headliner keynotes include Rachel Botsman of the Sharing Economy and Raj Chetty from Harvard speaking on the Equality of Opportunity.
  •  Also recently launched is Constellation Orbits, an “influencer network designed to extend Constellation’s coverage of digital disruption in technology, business models, and society.”  The blog features Constellation analysts alongside other industry influencers; the firm plans to add to the contributor roster throughout 2014.
  • For more information, visit Constellation Research on the web, at

Are you a Constellation user?

  • How are you using Constellation?
  • Do you think Constellation revolutionising the analyst business model?
  • If you’re an AR pro, what does that mean for you?

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