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Launch of IIAR India Chapter in Mumbai

[slideshow]A successful and interesting IIAR India Chapter meet held on 17th of June in Mumbai shared some best practices of leveraging AR firms with respect to product, marketing, sales & strategic decision making. Sharing some key points highlighted during the discussion include: 

  • AR professionals should not be mere gatekeepers. They need to be more responsive & accessible appreciated by analysts. Dedicated Analyst portals – a need of today to help support accessibility
  • Analysts should not be considered as mere lead generators but as trusted advisors to help organizations in identifying strategies to grow business
  • Organizations need to identify right analysts for strategic expectations. Interactions should be ideally with 1-2 primary analysts, 8-10 referred (Tier2) analysts & a few adjacent market analysts to get a picture of complete spectrum. 
  • For C level interactions, face to face meetings are always preferred. Communication should be monthly or quarterly, not weekly. Doing regional analyst events for half a day is also useful.
  •  Understanding the pulse of who is influencing the market, inputs should be sought from customers, respective analyst firm account executives and through regular evaluation of research reports.
  •  Give more client proofs- demos, references during briefings.
  •  Around product launches,  one should speak to product as well as services analysts  
  • Analyst only lay out advantages and disadvantages of top vendors and one should influence to be the top of the mind recall for them 
  • Vendors should build niche capabilities and highlight them to ensure analyst influence.  

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The IIAR opens a new chapter in India

Join us for the the innaugural meeting of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations India Chapter with Bhavish Sood, Principal Analyst at Gartner and a leading voice in the technology industry for many years.

Bhavish will speak about current trends in the market, analyst community and offer tips for effective analyst relations. During this briefing, facilitation will be offered for the new and prospective IIAR members who seek advantage of the extensive experience of being an IIAR member.

    Kindly hosted by SyntelClick here for Google Maps.

RSVP at the earliest to reserve your place to:
Aarti Patil
apatil at analystrelations . org
Phone: +91 99209 30619

  Thursday,  June 17,  2010 11:00 – 13:00 hours11:00 – 11:15 Welcome, coffee

11:15 – 12:00 Featured speaker, Bhavish Sood, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner

12:00 – 12:15 Networking

12:15 – 13:00 Group discussion and roadmap for chapter

The IIAR is a not-for-profit organization established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers.

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Highlights from the May IIAR London Forum on vertical analysts

The May IIAR London Forum at Bell Pottinger on the 27th May 2010 featured an impressive panel of analysts representing a broad range of vertical market focus in the financial sector, government, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing:

  • Peter Farley / IDC Financial Insights EMEA
  • Peter Thorne / Cambashi
  • Stephen Roberts / Kable (read his interview: Around Stephen Roberts from Kable in 10 questions)
  • Ralph Silva / Silva Research Network.
  • The analysts shared their insights about how the business is changing, with less traditional research and more custom research on a global basis, how IT shops are getting smaller and technology is getting better.  The analysts advised on how to engage with analysts,  how to  help them to understand your company’s business goals and successes, and stressing how important it was to be more candid about the company’s business situation so they can better support your go to market activities.

    But don’t just take it from me, go to IIAR member Andy Bairsto’s blog for an interesting and informative  perspective.

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    Gartner to present at March IIAR London Forum

    For our next IIAR London Forum on March 10th, we’re delighted to welcome Alexander Drobik, Managing VP Research for Business Applications & Processes with Gartner, as our guest speaker. Alexander will be discussing Gartner’s research methodology. The Forum kicks off at 3:45 p.m. and a limited number of guest places are available for those who have not previously been to an IIAR event.

    For more information, please contact IIAR Secretary Hannah Kirkman at hkirkman (at) analystrelations (dot) org.

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    Sourcing Advisory Relations – Highlights of January Forum Discussion

    Last week the IIAR held its first London Forum meeting of 2010 at Tech Mahindra’s London office. The featured topic was sourcing provider relations and a stellar panel was on hand to provide its take on commonalities and differences between AR and sourcing advisory relations; the panel included:

    Key takeaways from the discussion:

    • The trend for end-users to bring in sourcing advisory firms to manage deals is on the increase
    • The traditional lines between what separates a sourcing advisory firm and an industry analyst firm are blurring (ie Gartner Consulting and Altimeter). As a result, more AR managers may find themselves responsible for building relationships with sourcing firms
    • Sourcing advisory firms admit that they have not done the best job of making it easy for vendors to build relationships with them
    • In some ways, the needs of sourcing advisory firms are similar to those of industry analysts. They like to have one or two central points of contact at an organization, for example, so they can get quick responses to requests for information. Some firms prefer to have a microsite on a vendor’s website to access information quickly.
    • Personal contacts are important and what differentiates a good sourcing advisory relations contact is that they act as a facilitator for their organisation, not a blocker.
    • Most sourcing advisory firms get to know vendors through inviting them into an RFP, and they advise vendors to get to know them through deals. The view of the sourcing advisors is that sourcing advisory relations has to sit in sales.
    • Sourcing advisors don’t want marketing or PR speak. They want an honest and direct discussion about what a vendor’s capabilities are – what it does well and doesn’t do well, and what markets it plays in

    Moving forward, IIAR member David Rossiter is working on a whitepaper focusing on sourcing advisory relations. If you have examples of best practice or anecdotes to share on this topic, please let him know (DM @davidrossiter).

    Furthermore, the IIAR would like to offer more cafes and teleconferences on the topic of sourcing advisory relations. Please email us if you have any suggestions.

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    Sourcing and advisory panel at IIAR London Forum in January

    The next IIAR London Forum will be on January 28th starting at 3:45 p.m. GMT.

    For this event, we’re delighted to welcome a panel of sourcing and advisory firms, including Alsbridge, Equaterra, and TPI. Forums are open to all IIAR members. A limited number of guest places are available for those who have not previously been to an IIAR event.

    For more information, please contact IIAR Secretary Hannah Kirkman at hkirkman (at) analystrelations (dot) org.

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    Agenda for today’s IIAR London Forum with Forrester

    Here’s the agenda for today’s Forum –action packed as usual… and with the proverbial curry at the end!

    1500-1530   Social media tutorial
    1545-1600   Registration
    1600-1605   Introductions and welcome
    1605-1620   Report back from Gartner Symposium
    1620-1655   Discussion groups:
    – AR and social media
    – Planning for 2010
    – Gaining and maintaining executive support for AR
    1655-1715 Discussion groups report back
    1715-1730 Break
    1730-1830 Guest speaker: Brad Holmes, VP Technology Research at Forrester Research
    1830 p.m. Close of meeting and informal dinner

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    MQs, accreditation and a debate on IT services – all in the same evening

    Those of us fortunate enough to be able to attend* yesterday’s IIAR Forum enjoyed a treat.

    Ed Gyurko presented the latest IIAR whitepaper on Magic Quadrant submissions (available from Monday, free of charge to members).  It will prove immensely useful to those who have to work on the seminal Gartner reports.

    Following Ed was David Taylor who spoke about the IIAR’s plans for AR accreditation. These are really starting to take shape. David and the group he’s been working with deserve a lot of thanks for their hard work to date.   There’s more that still needs to be done – but it’s definitely getting there and that’s very exciting.

    And then we had the third highlight of the meeting – a spirited and informative debate with analysts from three firms that are focused on the IT services market:  Kate Hanaghan of Bathwick, John Willmott from NelsonHall and Puni Rajah of TechMarketView (who was joined by her colleague Anthony Miller).

    There are some clear differences between the three firms but all three are in agreement: relationships with clients are the key for success in the next 12 months.  There was also consensus that good analyst firms would survive but there would be casualties among those unable to demonstrate the value they deliver.

    While all three acknowledged the difficulties of doing business in the current market, TechMarketView was very upbeat about the future.  Puni and Anthony are predicting that the overall analyst market will grow in size over the next year (and as a result, there will be more demand for AR people).  It will be nice if those predictions come true.

    There was plenty more discussion and our hour was quickly over. If you couldn’t make it, then I’m sorry. You did miss a really good meeting.

    Finally, thanks to our analyst speakers for coming along and taking part in an absolutely fascinating debate.

    Also a big thank you to Robert De Souza who chaired the analyst discussion, Laura Woodward who hosted the meeting and Hannah Kirkman, the IIAR secretary for bring it all together.

    * Attendees came from a wide range of companies including Accenture, BT, Capgemini, Cisco, CSC, CustomerClix, Edelman, HCL, Hill & Knowlton, Logicalis, Nortel, Oracle, Prasada, Richmond Green, Sunesis, Weber Shandwick and Zeus.

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