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Who’ll be the Analyst Relations Professional of the Year 2016?

IIAR AR Professional of the Year“The AR practices have become much better in recent years!”

revealed one Gartner Analyst who participated to the IIAR 2016 survey.

It’s now near the time to announce results of the second AR Professional of the year survey run by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations! Who will succeed as top AR professional current title-holder Clare Loxley? Is responsiveness still the single most important determinant of AR performance? As well as announcing the best AR team and the best AR Professional of the Year, this year’s survey will also provide unique insights about the evolution in analysts’ perception of AR performance.

Analysts have now voted…No drum roll yet – we’re not ready to announce the winner just now, but we will during the IIAR Summer party at the HMS Belfast on Wednesday the 6th of July – promise!
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IIAR Analyst Relations Professional of the Year 2014 – and the winner is…

IIAR AR Professional of the YearSo here’s what you’ve all been waiting for – perhaps you’re wondering, “Is it someone I know? Could it be me?!” Well, before we get that far, let’s take a good look at ourselves to determine if we deserve the recognition or not.

As mentioned in the previous post, analysts did get the opportunity to give feedback not just on what AR pros do well and how well they do it, but also on what they don’t do well. Here are some examples of – ahem – bad practices which we are sure none of the top AR pros would ever engage in… Continue Reading →

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