Want to write an IIAR white paper? Need help in getting it down on paper?

Ludovic and Ani hard at work
Writing buddies at work

IIAR Writing Buddy Scheme

Do you want to write an IIAR white paper, but don’t have the time or resources to work on a piece by yourself? Are you looking for a writing buddy?

The IIAR has built a large library of white papers, but there is room for more.

In an effort to encourage the further sharing and dissemination of knowledge about AR practices, the IIAR has now put in place a ‘writing buddy’ scheme to help IIAR members publish papers on some aspect of AR practice.

If you have an idea or burning issue then we are happy to work with you and to do the legwork to help you get your idea out there. This could be co-authoring a paper with you or simply chatting to you and turning your thoughts into a draft text. If you are interested in finding out more about the writing buddy scheme then get in contact below.




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