IIAR Webinar – May 29 – Tracking analyst influence: Is there an easier way?

Date: May 29, 2014
Time: 4pm BST, 5pm CET, 11am EST
Location: IIAR Webinar – Register here or use the FORM below

Every analyst relations program is challenged with measuring the effectiveness of its efforts. One key component of the effectiveness measure is what analysts are saying about your company. Industry analysts are talking about you in blogs, tweets and media as much as in subscription research. This IIAR Webinar will illustrate how one company deals with these issues using ARchitect.

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Case Study …

Title: Tracking analyst influence: is there an easier way?

Topic: Using ARchitect to monitor analysts real-time for immediate feedback and analysis.

Case Study: Ana Perez will discuss how Huawei discovered analysts’ response to Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit by mining social media. Ana will discuss how they found the relevant information and what they learned.

Speakers …

Ana E. Perez – Global Analyst Relations Specialist, Huawei.

In her role as Global Analyst Relations Specialist, Ana Perez collaborates with industry analyst firms and internal executives to manage business communication for vital research reports and company briefings. Among other things, Ms. Perez is also responsible for building and executing analyst relations programs at Huawei-sponsored conferences and industry events to build brand awareness. Most recently, Ms. Perez has launched an ongoing social media program targeting analyst influencers to support marketing efforts. Ms. Perez earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations with a minor in Legal Studies from San Jose State University.

Crystal J. Golightly – Director of Client Development, ARInsights LLC

In her role as Director of Client Development, Crystal Golightly is responsible for consulting with clients and prospects on the business objectives of their Analyst Relations programs, customization and implementation of their ARchitect sites and assisting in generating insightful reports for management.

Prior to joining ARInsights, Ms. Golightly gained valuable experience as Sales Operations Manager at Pipeline Trading Systems, where she was solely responsible for CRM administration, process, training and implementation. Ms. Golightly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics with a concentration in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice from the University of San Francisco.

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