IIAR London Forum on 4th December

This, not to miss Forum, has just got better, there are now two panel discussions …

New panel discussion – Selling your company on the value of professional analyst relations …

It can sometimes be a challenging task to sell the value of professional analyst relations to the business. We’ve all been asked time after time, “so tell me again, why are these analysts important?”. We’re therefore delighted to have a panel of experts, including Bill Reed and Tim O’Sullivan (confirmed so far, there may be more), sharing their insights and experiences on how you can successfully show the value of analysts to the rest of your company and demonstrate the variety of important roles they have in influencing customers and other stakeholders. Please bring your thinking and talking hats along as this will be a practical, debate driven session on the explanations, arguments and tactics that can be used with management and colleagues alike.

This IIAR Forum is open to all IIAR Members, past and prospective IIAR Members.

This is in addition to the CIO panel already scheduled for December 4th – this will also be a panel. This session will provide us all with a chance to “peek behind the curtain” and understand how user organizations specifically choose to engage with the research community. Some of the questions we will specifically be exploring are:

  • Which research do used organizations value and why
  • Why and when do they use research firms versus other sources in the product/service purchase cycle
  • How is IT research specifically used within the buying centre
  • What kind of questions do they specifically ask the analysts about suppliers

Venue: FleishmanHillard, 40 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LG
Start Time: 4pm (UK Time)
Finish Time: 6pm followed by Networking and early Christmas drinks.

This will be a really exciting event that no IIAR member (or prospective member) should miss. If you would like more information or would like to attend please drop an email here.

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