The British Are Coming! Datamonitor stalks Gartner analysts

Datamonitor’s truck rolled around the Gartner headquarters in Stamford, CT, this morning. The firm’s Ovum’s business is aiming to hire, and the hoarding on the van asked analysts to send their resume in. As Greg has argued, Datamonitor may have to work hard to get Gartner analysts’ attention: and it seems to know it.

7 thoughts on “The British Are Coming! Datamonitor stalks Gartner analysts”

  1. That might be a good marketing tactic, but you have to know your audience. Since most analysts work from home and are scattered across the globe, driving the van around Top Gallant Drive seems to be a low yield tactic. In this case, social networking techniques might be a better choice. I do give them points for chutzpah, but they lose points for sloppy research. 🙂

  2. Dana, I work for Ovum and I assure you (a) we know that most analysts don’t work from Stamford, if any, but (b) driving it around there was most likely to generate the desired buzz and word-of-mouth distribution. This approach and the social networking techniques are not mutually exclusive and you look at the blog uptake and Twitter activity around our exercise, you might in fact conclude that this was a well-executed multi-disciplinary campaign. I assure you, I’ve gotten feedback from analysts and salespeople in multiple cities, multiple states, multiple countries, multiple continents…none of whom saw the truck in Stamford but all of whom were made aware of it via social techniques.

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