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David Rossiter (IIAR UK Chapter), Director at Sunesis Analyst Relations

The IIAR held its latest London Forum at the UK HQ of the IT services giant Tata Consultancy Services last night. The event saw a turn-out of over 30 of UK’s leading AR and marketing professionals to have a discussion with fellow AR pros on sponsoring analyst events and listen to views of some of the best Analysts in the Financial Services sector. Participants included Dell, Symantec, Deloitte, BAE Systems Detica, Bearing Point, CognizantEdinburgh University and AGT International.


The London Forum started with a best practices roundtable chaired by IIAR Board Member Caroline Dennington (@CDenningtonLinkedIn) and one of the IIAR UK Chapter Leads David Rossiter (@davidrossiterLinkedIn) on sponsoring analyst events.  One of the many issues covered circled around the ROI of sponsorship packages vs. simple hospitality.

The financial services panel was chaired by Sally Yates (@sallyyates, LinkedIn) from Metia with Analyst speakers coming in the form of IDC Financial Insight‘s Alex Kwiatkowski (@alexkwiatkowski, LinkedIn), Daniel Mayo (@ovumICT, LinkedIn) from Ovum as well as Celent‘s Catherine Stagg-Macey (@Staggmacey, LinkedIn) and Ralph Silva (@rsilvalondon, LinkedIn) from SRN.

pizap.com10.172902399674057961363220971534For an hour, Alex KwiatkowskiDaniel MayoCatherine Stagg-Macey and Ralph Silva entertained, informed and challenged the audience before everyone adjourned around the corner for more private conversations over drinks and food at the Horse and Groom pub.Financial services specialist, Sally Yates successfully moderated a spirited conversation that ranged from overall FS market trends through the changing role of IT vendors to how the financial crisis has affected the analyst firms themselves.

Ralph was the first to share his views on the changes currently taking place in the Financial Services sector and what these mean to suppliers of technology and IT Services. A regular BBC pundit, Ralph was not shy of sharing some strong views and creating a feisty debate amongst panellists as to what will happen next in the Banking and Insurance industries.

DSC06430The big debate was really around the role of suppliers and what they should do next for a market still struggling after the financial crisis. While cost containment still remains the primary order of the day, many FS companies are starting to look at where innovation can be used to drive new market opportunities. Cloud, mobility, social media and big data were all key themes put under the microscope.Despite some pessimistic views on the state and future of the UK banking industry, all our analyst firms are optimistic about the future. Even if SRN’s hopes for the future are pinned on Wall Street rather than in the City, the others agreed that there continues to be a strong demand in Europe for advice from banks and insurers. They are not ready to lie back and die yet and are actively looking for insights on how to advantage of the winds of change which continue to buffet London, Frankfurt and the other financial centres within Europe.

We are glad to have received so many mentions on Twitter by attendees/firms:

Check out @IIAR for more….

The forum concluded successfully and was very well received and appreciated by attendees.

The complete audio recording of the sessions can be found in the members area on Huddle.
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IIAR London Forum on 7th March 2013 in London Mon, 25 Feb 2013 11:58:53 +0000 The next IIAR London Forum will be held on March 7th at 1600 GMT in London (near Victoria)!

For this event we have two great topics on the agenda:

  1. Best Practice session on ‘Sponsoring and Exhibiting at Analyst Events’. Which events and sponsorship types work, what are some of the best practices to get the best value from your investment and which specific analyst events work (and which don’t). Led by a panel of expert AR professionals including Caroline Dennington (Symantec) and Julian Dobbins (Micro Focus).
  2. Analyst Roundtable on ‘Hot Buttons for Financial Services’. Where will the analysts be focusing their research in this sector in 2013 and how can you best position your company’s products and services as a result. Confirmed for this panel are Peter Redshaw (Gartner), Daniel Mayo (Ovum), Catherine Stagg-Macey (Celent), Alex Kwiatkowski (IDC Financial Insights) and Ralph Silva (SRN, HfS and often times the BBC) with Sally Yates (Metia) as chair.


4:00-4:15pm       Welcome, tea/coffee and peer networking
4:15-5:00pm       BEST PRACTICE SESSION: Sponsoring & exhibiting at analyst events
5:00-6:00pm      ANALYST ROUNDTABLE: Where are the best 2013 Opportunities with Financial Services
6pm onwards      Informal networking

If you would like to attend either in-person or via conference call please respond here and we will send through further details.

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Around Ralph Silva in 10 questions Thu, 03 Jun 2010 18:19:04 +0000 Ralph Silva of  Silva Research Network was featured  in the Vertical Analysts panel at the IIAR London Forum on May 27th. Ralph graciously accepted our invitation to answer our infamous “Around in 10 questions” interview – many thanks to Ralph for sharing his insights!

what is your area of coverage

The firm covers all industries but I’m personally responsible for the financial services practice.

What are your opinions on the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going

It’s a 1950’s business trying to serve a 2010 world……The business is a shadow of itself, too slow for a 24/7 world, so expensive that its audience is limited to less than 1% of any firm, in an attempt to satisfy everyone, they end up satisfying no one and lastly its supporting the operational needs of the back office ignoring the fundamentals, that is to help companies develop products that customers are actually willing to buy. The business will always exist, it serves a critical need, however, just like buggy whips, fewer companies serving very specialized needs.

What is your typical day like

My day starts at 4am with a review of the day’s most important news stories, by 0530, I’m typically at a broadcaster (BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg or CNN) and on air analysing the ramifications of a particular story. Once my broadcasting commitments are over, I focus on production (we deliver all our content through video) and I end the day spending a few hours keeping up to date with trends.

How do you position your firm? what is your business model

We don’t use paper…..We believe that video is the next delivery method, all our research is developed in support of the strengths of PC and Mobile phone video distribution. We also don’t believe in limiting the number of people that can view output, we provide a licence that is limited in time only, the customer can distribute as widely as they wish, including the use of the content as a sales tool. Lastly, we develop content based on customer needs, we are given our subjects by our customers and we produce content to address the very specific needs of individual customers, we avoid generalizations whenever possible.

What is your research methodology?

Our target is the business side decision makers for IT intensive areas, therefore, our analysis is geared towards the business rational for investments. We focus on current events as a foundation for our video’s as most managers have to address change immediately. We also strive for the highlights. We believe that the traditional 10+ page report is only appealing to a couple of people in any customer, therefore, we target the 99% of the company that need the highlights, for this reason our video’s are typically in the 3 to 5 minute range.

Any favourite AR professional you would like to mention? and why?

I have a soft spot for the Metia team, I have to admit that many years back whenever I saw a Metia member I would hide, but over the past few years I’ve come to appreciate the way they work and the way they respect analyst time.

Tell us about one good AR practice you’ve experienced or one good AR event you’ve attended

I’m not a big fan of the one day briefing, although it’s nice to meet colleagues from other firms I just don’t feel like I get enough out of what is a fairly large investment in time. What I like is the dedicated briefing at the all day sessions. What this means is that you join up for an initial group session and then you break out into specific one on one meetings.

What are your offering and key deliverables?

We have two types of deliverables, core and specialized. Our core offering is called SRN Currents, the best way to describe it is to image CNBC was producing a news cast for a single brand. We summarize the current events that are relevant to our customer and its customers. This product is delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Secondly, we have our bespoke specialized products. SRN Visions is a 3 minute highlight video that can be used as a sales support tool. SRN Reports is a 20 minute video that is equivalent to a written research report but written for video distribution. SRN Education is intended for internal use only and helps sales people position products. We also have event support products and produce product specific videos.

Any hobbies or favourite restaurant/Food that you’d like to share?

My favourite restaurant is my own kitchen! and when I’m not working I’m typically behind a camera working on my photographic art business.

Is there another analyst (a peer in your firm or with another firm) whose work you rate highly?

I’ve always been impressed by Peter Redshaw at Gartner, I’ve never known an analyst that can produce so much and so quickly.

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