IIAR> Certified Professional study guide

Created by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations in September 2009 and updated regularly since, the IIAR> Certified Professional  tests assesses analyst relations professionals’ foundational knowledge  on a range of topics related to analyst relations.

It consists of 100 multiple choice questions across key categories, the pass mark is set at 70% accuracy. The test takes about 75 minutes to complete so please plan accordingly.

There are a handful of questions in each category listed below and a link to a more detailed guide on the IIAR> Members portal is included below.

The exam will cover the following topics:

  • What is AR and why does AR matter?
  • How to measure success and justify AR?
  • How to evangelize & deliver maximum AR value? 
  • How to set AR strategy and prioritize Analysts? 
  • What do I need to consider when setting my budget? 
  • Who are Analysts and what do they do? 
  • Who are the Analyst firms? 
  • How best to engage with analysts? 
  • How to pursue Evaluation Reports? 
  • What are the different types of Analyst Research? 
  • What are the analyst firm compliance rules? 
  • How to best utilize AR assets?
  • How to manage the relationship with your Analyst firm? 

Sample questions and a timed quiz are available here.

IIAR> Members can access the study guide on our Members Portal.

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5 thoughts on “IIAR> Certified Professional study guide”

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  4. Greetings IIAR team,

    I’m interested in pursuing the IIAR AR Professional Certification as I’ve recently joined EMC’s AR team. It appears that the exam is offered online and the study guide helps a student understand what types of research to conduct prior to the exam.

    This may be an incorrect rumor, but I heard that the IIAR Professional Certification was an in-person course where fellow AR professionals learn and study together. Does this exist?

    Thank you!

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