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deloitte logo- IIAR websiteDeloitte leads with purpose, solving complex issues for our clients and communities. Across disciplines and across borders, Deloitte Global supports our network of member firms by developing and driving global strategy, programs, and platforms, and creating new solutions and transformational experiences. Our people share a passion for igniting change and a strong service orientation that shapes our organization and those it supports.

Position summary

Global Analyst Relations (AR) is a highly specialized discipline within Deloitte. The AR team is entrusted with owning and managing Deloitte’s relationships with the analyst community on a global basis. The relationships are considered protected and of high value as analysts impact client buying decisions, rate, rank and report on our business, influence our brand and reputation, and provide advice to the business in shaping and directing marketing messages and firm strategies. AR programs are managed on a global, cross-functional and cross-industry basis to ensure the accurate and consistent positioning to maintain and advance our leadership position with the analysts.

Role Specific Responsibilities

Key Roles: Project manager, Relationship manager, business development professional, brand, marketing & PR manager, competitive intelligence manager

An AR Analyst manages relationships between the firm and analysts, primarily designed to gain mindshare, influence long-term market views, and secure favorable positioning for the firm’s services against competitors. By influencing analyst opinions of these services, DTTL member firms will have an advantage in securing leads and referrals from analysts and in rating favorably in analyst reports which influence client buying decisions. AR managers also garner insights from analyst relationships which can impact firm positioning and strategy and includes information about competitors, market trends, new technologies and market opinions on the Deloitte brand and its member firm network.

An AR Analyst is responsible for building relationships with the firm’s leadership and most senior executives and partners throughout the global firm. Equally important are the relationships with top analysts at target analyst firms.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Strategic management of AR programs
    • Determine AR program strategies and messaging on a proactive, ongoing basis
    • Define program scope, targets, organizational structure and resourcing
    • Ensure that the AR program supports the strategy and key goals and objectives of the firm
  • Strategic relationship buildingStrategic relationship building
    • Internal
      • Establish relationships with key leaders and partners throughout DTT globally at the highest level of each function, service line, industry and region
      • Provide insight to leadership on firm’s strategy and positioning to ensure highest and best result from analyst communityProvide insight to leadership on firm’s strategy and positioning to ensure highest and best result from analyst community
    • External
      • Define and facilitate opportunities to build relationships with analyst firmsDefine and facilitate opportunities to build relationships with analyst firms
  • Positioning development
    • Work collaboratively to define the function and service level positioning customized to the analyst audience
    • Establish points of interaction with all relevant teams, including a varied set of leaders across the firm, PMOs, global marketing and brand, ensuring consistency with a diverse set of activities and messaging
    • Review all content before release to analysts to ensure accuracy, consistency, conformance to policy
  • Program Execution
    • Deliver against complex set of initiatives aligned to internal and external leadership goals
    • Lead all components of the cycle of analyst engagement, research efforts, and leadership preparation and coaching
    • Build long-term relationships with key analysts
    • Prepare analyst briefings, presentations and other communication materials
    • Ensure continuous distribution of information to analysts to increase awareness
    • Provide direction to leadership on financial investments with analysts (reprints, advisory days as part of program management)
  • Team management and development
    • Demonstrate ability to collaborate and build synergies between your programs and related programs
    • Learn to manage internal resources and outside vendors to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
  • Decision-making and time management
    • Demonstrate ability to deliver thoughtful, insightful and defensible recommendations
    • Manage time and resources
  • Sales Process Intervention
    • Identify and escalate to appropriate leadership analyst disruption of the sales process
    • Support follow up to correct negative reports and opinions from analyst firms
  • Infrastructure
    • Help implement core processes
    • Help implement core infrastructure
    • Help uphold policies governing release of information to analysts


Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or related discipline required

Years of Experience:

Minimum of 2 to 4 years of professional experience.

To be credible and successful in this role, an individual must have the foundational skills to develop strong executive presence and insight, be able to understand both broadly and deeply each of the firm’s businesses and service lines, regional and country level businesses, and industry approach at the segment level.

Candidates must be able to decipher vast quantities of information, navigate complex organizations and manage high-level internal and external relationships. Perhaps most important, the global nature of the role requires someone who can learn to manage multi-national teams of leaders and extended support teams, understanding nuances of varied cultures, flexibility and accommodation of working with leaders and analysts around the world.

Individuals must also work effectively in a team to deliver the highest and best results.

Unlike traditional transactional AR tasked with responding to research requests, the Deloitte AR team is aligned to the business at the global level and tasked with not only foundational AR work but assisting the firm in formulating key strategies and messaging. Firm leadership expects AR managers to provide the same level of service Deloitte provides to its clients; AR managers are held to this standard in the hiring process and during ongoing performance evaluations.

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