[JOB POSTING] Hewlett-Packard Seeks Global Corporate Industry Analyst Relations Manager

Hewlett-Packard Company is seeking a seasoned executive to serve as Global Corporate Analyst Relations Manager, with responsibility for strengthening the company’s relationship with industry analysts and analyst firms globally as well as leading regional planning and execution of the corporate programme across EMEA. The role reports to the Director, Global External Corporate Communications and is based in the UK.

The successful candidate will have strategic-planning experience, professional-level communications skills and broad industry knowledge to ensure that Hewlett-Packard Company and its strategy are well understood and supported by key opinion-shapers who advise enterprises and comment publicly about technology. The role is responsible for maintaining strong knowledge of competitors, market dynamics and customer issues that can be leveraged for communications purposes.

The role requires maintaining and coordinating deliverables with the broader global corporate communication team and individuals leading Analyst Relations functions within the company’s three $30 Billion-plus global business groups, principle within the EMEA.

Key Responsibilities:

•       Driving and executing the Global Corporate Analyst Relations priorities globally with program control within key region.
•       Cultivating and strengthening relationships with Hewlett-Packard Company Watchers at major industry-analyst firms, as well as with industry commentators, ensuring that they are current with Hewlett-Packard Company’s strategy and objectives, and familiar with its technologies, messaging and key executives.
•       Cultivating and strengthening relationships with key industry analyst firms, such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Ovum.  Serving as Hewlett-Packard Company’s resident expert in how best to work with these organizations and make the most efficient use of senior executives in dealing with them.
•       Planning, executing and measuring programs focused on complex business content.
•       Serving as spokesperson for Hewlett-Packard Company with the analyst community for, at times, sensitive, complex business issues in a manner that builds confidence in Hewlett-Packard Company and the Hewlett-Packard Company brand, its leaders and key strategic initiatives
•       Organizing and, at times, leading formal and informal briefings with industry analysts, conducted by Hewlett-Packard Company executives ranging from C-suite executives to experts in narrower subject areas such as Hewlett-Packard Company Labs, IT and Marketing.
•       Participating in the formulation of strategy for communicating Hewlett-Packard Company’s strategy and major initiatives, working closely with other functions within Corporate Communications, including Corporate Media Relations, Corporate Messaging, Web-Based Communications and Internal Communications.
•       Advising senior-level management on industry analysts and related topics
•       Driving world-class quality AR cost structure, operations and execution.
•       Providing external groups, such as enterprise customers at the Executive Briefing Center, with a general overview of the company and its strategy.


•       A solid career gained within the IT industry, with a broad knowledge of trends and technologies that affect enterprise customers.
•       Strong knowledge of the industry-analyst community and how analysts influence the IT purchasing process and how they are best be utilized for advisory services.
•       Professional oral and written communications skills honed in analyst relations, communications or technology sales.
•       Strong strategic planning skills, with experience formulating and executing plans that fit within a company’s larger objectives. Demonstrated ability to link AR plans and activities to business results.
•       Experience interacting at all levels of a company, including senior-most management.
•       Proven collaborative abilities in a corporate setting, with experience working across disciplines and geographies. Demonstrated high levels of tact and diplomacy, as well as proven experience managing, leading and measuring teams.
•       Operational skills and negotiation capabilities for analyst contracts, critical speaking events and cross-company leverage of analysts’ seats and inquiry time.
•       Business Analyst (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communications, Marketing or Business Administration

Knowledge and Skills Required:

• Superior writing and editing skills – recognized for “near perfection” writing and editing and often asked to edit the work of others
• Strong oral communications skills; ability to think on feet
• Senior “story teller” – ability to take complex concepts and messages and transform into an audience-resonating story
• Organization and program management skills
• Ability to link PR/AR plans and activities to business results
• Well-developed analytic skills (measurement, Return on Investment (ROI)

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