Digital Disruption Tsunami takes over Analyst firms

Constellation loves DCGConstellation loves DCGConstellation loves DCGIn an age of Digital Disruption and Business Transformation, when organisations are continuously embracing reinvention to stay in the business, change is imperative.


Who would have thought that the once dominant brands such as Blockbuster would be killed by a 30 staff strong Netflix due to their failure of recognizing the change and seizing the opportunity. And this is only one of the many classical examples of the rise and death of brands.


Digital Disruption or the Digital Business Transformation is a widely and most talked about term by almost every analyst firm in the past few years addressing organisations’ challenges and advising them to adapt themselves to this. In this era, you either need to be the disruptor (either reinvent yourself or acquire a unique combination of skills through alliances & acquisitions) or be disrupted by a competitor who embraces the change earlier than you.

And the analyst firms themselves aren’t any exception. Constellation Research Group (@ConstellationRGannounced today  a strategic alliance with Digital Clarity Group (@just_clarity). Currently only focused on the buy-side market the partnership promises to address organizations’ challenges through the complexities of digital transformation.


While DCG (since it was founded in 2012) in the past few years has emerged with a strong focus on organizations navigating on digital disruption and focusing on (digital) agencies, Constellation Research (a Silicon Valley based business research and advisory firm) has helped clients transform business models with disruptive technologies focusing on large offshore system integrators so it will only be interesting to see how the alliance pans out addressing some of the client challenges.


While the specifics of the scope of this partnership outside the buy- side are unclear for now, one should keep a close eye into what it will have to offer both in terms of their research and influence on the buyer community. Also, given that the major analyst firms have a strong focus in the already complex Digital Business Transformation space, this alliance is something to watch out for in the near future.


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