IIAR Launches Certification for Analyst Relations Managers

Have you ever been embarrassed by a fellow AR manager? Some clueless person who purports to represent our profession and has not the slightest idea about the difference between an inquiry and a briefing? Or thinks the more you pay an analyst, the better the coverage will be?

Not much you can do about it, as anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves an analyst relations manager. But at least those of us who take our profession seriously can push for high standards and look for ways to separate the amateurs from the pros.

The basic certification test that IIAR is launching today (read the official press release) will hopefully enjoy widespread adoption and become a way for hiring managers to differentiate between the poseurs and the pros. The IIAR is also looking at advanced certification requirements and will roll that out at a later date.

It’s the first time we are trying to answer the question, “What are the basics that an AR manager should know?”  The exam covers topics such as citation policies, market share methodology, analyst etiquette, and event best practices. Regional knowledge, business model basics, and pricing and licensing fundamentals are also in there.

Not sure if you’re ready? Sample questions and a quiz are available here.

Candidates interested in taking the exam should make arrangements by contacting me directly at peggy.oneill@analystrelations.org as passwords are distributed individually.

What do you think? Is certification helpful in promoting higher standards in our profession? Should it be mandatory instead of voluntary?

4 thoughts on “IIAR Launches Certification for Analyst Relations Managers”

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  2. Personally, I think this is a major step forward. It’s time that the industry stood up for itself as a profession and put standards in place. Having a test that is drawn up by experts from across the industry that, therefore, reflects a broad set of interests rather than those of a single firm is particularly important. Best of all, the certification test is independent of any training scheme, so it cannot be rigged.

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