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Constellation Research has announced today that it is taking a new step in its development and hired a CEO -see press release below- in the person of Bridget Chambers (@bridgchambers, LinkedIn), who comes from the SAP User Group.

I spoke yesterday to Constellation’s founder (and IIAR Analyst of the year 2009), Ray Wang (@rwang0, LinkedIn) and Bridget and as usual found the conversation fascinating. This post is not a position from the IIAR, its members or board, not my employer  -just a sum of personal thoughts. Comments are welcome of course.My key takeaway are:

  • There’s been some flux in the Constellation analysts (Charles Brett left, then joined for Freeform for instance) which means their franchise model isn’t for everyone. Yet, personally I believe that the nework/franchise model is not only the future of work but will also be more prevalent in business as speed and flexibility take precedence on vertical integration.
  • Constellation brands itself a disruptor that focusses more on the business and new technology intersection than the traditional IT, has built an impressive brand in a short time and claims 200 clients served with 10 analysts and a total staff of 20.
  • It’s hard to measure what progress Constellation is making with end users, one of the key aspects for influence from an AR standpoint but hiring someone coming from an end-user association is certainly unusal and I dare to say very interesting. In my post on Analyst firms: rock star bands or record label dinosaurs?, I wrote that the days of syndicated research was as dead as CD sales. The future of research, IMHO, is clearly in the experience its clients get -something Gartner struggles with culturally (it is The source of Truth), that Forrester aoms to execute (its website is one of the best still and their Leadership Boards is a good idea too) and on which the CEB has built its business.

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San Francisco, CA – September 3, 2013 Constellation Research, Inc. the research and

advisory firm focused on how disruptive technologies transform business models,

announced today that Bridgette Chambers, a well respected and accomplished

executive with a track record of successful corporate turnaround, transformation, and

growth is joining Constellation as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of

Directors.  Chambers will take the reins from founder Ray Wang, who will maintain his

role as Chairman and Lead Analyst and continue to drive the company’s research


Chambers comes to Constellation from Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG), the

largest independent trade association serving SAP customers and partners on the

globe.  During her tenure with ASUG, Chambers led a transformation that took the

twenty-year brand from a period of financial and operational trouble to one of prosperity

and stability. While serving as CEO for ASUG, Chambers doubled membership,

enhanced service and delivery, rebuilt the corporate culture, and created substantial

growth in earnings.  ASUG was awarded two American Business Awards under

Chambers’ tenure, including Company of the Year recognition in 2012 and 2013.

Chambers was awarded several ABA awards as well, including recognition as Maverick

of the Year in 2012 and Executive of the Year in 2013.

“Constellation Research has experienced remarkable growth in the past three years.

We are poised to continue the growth and success by enhancing our business strategy,

growing our analyst community, and expanding into end-user markets,” said Wang.

“Bridgette has long championed purposeful disruption for the sake of progress and

innovation and I am confident she is the right person to take our firm to the next level.

This new Constellation Research leadership team has a shared vision for the future and

a passion to take the company to new heights.”

“Making smart technology decisions is an imperative; translating those smart decisions

into value is a source of competitive advantage.  I believe Constellation’s unique value

proposition empowers our clients to make bold use of smart, disruptive innovation and

thus, become more competitive in the market place,” said Chambers.  “Ray has built an

exceptional brand and an impressive body of market-leading research.  I am excited

and honored to join the firm.  I have no doubt that our growth strategy and expansion

plans will elevate Constellation Research, and the customer communities it serves, into

the ranks of the most innovative brands on the globe.”

Chambers received her B.S. from The University of Houston and her MBA from Texas

A&M University.  Chambers is a well-known keynote speaker and presenter.  Chambers

honed her leadership skills while proudly serving in the US Army Reserves and Texas

Army National Guard.

Constellation Research is hosting their successful Connected Enterprise event, The

Executive Innovation Conference October 30

Half Moon Bay.  During the successful event Wang, Chambers, and COO Dennis

Kanemitsu will address Constellation’s exciting growth strategy and launch new

offerings.  Register here:


to November 1


Twitter: @bridgchambers



Constellation Research is a research and advisory firm focused on disruptive and

emerging technologies. This renowned group of experienced analysts, led by R “Ray”

Wang, focuses on business-themed research including Digital Marketing

Transformation; Future of Work; Next Generation Customer Experience; Data to

Decisions; Matrix Commerce; Technology Optimization and Innovation; and

Consumerization of IT and the New C-Suite.

Constellation’s collection of prestigious analysts bring real world experience,

independence, and objectivity to client solutions that span cross-role, cross-functional,

and cross-industry points of view. Clients join Constellation Research for a fresh and

business focused perspective.

Unlike the legacy analyst firms, Constellation Research is disrupting how research is

accessed, what topics are covered, and how clients can partner with a research firm to

achieve success. Over 100 clients have joined from an ecosystem of buyers, partners,

solution providers, c-suite, board of directors and vendor clients.

For more information about Constellation Research, visit


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Connected Enterprise, Constellation Cosmos, and the Constellation Research logo are

trademarks of Constellation Research, Org. All other products and services listed herein

are trademarks of their respective companies.

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