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[JOB POSTING] Analyst and Customer Relations Manager / BT, London, UK

Why this role matters

External influencers in industry analyst and sourcing advisory firms engage closely with our customers, competitors, regulators and investors, the media and wider financial community, so are both an important channel to market and source of insight. The analyst and consultant relations (ACR) programme in Global focuses on developing and strengthening influencer relationships to:

  • Improve market perception of BT by persuading them to represent BT in the best possible light.
  • Improve win chance in in client opportunities at all stages of the sales cycle.
  • Glean vital sources of market intelligence trends and potential opportunities.
  • Bring outside knowledge, feedback and advice into BT.
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Public Relations Manager/Analyst Relations Marketing / NICE, Hoboken, NJ, USA

Nice logo

NICE Ltd, a rapidly growing publicly traded tech leader with a market cap of $6 Billion, is seeking a Public Relations/Analyst Manager to join as a tactical contributor for our Global Corporate Communications Team. This role focuses on writing, public relations, case studies, and messaging. The candidate should be experienced in driving key messaging with industry influences across the major industry research firms.  As a fast paced organization the ideal candidate will be one that understands competing priorities and is well-equipped to ensure the PR/AR process flow churns.

The PR/AR Manager will report directly to the Director of Corporate Communications, who is committed to ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. You will benefit from a thoughtful, strategic management approach designed to actively cultivate a space where innovation and diversity of approach is rewarded, irrespective of guaranteed outcome or potential risk. The ideal candidate is a creatively adventurous thinker who explores beyond the status quo. We’re driven to ensuring our voice and approach are as cutting-edge as our market-disrupting technology products!

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[JOB POSTING] Analyst Relations Senior Manager, Fujitsu, London, UK

Fujitsu, the leading Japanese ICT company, is looking for a senior analyst relations manager in London.Fujitsu logo- IIAR website

There’s never been a more exciting time to work at Fujitsu – As they are currently going through an unprecedented period of transformation and growth. As a result they’re looking to appoint an Analyst Relations Senior Manager to achieve our strategic goal of being a leading global IT player for digital transformation. Continue Reading →

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