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IIAR> Salary Survey shows analyst relations professional salaries significantly increased over decade

2021 IIAR> Salary Survey logo

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2021 IIAR> Salary Survey, sponsored by ARInsights and managed by CB Resourcing. One of the key findings is that analyst relations (AR) and influencer relations professional compensation has shot up, reaching almost USD 350k at the top end.

 IIAR> Members are invited to a webinar where a panel led by Simon Burton (LinkedIn, @CB_Resourcing) and Maribeth Eisenmann (LinkedIn) / CB Resourcing with Crystal Golighty (LinkedIn, @crysgolightly) / ARInsights and  Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn@lludovic) / IIAR Board Member based on survey results we will address the following questions:

  • What are the salary ranges in key sectors and regions?
  • Are education and years of experience rewarded?
  • Is it all about firm and team size?
  • Does managing a team necessarily mean a higher salary?
  • How do salaries compare with those previous surveys?

Date: Tuesday 30th March 2021

Time: 0800 PDT, 1100:00 EDT, 1600 BST, 1700 CEST, 2030 IST (check your time zone)

Location: Zoom webinar, register using the link below.

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Full IIAR> Salary Survey findings for IIAR> Members

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Full press release from CB Resourcing

New Research Shows Analyst Relations Roles Attract Growing Salary Premium, Hiring Goes Global

IIAR> survey by CB Resourcing – sponsored by ARInsights – shows unique trends for AR roles


LONDON, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 2021 IIAR> Salary Survey – conducted by recruitment specialist CB Resourcing on behalf of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR>) and sponsored by ARInsights – shows analyst relations salaries trends exhibit unique traits compared to other communication roles.

  • Over half of new senior analyst relations (AR) roles are now advertised with a global remit and flexible location between the USA or Europe, a significant and recent change for positions historically centred in Silicon Valley and around Boston
  • Analyst relations professional salaries significantly increased over the last decade, going from under 5% of salaries over $175,000 in 2010 to nearly 50% in 2021
  • There is now data that salaries are higher in the US with a 30% salary differential between the US and Europe, which has reduced from a 34% difference in 2017

* Software vendors offer the highest compensation packages in the tech industry for AR roles

“As we can see from this data, the analyst relations profession has matured significantly with many more experienced professionals, and yet there is still significantly increased competition for talent at the senior end of the market. The shift to hybrid working over 2020 has, however, created increased opportunities for firms to seek senior talent outside the traditional North American hubs,” said Simon Burton (@CB_ResourcingLinkedIn), CB Resourcing Managing Director.

“The 2021 survey contained some surprising findings; in particular, it seems the combination of the pandemic and salary over-inflation on the West US Coast has drastically accelerated the globalisation of the influencer and analyst relations profession, with European companies hiring on the Eastern Seaboard and US-headquartered companies offering roles on a global basis,” said Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), IIAR> Co-Founder and Board Member.

Crystal Golightly (@ARInsights@crysgolightlyLinkedIn), Vice President of Customer Experience and Operations at ARInsights, said: “Given the impact that analyst reports and ratings have on purchase decisions, AR is a strategic priority at many organisations today, especially technology companies. Accordingly, there’s high demand for AR professionals who can regularly and effectively keep relevant analysts well-informed – driving positive business outcomes. It’s no surprise that companies are seeking skilled practitioners with years of experience and that salaries are increasing – matching the value that AR pros bring to the table.”

CB Resourcing is a leading recruitment firm with specialisation in industry research, analyst relations and knowledge management.

The IIAR> is a not-for-profit organisation established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers. Find us on www.analystrelations.org and follow us on @iiar.

Founded in 2004 and backed by Polaris Growth Fund, ARInsights provides the market-leading SaaS platform for managing analyst relations (AR) programs. Our flagship solution, ARchitect, along with multiple complementary products, enables hundreds of leading companies to increase awareness and enhance knowledge-sharing with all the industry analysts that influence their business. ARInsights helps measurably improve the efficiency and productivity of AR professionals every day. For more information, visit www.arinsights.com.

The full survey will be available to IIAR members from the 12th April as well as abbreviated results sent to participants.

Analyst relations (AR) is a highly specialised function, driving conversations between technology vendors consultancies and BPO’s, on one side to gain insights and ensure their products and offerings are positioned with influencers and industry analysts on the other side. By doing this, AR professionals also assist influencers and industry analysts to knowledgeably position those offerings in the market by offering analysis and advisory to their audiences and subscribers. Examples of industry analysis firms include Gartner, the inventor of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester, IDC, Omdia and many other tech industry luminaries.

SOURCE: CB Resourcing

Previous IIAR> Salary Surveys

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[GUEST POST] The New Normal for Analysts

Zoë Crichton / CCgroup

Our current working environment has been a challenge for everyone, sector to sector. Workers have been uprooted from usual routines and practices; some have flourished, finding inspiration from their sofas, while others have been stifled by children, pets, and noisy neighbours. Despite this upheaval, we have had to adjust and adapt in the best way possible. Whilst some “norms” have fallen by the wayside, others have been embraced and formulated into a more efficient and enhanced way of working from home.

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IIAR Cafe with a quick cocktail party 8pm Nov 14

IIAR and ARinsights logos

Do you want to network with other AR Practioners? Are you based near SF, CA?  Are you attending the ARInsights User Forum

It’s free to attend and a great way to network with other AR Professionals.

After the ARInsights cocktail hour, please join the IIAR at 3SIXTY Bar at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 8 to 9 pm for a quick meet & greet.

(Cash Bar!)

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IIAR Webinar with ARInsights: How to Manage an AR Event

Events create a lot of stress for AR teams, often stretching them to a creaking point. They account for an large proportion of the overall AR budget, their organisation consumes the team and put great demands on executive time.  Nothing can go wrong, and no detail can be overlooked.  AR teams are tasked with creating personalided analyst and executive agendas that can have no conflicts, while making sure that analysts and executives are left with no idle time.
In this webinar, Crystal Golightly (LinkedIn, @crysgolightly) / ARInsights will share best practices how to take the stress out of organising analyst events gathered by working with clients such as Oracle, Cognizant, Infor and many others.

This session will be moderated by Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn, @lludovic), IIAR Board Member and Global Influencer Director at Criteo. Continue Reading →

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Tracking Analyst Influence: Is there an easier way?

To follow the IIAR Webinar with ARInsights and Huawei “Tracking Analyst Influence: Is there an easier way?” on the 29th May 2014 this describes the systems used by Huawei and a case study of their experience. The full document, presentation and recording from the webinar are all available here.

Several IT buyer surveys have established that industry analysts are the second biggest influence on technology buying decisions, behind peer groups but well ahead of consultants.  Analysts influence through a number of different avenues – by direct phone conversations, by creating a broad media buzz through subscription research, media quotes and in social media such as blogs and the rapid fire of Twitter.

Intuitively, most AR professionals know that they need to track what analysts are saying via all these outlets, but are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task.  Shouldn’t it be easy in the age of “GOOGLE” to find anything that exists on the internet? Technically, YES! Although, when you are monitoring more than a handful of analysts across their research, blogs, Twitter and media quotes, things can get a little hectic.


See also the following IIAR Best Practice papers (membership required):


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