Top Analyst Tweeters

In a business context, Twitter is more than just a popularity contest; it’s not just about attracting the highest number of ‘Followers’.  Much like Analyst Relations, it’s about your target market, open communication, engagement and ultimately, influence.  The list of Top Analyst Tweeters is a useful gauge of which analysts use twitter most effectively – blending their degrees of  Popularity, Influence, Engagement and Trust.

Click here to see the top 1000 analyst tweeters care of @JonnyBentwood and TweetLevel.

2 thoughts on “Top Analyst Tweeters”

  1. Useful tool indeed Melissa.

    I often get the question from fellow AR practitioners on why they should drink from the firehose and compound bandwidth issues by adding yet another stream of information?

    My stock answer is that twitter is not (only) a broadcast channel but also a place where conversations take place.

    For me, the best practices are:

    1. To catch analysts where they are, bearing in mind all socmed tools are opt-in. There’s a continuum from face-to-face meetings all the way to twitter, from rich-sychronous interactions all the way to 1:many-scalable conversations. Comms professionals should know when to choose the right tool for each tactic.

    2. Don’t lurk, join the conversation (chek also my blog post on why should analysts be blogging).

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