I never thought this would be so difficult!

Duncan kindly suggested WordPress because it’s much better, which I did. It’s much more difficult to set up than blogger and as soon as I did Catherine was commenting on Twitter that it’s buggy. I finally got around redirecting it but still can’t get the domains to work on WordPress (apparently I have to do something to the INAME or whatever) so that it’s seamless between the blog and

Anyway, it’s now up and running and all the IIAR members can post. We’ll be accepting guest posts too.

2 thoughts on “Blogging…”

  1. Hi Ludo,

    Thanks for the flame, but the issues you are encountering are independent of blogger or wordpress. The upgrade bugs are not affecting this blog. This redirect issue to to do with the domain, and how that is managed, and not the blogging platform. You would have the same issue with blogger, almost certainly.


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