Gartner Shares New Insights at March 24th IIAR London Forum

Gartner presented their strategy and positioning update at the IIAR London Forum on Thursday 24th March.

Jeff Golterman / GVP, High-Tech &Telecom Programs shared new insights into their new research themes and how their analysts work.  It revealed that it is increasing analyst coverage in emerging markets for example in Asia, and expanding its focus on IT roles of the CIO and IT professionals.

Gartner also has a new process where their clients can get structured information to help them on specific projects and initiatives, such as ERP, CRM, etc. Relevant research notes are pushed out directly to clients rather than clients having to search for them.

Gartner is also looking at alternative ways to explore market trends, and issues to be solved through research and advisory notes in the Web 2.0 world of social media.  To help the AR community, Gartner is conducting analyst perception surveys of your overall AR programs.

Alexander Drobik / MVP Research ERP and Enterprise Suites then delved into the peer review process. He also showed a graphical representation on where AR programmes are. With this, Gartner has suggested four styles of Technology Provider Analyst Relations – see graphic.

The vertical axis is focused on the Analyst Relations objectives ranging from Defending their organisations to Improving their organisations by constructive dialogue.
The Horizontal axis is focused on the Relationship between the Technology Provider and Analysts and ranges from Low Engagement to High Engagement.
In each segment there are the following attributes:

  • Degree by which the Technology Provider has meaningful interactions with Gartner Analysts
  • Culture that dominates the interactions with Analysts
  • View of the motives/trust level with Analysts
  • Degree of access to Technology Provider Executives
  • Degree of data/information provided to Analysts

This representation certainly provide food for thoughts: where do you think your Corporate AR programme and/or yourself as an individual AR manager sits?

Just a clue: according to Gartner, very few make it to the top-right quadrant…

IIAR members can download the Gartner presentation on the IIAR Extranet >link<.

What do you think?

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