PAC – Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) The IIAR is a not-for-profit organisation established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers. Mon, 09 Dec 2019 23:08:42 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 76177372 Au revoir Mathieu Mon, 09 Dec 2019 23:08:40 +0000 Extended Board and AR community expresses its sincere condolences to his family and […]]]>

It is with great sadness that we’re learning of Matthieu Poujol’s sudden departure.

He was a well respected, recognised and knowledgeable professional, always helpful and kind but also great fun. And a dear friend of many in the AR community.

The IIAR> Extended Board and AR community expresses its sincere condolences to his family and colleagues at PAC | teknowlogy.

Au revoir Mathieu.

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IIAR Webinar: Le CXP Group, a European powerhouse? Tue, 04 Sep 2018 21:28:29 +0000 CXP Group logo (IIAR website)Over the past few months, the analyst community has been experiencing an array of changes, with many analyst departures and career moves shaking up the status quo. As we come back to work and the summer days fade into autumn, there’s no better time to catch-up with analyst firms and understand what has changed, what’s to come and exactly how their services can support AR pros and their programmes.

On Thursday 13th September at 1600 BST we will be discussing this and more with Yannick Carriou (LinkedIn, @YCarriou), Chairman and CEO of the CXP Group who will be providing a deep-dive on CXP Group and PAC, as well as addressing the acquisition of Ardour, a move that was widely discussed in the industry.

Le CXP Group is has a fascinating and long history, now englobing PAC (Pierre Audoin Conseil), BARCBerlecon and Ardour. It now combines end-user and vendor advisory, market sizing and analysis and now consulting services.
In this webinar, we’ll explore whether Le CXP is a credible local alternative to the Gartner-ogre and challengers Forrester, IDC and IHS. We’ll also probe how analyst relation professionals can leverage this extensive presence and dive deeper in the Ardour acquisition.
Yannick will be joined by Jean-Christophe Bodhuin (LinkedIn, @JCBodhuin), SVP & UK Managing Director, UK Operations, PAC UK and Nick Mayes (LinkedIn@Nick_Mayes), Research Director at PAC UK for the Q&A.


The session will be run by Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), from the IIAR Board and Julia Pope (LinkedIn, @iulia_g_popa).


The webinar is free to attend for IIAR members and will take place on Thursday 13th September at 1600 BST.
IIAR members in London are also invited to meet Le CXP in person for this webinar or after for an informal IIAR Café (drinks and self-funded dinner).


To register please fill-in your details below


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Le CXP Group moves to consulting – CEO Yannick Carriou interviewed Thu, 24 May 2018 23:53:50 +0000 CXP Group logo (IIAR website)Le CXP is one of the oldest IT analysis firms around. It was created in 1973, six years before Gartner, under the auspices of the French Ministry of Industry by some of the largest French companies at the time: Air France, Anotec, Bred, BSN (now Danone), EDF, RATP and the Société Générale. Its remit was to provide expertise on packaged software -hence the name in French, the deliciously quaint Centre d’Expertise des Progiciels. It’s been doing just this plus some consulting for IT users, gently and in French (Americans would call this in “local language”) until it bought PAC, a rival but vendor-focussed French firm, in 2014. At last I should say, and after PAC’s founder, Pierre Audoin, passed away.

Before this, Le CXP bought German BI specialist BARC in 2011 and PAC snapped German firm Berlecon on the same year. As a result, we’ve got a Paris based firm doing more business in Germany than France. They must like it there.

Are you still following me?

On May 15th, its new CEO, Yannick Carriou (LinkedIn, @YCarriouex. Ipsos and TNS) announced Le CXP was buying Ardour, a business consulting firm. Here’s his exclusive interview.


Ludovic Leforestier – I expected a move by Le CXP but expanding in consulting surprised me. 

Yannick Carriou @YCarriou, CEO CXP Group interviewed for the IIAR blog - Ludovic Leforestier @lludovic

Yannick Carriou @YCarriou, CEO CXP Group

Yannick Carriou – This acquisition is absolutely in line with our long-term plans.

In the future, all organisations will have to navigate the exponential complexity of technologies that drive digital transformation. They will need inspiration and confidence to make multiple, critical and interconnected choices to grow, perform and thrive. We have been there to that end for decades already and will keep our strategy to talk to both end-users and vendors.

We see a lot of vendors developing plans and strategies to get closer to clients’ businesses, as opposed to the sole discussions with IT departments. They develop specific verticals, or consutlting activities to fill the gap. We have always been at a sweet spot to gain that intimacy and no one could blame us for biaised views. Chinese walls are a reality to us, but we share to understand the market dynamics and get more contextualized views on markets. When working with us, vendors know we have an intimate knowledge of their clients. And that is a precious asset. Nothing new from that end. As a reminder, we are invited to both Analysts and Advisors events. So our clients seem to understand that.

The addition of Ardour was a good option for us. They bring a tremendous knowledge on user IT strategy formalization and IT governance organization. These are increasingly demanded topics as IT Users need not only the best choices but to up their game in our they orchestrate all their investment, short term and long term. And Ardour is also an IP company : they have developed an incredible amount of IP in the domain that will immediately benefit our clients.

LL – What do you envision your business model to be?

We are and will remain a IP/Content based company. We don’t want to go with any of our client just because we have (actually excellent) reputation. Our difference comes from data, models and assets. You’ll see even more of that in the future. I also think that being a content company is a permanent effort which allow us to be highly regarded for our second-to-none knowledge of many markets, in Europe, including Eastern Europe.

LL – What will be the revenues  share of research and advisory, events and consulting in your business?

Events are a small part of our business, at around 15%. The rest is balanced between consulting and content. Sometimes the line between both is a bit blurred. Working intensively with clients on market data and their integration in the 3 years strategic agenda for the Board, that’s both data and consulting at the same time.

LL – What share of revenues from end-users for the CXP Group and your different entities?

50/50 sounds like a diplomatic answer but that’s not far from what we are doing.

LL – What is your competitive positioning?

We are the largest independent company in Europe. Ardour reinforces us further.

LL – The press release states BARC and PAC, is Le CXP not planning to unify its brands?

All our brands have a strong legacy and heritage. We do not plan to drop them. But you’re right that an history of growth has created a fragmented brand portfolio. We’ll remedy to that.

LL – How should AR position your group and different brands with their stakeholders?

PAC has always been a long-standing partner of Vendors to understand and measure markets, and provide consulting services to optimize strategy and acquisition roadmap. We have outstanding capacities in Europe and know the markets from a thorough bottom-up approach which is also largely fueled by the intimate knowledge of end-users. We are recognized areas of expertise (see Kea Ranking : we are always in the Top tier for IT Services, Iot, analytics and big data, strategy,..). We also try to keep the inherent qualities of mid-size organizations : reactive, agile and engaged. For AR, this is the front desk of our group. Behind, BARC is a world-class leader in analyzing technologies and players in the booming field of  BI and analytics. Le CXP and Ardour provide also intimate knowledge of users in many other areas.

LL – This changes the power balance further to Germany, how will this impact Le CXP Group?

We are getting obviously stronger in Germany, with a prestigious list of heavy-weight clients there coming with Ardour. But as Ardour is also an IP company, this will also immediately benefit the enire company and our future developments.

LL – Any  comments on your observations on the industry? What surprised you coming from TNS?

I ran global businesses at TNS, then Ipsos. Thousands and employees and clients, lately in Marketing, Media and Tech areas. Comparatively , I was surprised by the siloes your questions are just illustrating. There is a non-written principle that some company are talking to end-users, others to Vendors. Most of the time, when companies say they do both, the ratio is totally skewed towards one activity against the other. In “general” market research, we work with all the chain links of an industry ecosystem, without any issue, to cumulate knowledge and info and help everybody do better. I joined and invested in CXP for that many reasons. Maybe it needs reassurance and explanations to some of our clients. But the changes ahead are so deep  and fast that we all need to really maximise our chance to succeed by providing the best intelligence this industry has probably ever delivered.


Bottom line

At a time where IIAR member worry about the growing dominance of the research firm, Gartner, Le CXP can’t be ignored for local knowledge and influence. Their coverage in Germany and France on software and services is excellent and they have a number of excellent analysts. Yet, they remain a fragmented brand and their move into consulting could prove unsettling for European services providers which are long-term PAC clients.



Le CXP is organising a webinar for AR pros on Wednesday 13th June 2018 at 1000-1100 EDT / 1600-1700 BST 1700-1800 CEST > register here.


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Who is the IIAR Analyst of the Year 2017? Fri, 01 Dec 2017 14:33:35 +0000

The temperature may be dropping, but things have been heating up in the analyst community. Yes, it’s that time of year when we ask you to put the analysts themselves under the spotlight.

The 2017 IIAR Analyst of the Year Award nominations saw some hot competition, but inevitably there can be only one winner (well, actually we have three, but more about that shortly). Announced at the IIAR Christmas Party, kindly sponsored by Criteo, we celebrated the successes of some of the industry’s favourite thinkers and most serious strategists.

Recognising the voice of the analyst relations community

With the ever-diversifying tech landscape, the expertise and consultancy delivered by industry analysts gains a new stature. And so we spared no expense in interrogating the global analyst relations community as to the practitioners they most respect in their field.

We had responses from 13 countries, encompassing contributions from businesses under $50m right through to $multi-billion organisations. And as a result a wide array of analysts were recognised within the survey.


Drumroll please…

Prizes were awarded for the highest overall impact and relevance for the industry, whilst recognising how easy these analysts are to work with. The evaluation used the IIAR SOSM methodology, to reflect the best practice promoted within the IIAR. So with this context covered, we can get down to the nitty gritty and announce the winners…

This year’s winner of IIAR Analyst of the Year 2017 for Hardware is:

Jon Oltsik / ESG (LinkedIn, @joltsik)


Our winner of the IIAR Analyst of the Year 2017 for Software is:

Jost Hoppermann / Forrester (LinkedIn)

And the winner of IIAR Analyst of the Year 2017 in Services is:

Bill Martorelli / Forrester (LinkedIn, @BillMartorelli)


With this esteemed line up commended, it’s time to announce the overall Analyst of the Year Award for 2017. Recognised for his combination of strategic input to business outcomes, expertise in his field and overall quality of experience in working with him, we’re pleased to announce the winner of…

IIAR Analyst of the Year 2017 Overall

Bill Martorelli / Forrester

Huge congratulations Bill and well done on all the excellent work you’ve done with the IIAR community.


Recognising the evolving industry

IIAR members were also asked to identify fresh talent within the analyst community. We asked you to call out your ‘New Entrant of the Year’ nominations, and the response was so strong that we actually wanted to celebrate all of the nominees. So we’re delighted to commend the following analysts for making a great impact to our profession:

  • Mila D’Antonio / Ovum
  • Amanda LeClair / Forrester
  • Fernando Montenegro / 451 Research
  • Simon Abrahams / PAC
  • Meghna Mukerjee / Aite Group
  • Kiel Carlsson / Forrester


Sharing in success

Further to the individual analyst of the year, we also have our analyst firm of the year. This was a close-run competition, but in the end there was one that stood out.

This year’s IIAR Analyst Firm of the Year 2017 is 


Well done to all of the Gartner team and thanks to Nick Jones for collecting the award.


Helping us create business value

This year we added a new category, to celebrate professionals also adding incredible value to AR. We’re delighted to announce that the inaugural 

IIAR 2017 Analyst Client Partner of the Year award goes to:

Anne Stevenson / IDC

Partnerships between AR professionals and the analyst firms with whom they work are a key part of our sector – in fact it can be the critical factor in creating business value. So well done to Anne for your contributions.


With that we come to a close for this year. Congratulations to everyone who has been recognised within the awards – and thanks to the AR professionals for taking the time to vote. Here’s to another great year in 2018.


By  (LinkedIn, @Tom_Buttle) and  (@aniruddho, LinkedIn)

IIAR AOTY Working Group

IIAR 2017 Xmas Party and Analyst of the Year 2017

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Constellation and the curse of the (not so) magic quadrant Fri, 14 Oct 2016 00:17:03 +0000 At the beginning, the intent was pure.Gartner Real Quadrant
Industry analysts, more specifically the buy-side “prescribers” exist to help technology buyers (often referred to as end-users) select the best vendors and providers. They gather insights through public and private sources such as (semi-)private vendor briefings and conversations (inquiries) with their end-user subscribers. Some analysts take hundreds of briefings and inquiries in a year, allowing them to gather unique insights on the market segments they cover. This accumulated knowledge allow them to monetise this information asymmetry as reports, consulting sessions, speaking engagements, etc.

One of the first report format aiming specifically at helping technology buyers to select vendors/providers was of course the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Based on a two-by-two matrix (as popularised by BCG, which is ironic considering Gartner is ran by a McKinsey alumni), the “MQ” quickly became irreplaceable. The X axis is for how good a product/service is (completeness of vision), the Y axis is for market traction (ability to execute) and the quadrant is in fact four quadrants, from leader to niche with visionary and challenger in between. Gartner now publishes a staggering 149 MQ’s, enough to employ a small army of analyst relations (AR) managers at each megavendor. Those type of landmark vendor ratings not only impact sales by pre-selecting vendors in long or short lists but also shape markets altogether as my fellow IIAR board member Neil Pollock studied. No wonder it’s been abundantly blogged about. See our own IIAR Best Practice Paper on Managing the Magic Quadrant.


As with most industries, digital disrupts industry analysis firms, for instance crowdsourcing may challenge the information asymmetry position they enjoy. We’re now in an attention economy and firms are competing for attention with free content. The sentiment that everything can be found on Google seems universally accepted by Generation Y, which doesn’t bode well for detailed research. Quadrants cut through that clutter with their neat, apparently scientific, visuals. Everyone likes a list and wants in, buyers can zero in on prospective suppliers, analyst firms can sell reprints (I mean webrights), so what’s not to like?

And thus each and every firm now needs to have a vendor evaluation landmark report that is based on the seminal quadrant: Forrester surfs on Waves, IDC churns out MarketScapes, HfS paints Blueprints, G2 crowdsources TrustGrids, Ovum publishes the Decision Matrices, Chartis issues the RiskTech Quadrants, etc. Even the IIAR proudly boast the Tragic Quadrant. Apart from PAC who went full circle with their RADAR and MetaGroup who tried ellipses, they all look like Jeff Mann’s spoof above, though some introduced a third dimension with bubble sizes.  Ping me a comment for the ones I forget and I’ll build a list.


We’re in quadrant paradise -and it keeps everyone busy.

Over time, under vendor pressure and to respond to client queries, methodologies have incrementally become more robust and now routinely include detailed spreadsheet-based surveys, mandatory client references checks, independent surveys, vendor briefings, etc. In my own estimates, one MQ will cost ICT vendors and service providers between 100 and 150 man-hours -more if they got consultants on the bench to keep busy. On the analyst side, they’re likely to disappear in a dark room for one to three months, before escalations. This makes quadrant expensive and too slow to produce -sometimes missing refresh cycles on some markets. One fix is to automate and get users to do the legwork. G2 pioneered the crowdsourcing model and Gartner is gradually introducing more Peer Insights into their MQ’s. Another drawback of industrialised quadrants is that the analyst opinions and insights are either concealed behind a methodology black-box or diluted.

Too slow, too expensive, too numerous, not insightful? Maybe and yet, it seems quadrants are not going away.

Constellation saw that and think they’ve got a fix. They’ve just introduced ShortLists which are just that: short lists.  Here’s an example of the graphic below.
Constellation Short List group messaging 10/16
As you see, it’s a deboned quadrant: there’s no axis, not even a ranking as vendors are in alphabetical order. Call me a cynic if you like but I find that refreshing in its simplicity and also in the approach: all of it is free. You can download ShortLists for free, cite them in press release for no fee, use the graphic for zero Dollars (and even less Brexit Pounds), schedule an inquiry for nothing and even brief the analyst gratis. Look away awards sweatshops. Their methodology isn’t detailed but I’ll take the contrarian viewpoint that methodologies might have gone a little too much in the way of opinions at large firms.
Of course, Constellation hopes to increase their market traction, convert some prospects into paid subscribers but as for me I like that freemium model.

Yet, landmark vendor evaluations are such a pull for research firms that they’re unlikely to drop those signature reports any time soon. They’re usually the most downloaded research formats with case studies and vendor fuel the hype with a flurry of press releases each time a favourable evaluation comes out (but who would miss out?) They also buy webrights (reprints in industry parlance), a nice little earner for many firms -and a business model in itself for some.

Quadrants are imperfect but it seems there for the long haul. Personally, I would love to see them not only augmented with social ratings but also with informed opinions.

Is that too much to ask? What do you think?

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All previous posts on the Gartner Magic Quadrant (and more)

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German analyst firms: die große Konsolidierung Thu, 10 Mar 2016 12:12:31 +0000 ISG buys Experton (IIAR)German consulting (and analyst) firm Experton (web, @expertongroup in German, seems they stopped tweeting in English back in 2013, founded by ex-Meta Group employees (including Andreas Zilch), falls to American ISG (web, @ISG_News).

With BARC and Berlecon in the CXP Group stable (including PAC), the German IT analysis market is now largely foreign owned with the exception of TechConsult (@techconsult_de,owned by media group Heise)

ISG also bought Saugatuck (web, @ISG_Insights), showing they believe scale is key in the research subscription business model. 

Consulting firms naturally are hungry for capabilities in market research data as the foundation of a strong consulting portfolio. Either cooperation or acquisition can bridge the gap. ISG has been on shopping tour not for the first time. The Group has taken in firms like for example TPI – IT sourcing advisors, Compass, IT benchmarking and STA Consulting, IT consulting for the public sector in North America. In 2012, ISG united these under the roof of ISG One.

With the Experton group the global ISG will gain additional channels to the German speaking market, a neat market with lots of business activities and buying power. The vendor benchmark formats will add attractiveness to ISGs market advisory services. The ability to share local insights and advise can be a very strong value-add in the global analyst market where local footprint is not always a natural thing.

Experton will benefit from a strong brand, and from the methodology expertise of the ISG group. I would expect that the vendor benchmark formats will see a refresh. These are likely to become great offerings of ISG, attractive for the German speaking countries.

(Developing story)

See the press release below and on ISG’s website as well as a blog post by Anubhav Saxena (LinkedIn, @the_futureist but protected for some reason).

Thanks to Simon Jones (@MrNesjoLinkedIn) and   Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic and @BearingPoint_AR, LinkedIn) for their input.

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Information Services Group Acquires Experton Group AG

Subscription-based advisory and research firm brings new advisor capabilities to ISG, expands firm’s emerging technology research offerings

STAMFORD, Conn., March 9, 2016 – Information Services Group, Inc. (ISG) (NASDAQ: III), a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company, today announced the acquisition of Experton Group AG, a subscription-based research, advisory and benchmarking firm based in Munich, Germany.

Experton Group and its team of independent advisors provide continuous research and advisory services focused on digital transformation, offering high-value content in the areas of mobile, cloud, security, big data analytics, social business, sourcing, Industry 4.0, IoT, SaaS platforms and infrastructure. The firm also offers data and analysis based on primary and secondary research, and Vendor Benchmarking services that evaluate service providers and technology vendors based on best-in-class cost, price, process and value benchmarks.

The acquisition accelerates the development of ISG’s subscription research business in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region – the firm’s second-largest market after the Americas; adds immediate, trusted vendor benchmarking and advisor capabilities, and provides a solid foundation for future expansion. Importantly, Experton Group highly complements ISG’s 2015 acquisition of Saugatuck Technology, which provides research and analysis on the future of business computing under the newly launched ISG Insights™ brand.

“Our acquisition of Experton Group, along with last year’s acquisition of Saugatuck Technology, demonstrates our firm commitment to offer clients deep analytical, research and forecasting capabilities, which, when coupled with our industry-leading consulting services and market intelligence, allow them to plan for their digital future and stay ahead of the competitive curve,” said Michael P. Connors, chairman and CEO of ISG.

Connors said the acquisition of Experton Group is part of the firm’s strategy to increase its recurring-revenue base, which currently represents 28 percent of the firm’s revenue. “Experton’s subscription revenue model, like that of Saugatuck Technology, further expands our growing and more predictable recurring revenue streams, which are targeted to reach 35 percent of firm revenue over the next few years.”

“We are delighted to be joining ISG,” said Juergen Brettel, co-founder and CEO of Experton Group. “The service offerings of both firms are highly complementary, and our research focus aligns perfectly with ISG’s growing Digital Services. In addition, our Vendor Benchmarking Services add a new capability to ISG that can be leveraged globally. We look forward to combining the data, expertise and analysis of both firms to extend our growth opportunities not only in the DACH region, but worldwide.”

Read today's post on Consider the Source

About Experton Group 
Experton Group is a leading fully integrated research, advisory and consulting company, helping mid-sized and large organizations maximize the business value of their ICT investments.  Its team of independent advisors offers innovative and authoritative research and advice focused on digital transformation, including mobile, cloud, security, big data analytics, social business, sourcing, Industry 4.0, IoT, SaaS platforms and infrastructure. Experton Group also offers vendor benchmarking services that evaluate service providers and technology vendors based on best-in-class cost, price, process and value benchmarks. Experton Group was founded in 2005, and has offices in Munich and Kassel, Germany. For more information, visit

About Information Services Group
Information Services Group (ISG) (NASDAQ: III) is a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company, serving more than 500 clients around the world to help them achieve operational excellence. ISG supports private and public sector organizations to transform and optimize their operational environments through research, benchmarking, consulting and managed services, with a focus on information technology, business process transformation, program management services and enterprise resource planning. Clients look to ISG for unique insights and innovative solutions for leveraging technology, the deepest data source in the industry, and more than five decades of experience and global leadership in information and advisory services. Based in Stamford, Conn., the company has more than 1,000 employees and operates in 21 countries.



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CXP Group – A European analyst powerhouse in formation? Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:28:52 +0000 Laurent Calot / CXPWith over 20 joining the IIAR Webinar with Laurent Calot (@LaurentCalot), CEO of the CXP Group yesterday (23rd April 15) who provided a detailed overview of the CXP Group, this was followed by an enthusiastic Q&A session.
Having merged both the end-user business and vendor business of three companies (CXP, PAC and BARC) the CXP Group now provides good positions in both France, Germany and other locations (there are 17 offices in 10 countries) from combination of:
However, there is little remaining from previous partnerships such as the one between PAC and TBR > PAC and TBR announce a ‘strategic global partnership.’ Yep or RADAR PAC does Nordic.

CXP in a Nutshell – From the overview presentation …
CXP Overview infographic (IIAR journalist)
Pros: CXP is gaining in importance in Europe, increasing cross-border translations and bringing product sets together and hiring key analysts: Andy Bitterer (ex. Gartner) and Andreas Zilch (ex. Experton)
Cons: Many offerings still national (e.g. PAC Radars) potentially limiting relevance for large vendors
Bottom line:
  • AR pros should keep a watch on the internationalisation of the CXP Group offerings on the one hand and the impact of CXP Group companies in local markets where they are often deal makers.

A recording of the session and a copy of the presentation are available for members <<Here>>


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Gallic research firms get cosy: after taking on Germany, CXP and PAC merge Tue, 03 Jun 2014 14:05:02 +0000 Just hot from the press, French IT analysis firms CXP and PAC announced their merger. The press release below is scant on details, but it seems that VC-funded CXP snapped up privately owned PAC, both of which took over German firms BARC and Berlecon in the last few years.

On paper, it’s a good fit. Of course culturally, both being Franco-German and also on the business side with PAC selling to IT vendors and CXP mostly to IT users.

Their claim to be the leading European analysis firm conveniently forgets Ovum however…

More to follow soon.

Updated 15/06/14: register here for a an IIAR call with:

See also previous posts:




CXP and PAC announce their merger

CXP Group becomes the leading European research and advisory firm in the field of software and IT services.

Paris, 3 June 2014. CXP, an independent European application software research and advisory firm, has announced its merger with Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), a leading market research and consulting provider specializing in the field of IT services and software.

Capitalizing on 40 years of experience, and with 140 staff present in eight countries (with 17 offices worldwide), the new company – CXP Group – has become the leading European research and consulting firm in its category and stands as the region’s main challenger to Anglo-American research organizations.

This is CXP’s second external growth initiative in three years. In 2011, the merger with German research and consultancy firm BARC (Business Application Research Center), a specialist in decision support systems and content management, expanded its expertise in the field of analytics and big data, and enhanced its European presence.

CXP Group intends to reinforce its role as a referral partner for IT departments and business lines among large and medium-sized companies.

“The complementary knowledge and skills of our two companies is immediately translated into benefits for our customers. The expertise we share in software solutions and their integration, combined with our understanding of market trends and especially the digital transformation agenda, significantly enhances the support we can provide our customers in how they tackle their key challenges”, said Laurent Calot, the chairman of the group.

The new group supports more than 1,500 end-user organisations every year in their choice and optimization of software solutions, and offers a wide range of research products (benchmarking studies, supplier analysis, market trends research) and consultancy services (IT system audit, project management support, vendors selection) in many areas (BI, HR, content management, IT management, finance, ERP, CRM, etc.). Through this merger, CXP Group is expanding its advisory services capabilities through increased expertise in sourcing and the selection of IT services providers.

CXP Group is also consolidating its role as an operational and strategic consultancy among IT services suppliers, thanks to PAC’s capabilities in supporting more than 300 software and IT services suppliers every year with market research products, strategic analysis, sales support & marketing services.

The combined group has the intention of becoming a major player in supporting its clients as they aim to benefit from investment in digital transformation and SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) initiatives.

“Digital transformation has become a strategic priority for all businesses”, says Frédéric Munch, CEO of PAC. “The merger of CXP and PAC will allow us to consolidate our expertise in technology and digital services and to offer our customers, IT services providers, software vendors and ICT users, support that will enable them to be the driver of their organization’s and their customers’ digital transformation”.

CXP Group’s three subsidiaries, CXP, BARC and PAC, will keep their brands. Frédéric Munch, the CEO of PAC, will become a member of CXP Group’s board and will join Laurent Calot, Chairman of the Board, Carsten Bange, founder and chairman of BARC, and Michel Roux.

Press contacts

Anne Eidelman
+33 (0)1 53 05 05 76

Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC):
Caroline Hannig-Sachon
+49 (0)89 23 23 68 33

About Le CXP

Le CXP – headquartered in Paris, France – is a unique software consulting firm recognized as the uncontested leading authority on enterprise software solutions in French speaking countries. With 40 years of experience, Le CXP provides technology end-users and purchasers with a comprehensive range of services covering the critical aspects of the software and service solutions’ selection cycle. Le CXP owns a unique database of over 6000 software applications and offers extensive and proven consulting capabilities supported by a robust proprietary methodology. Today, more than 1500 large and mid-size end-user companies use Le CXP group services.

Le CXP has expanded its European presence (UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria) after merging with BARC (Business Application Research Center), the German leading independent software industry analyst specialized in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management.

For more information, please visit

More information about BARC:


About Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)

From strategy to execution, PAC delivers focused and objective responses to the growth challenges of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) players.

Founded in 1976, PAC is a privately held research & consulting firm for the software and ICT services market.

PAC helps ICT vendors to optimize their strategies by providing quantitative and qualitative market analysis as well as operational and strategic consulting. We advise CIOs and financial investors in evaluating ICT vendors and solutions and support their investment decisions. Public institutions and organizations also rely on our key analyses to develop and shape their ICT policies.

For more information, please visit

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PAC does Nordic Sun, 05 Jan 2014 09:30:27 +0000 ImageImage

PAC (@PAC_Consultants) did not go as far as Lapland but came back from Northern shores with another “strategic partnership”, this time with Radar Ecosystems (@radareco) -a Swedish firm.

As with TBR, the press release is scant on details but we can speculate the deal is about cross-selling and extending its geographic reach.

What to look for next?

The key proof of any wedding puddings is in joint offerings, common marketing messages and combined sales approaches -such as account planning, global licence deals, etc.

What impact for AR professionals?

PAC continues to internationalise itself, AR pros should take this into account when considering global influencers.

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PAC and TBR announce a ‘strategic global partnership.’ Yep. Mon, 23 Sep 2013 11:17:46 +0000 [This post are my views only, not that of the IIAR board or my employer]

PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants) and TBR (Technology Business Research) announced last week a ‘global strategic partnership’. The press release is scant on details about the exact terms of the collaboration but they point out that they complement themselves geographically, with TBR based mostly (if only?) in the USA and PAC being a Franco-German (or actually Germano-French) firm.

To my knowledge, they’re both vendor-facing firms (some say ‘supply-side’) with few, if any end-user clients. TBR sells more research to financial sector firms, typically to assist them in ICT firms deals -a market also coveted by IDC and Gartner. PAC is more focused on consulting but also sells market data (their SITSI programme).

24/9/13 Update

 The plan is indeed to have a better geo coverage, through a sales alliance. The combined “network” will have 60 analysts/consultants (see above point about the mixed business model) in the US and 80 in Europe. TBR also closes some PAC coverage blackspots -such has hardware, and I suppose vice versa.

My thoughts on this

When we spoke to PAC CEO in February, Frederic Munch did hint at a US partnership indeed. This makes perfect sense but doesn’t enable them to address the end-user market, probably a weak spot for both as vendor spending is more subject to economic cycles.

What are your thoughts?

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Three minutes with PAC Thu, 21 Feb 2013 23:09:06 +0000 Following our IIAR Café and Webinar with PAC on Wed 20th Feb 2013, we’ve done a 3 mn video of Fréderic Munch (LinkedIn) / CEO, PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants).



IIAR members will have access to the recording the IIAR Huddle extranet shortly.

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Around Duncan Brown from PAC in 10 questions Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:16:17 +0000 Duncan Brown photo

Today, we’re profiling Duncan Brown (@duncanwbrown, LinkedIn, blog) who has just come back to the analyst world as Director at PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants). Previously, Duncan was on the dark side with Influencers50 and when as an analyst at IDC and Ovum.

Duncan will be with other PAC members this Wednesday at the IIAR Café in London and the IIAR Webinar.

  1. What are your coverage areas?
    Everything! I’m a complete jack of all trades (and a master of none?). I’ve covered everything from CRM and ECM to e-payments and open source. And services. And printers. And…oh you get the idea. I’ve been around long enough to have seen everything at least once. Don’t you think the IT industry just keeps reinventing old problems as new ones to solve? These days I’m actually more interested in how IT firms go to market – they are generally appallingly poor at marketing themselves and their wares.

  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    You’d expect me to say this, given my background at Influencer50, but I do think analyst firms are under enormous pressure from other organization types. For example, the big consulting firms are increasingly providing analysis to the clients, and it’s free. Sourcing advisors are essentially a specialised type of analyst in the end-user advisory space. At the other end of the scale, there’s a ton of information available on the Web. So us analysts need to keep our knowledge fresh and our value high. It’s a challenge for all analyst firms.

  3. What’s your typical day like?
    Arrive at the office, work, leave office. That’s the typical part. What happens in between is never the same two days running. At PAC I have three roles: Research Director, covering the overall software and IT Services space; Consulting Director, running client engagements; and Account Director for one of our most important customers.

  4. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
    All my horror stories involve the AR person not knowing who I am and what I do. A good AR person will brief me on who I’m meeting, and will brief their people on me, so we can both do prep and make our time worthwhile. I turned up to a meeting last week and was I asked what I thought of ‘the announcement.’ “What announcement?” I asked. No-one had bothered to send me a copy. Oh, and I once was mistaken for Nicholas Carr of ‘IT Doesn’t Matter’ fame. The culprit was extremely flattering (“I just looovvvved your book”) until they discovered their mistake and made a hasty escape.

  5. What is your research methodology? 
    Primary almost always, phone or face-to-face, though email exchanges are great ways to get a lot done asynchronously.

  6. Any favourite AR professional you’d like to mention? Any why?
    Daniel Matkovits did an outstanding job of increasing Ovum’s profile in the late 1990s, and I worked with him closely while in Ovum’s Boston office 1997-2000. So he’s the one etched on my memory. He’s now head of global AR at Deloitte.

  7. Tell us about one good AR practice you’ve experienced or one good AR event you’ve attended.
    It has to be when Microsoft entered the Smart Card market in 1999. I’d been covering the subject at Ovum from the US, though it was mainly a European market at the time. I guess I was one of the few people in the US that knew anything about the technology back then. Suddenly I was being courted by Microsoft, was flown to Seattle, met Bill Gates, etc, etc. Massive ego trip for me. Happens so rarely these days (sob…).

  8. What are your offerings and key deliverables? 
    Our Software & IT Services Industry (SITSI) coverage is, I think, peerless, and I’ve seen most analyst firms’ output. The detail is stunning, sometime overwhelming. Our custom research, for PAC, has always been a strong proposition, and we are, I think, the only analyst firm to offer a partner and prospect identification service. (I’m sure readers will tell me if otherwise.) We’ll be adding a Key Opinion Leader service later this year.

  9. Any hobbies or favourite restaurant / food that you’d like to share?
    I like Smiths of Smithfield for 1-2-1s. It’s close to the office. I’ve used Rhodes 24 in The Gherkin for running executive dinners, which is a good venue. Being Scottish, I’m a sucker for single malt, my only vice…

  10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
    PAC is very well respected in continental Europe but is less well known in the UK. I joined PAC to change that. So that’s the challenge, short term. In the next 30 minutes the challenge is not to make another cup of tea. I’m an addict.

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IIAR Café and Webinar with PAC on Wed 20th Feb 2013 Thu, 14 Feb 2013 07:00:07 +0000 IIAR is delighted to announce its two-in-one event with PAC’s top European and UK management on Wednesday 20th Feb 2013, 1730 onward in London. The event includes:

  • IIAR Café: Come and meet PAC’s top European and UK management face-to-face!
  • IIAR Webinar: Join them via online conference for a webinar!

From PAC, we are going to have:

Frederic Munch / Group CEO PAC
Jean-Christophe Bodhuin / MD PAC UK
Duncan Brown / Director PAC

If you would like to attend the event or just listen in to the webinar, please fill in this form to RSVP and we’ll send you the details with the calendar invite shortly:

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Frédéric Munch named President of the Board of Pierre Audoin Consultants Mon, 19 Dec 2011 09:49:52 +0000 December 15, 2011 – The Supervisory Board of Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), European leader in market research and strategic consulting on the software and IT services market, has named Frédéric Munch as Head of the Board. Frédéric Munch will take official charge of his new responsibilities from December 15, 2011.

Frédéric Munch brings with him a rich experience within the PAC Group. He began his career in the company in 1996 as a consultant, and rapidly rose to take on a variety of responsibilities, becoming the CFO & COO of the Group in 2001. In the beginning of 2009, he took charge of the management of the German subsidiary, a position in which he led a phase of strong growth, and today PAC Germany has three offices in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.

In his new role, Frédéric Munch will accelerate the execution of PAC’s strategic plan, of which the principal objective is to respond to the growth challenges of ICT players and to reinforce the positioning of PAC as the partner of reference in the industry.

With double-digit growth, 2011 became a pivotal year of consolidation and expansion. PAC has broadened its expertise with the acquisition of Berlecon in February 2011, a specialist of Mobility and Unified Communication & Collaboration. PAC also accelerated its geographic expansion in Asia Pacific with the opening of an office in New Delhi.

“Frédéric’s management qualities and his in-depth knowledge of PAC, the IT markets and its players are major strengths. They will contribute to reinforce our position as the European leader for strategic consulting and market research,” said Pierre Audoin, founder of PAC and Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

With over 35 years of experience, PAC has hence made room for the new generation, with renewed and dynamic teams in its subsidiaries in France, Germany, the UK, Romania, and the United States as well as in its offices in Brazil and India.

“Our goal is to reaffirm our position as a unified global operating European group, firmly anchored in all its territories. To this end, we will continue to reinforce our management team and senior experts, notably at pan-European level and to increase the integration of our offices into a truly multinational organization. Hence, 2012 will be a year of innovation, during which our clients will discover a portfolio of renewed, structured and customizable offers,” explains Frédéric Munch, CEO of PAC Group.

About Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)
From strategy to execution, PAC delivers focused and objective responses to the growth challenges of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) players.Founded in 1976, PAC is a privately held research & consulting firm for the software and ICT services market.PAC helps ICT vendors optimize their strategies by providing quantitative and qualitative market analysis as well as operational and strategic consulting. We advise CIOs and financial investors in evaluating ICT vendors and solutions and support their investment decisions. Public institutions and organizations also rely on our key analyses to develop and shape their ICT policies.

For more information, please visit
PAC’s latest news:

PR Contact:
Christine NAYAGAM
+33 (0)1 56 56 63 49

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[ANALYST FIRM NEWS] John Leigh joins PAC UK Thu, 03 Mar 2011 14:14:54 +0000 FYI, we have received this from PAC today.

John Leigh from PAC (IIAR website)

Leading IT Services Industry Expert Joins PAC UK

London – March 3, 2011 – Pierre Audoin Consultants, the software and IT services analyst firm, is delighted to announce that IT Services industry expert John Leigh has joined its UK team.

John has taken on the position of Research Director, with a focus on leading the company’s research and consulting services in the flourishing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) markets.

Jean-Christophe Bodhuin, Managing Director of PAC UK, said: “We are continuing to expand and strengthen the UK team by bringing in another well-known industry expert. John has a unique set of skills gained from practical experience managing large deals and projects. Given the UK’s leading position in the BPO market, John’s know-how will be of immense value to our clients.”

John said: “I joined PAC because I think clients need a European alternative for specific research and strategic advice. In these tough economic conditions vendors need help in winning business, growing profits and making sensible acquisitions. PAC can help with all three. I am proud to be joining the team.”

John joins PAC after running his own firm. He has also worked as an industry analyst at Gartner Group, Meta Group and Ovum. He has run Strategy and Planning for BTGS, before which he was CIO of Vertex. Previously he has worked for Capgemini and IBM.


About Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC): PAC is a global market research and strategic consulting firm for the Software and IT Services Industry (SITSI). PAC helps IT vendors, CIOs, consultancies and investment firms by delivering analysis and advice to address a range of growth, technology, financial and operational issues.

Our 30+-year heritage in Europe – combined with our US presence and worldwide resources – forms the foundation of our ability to deliver in-depth knowledge of local IT markets, anywhere. We employ structured methodologies – undertaking thousands of annual face-to-face interviews on both the buy and sell side of the market, as well as a bottom-up, top-down approach – to leverage our research effectively.

PAC publishes a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized market reports -including our best-selling SITSI® program – in addition to our suite of strategic consulting and market planning services. Over 160 professionals in 16 offices -across all continents – are delivering the insight that can make a difference to your business.


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Smart move: PAC buys Berlecon Tue, 01 Feb 2011 11:44:56 +0000 Berlecon Research logo (IIAR website)Today Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC, @pac_consultants) bought Berlin-based analyst and consulting firm Berlecon Research (@nicoledufft). It’s a excellent choice for PAC, and a very natural partner for Berlecon because of the two well-established firms’ long period of cooperation and their similar continental cultures and the consulting-heavy business model which is essential to success in the German market.

Berlecon has long been a strong M&A target, something we which noted long ago; In 2005 I commented that both PAC and Berlecon would fit together nicely if Ovum wanted to expand. Despite the premature death in 2006 of the firm’s talented founder, Thorsten Wichmann, the firm has held on to a data-heavy approach (reflecting its distinct reliance on economic analysis).

Indeed, at times the firm is quite belligerent against its competitors’ data quality: I translated one of these broadsides, and it gives a good flavour of the firm’s pride. This evidence-based approach has allowed it to build strong relationships with public sector clients, especially regulators and those concerned with open source solutions. Its partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute gives it a capacity to evaluate emergent technology that’s rather different from larger analysts firms focussed on already-mature solutions.

Read further analysis on this acquisition on

(Updated 1315 GMT: PAC press release below)

PAC hits the ground running in 2011 with the acquisition of Berlecon & new senior level recruitments
Pierre Audoin Consultant (PAC) is rapidly adapting to the ever-changing needs of its clients by expanding its senior team internationally as well as through an acquisition in the key German market.
February, 1st, 2011 – In order to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving market and the fast changing client expectations, the only European-based Information Technology consultancy services company Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) has ramped up its international presence across various geographies.
PAC has acquired an IT research company and also added four senior persons to its team in the last four weeks. These new positions have been created in the four key markets of PAC: France, United Kingdom, United States and Germany.
These moves are in line with the vision statement of PAC: “The technology dynamics involve a rapid, profound and irreversible evolution of the Information Technology industry towards the world of services. This widespread trend is pushing all the actors to rethink their business model and to revolutionize their client relationship.”
The acquisition and the new appointments have also strengthened PAC’s positioning as an analyst & consultancy firm proposing personalized services, with one of the strongest expertise in the ICT ecosystem across the globe.
PAC acquisition: adding capacity and competences

Through its German subsidiary, PAC has acquired Berlin-based analyst and consulting firm Berlecon Research. Having worked closely together since 2009, analysts and consultants from both organizations have now joined forces to deliver market analyses and consulting projects, in addition to studies commissioned by public authorities. PAC will thus continue to extend its leading position in the German-speaking market and expand its software and IT services expertise in the fields of communication, collaboration, and mobility.

Headed by former Managing Director Nicole Dufft, Berlecon Research will operate as a PAC business unit based in Berlin. Nicole Dufft will report to Frédéric Munch, Managing Director of PAC Germany.

“With this acquisition, PAC has strengthened its presence in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, thus gaining a leading edge over competitors in the analyst and consulting market – the majority of which are Anglo-Saxon” says Frederic Munch.

The deal will not only reinforce PAC’s position in the DACH region, but also strengthen its competence in communication, collaboration and mobility at a multinational level.

Senior level recruitments strengthen dynamic research sectors

In order to further enhance expertise in dynamic market segments like Outsourcing & BPO, Software and IT Services, Offshore, Finance, etc. PAC has proactively added several high-profile industry specialist to its worldwide analyst base.

One of the four new senior level analysts at PAC is Dr. Katharina Grimme, who joins the Germananalyst team as Director Outsourcing & BPO Markets. Prior to PAC, Katharina was Research Director at NelsonHall, responsible for analysis and strategic consulting on German and continental European BPO markets, as well as developing and leading NelsonHall’s global F&A Outsourcing research. Prior to that, she had led the German operations of Ovum, advising vendors on business strategies, technology developments and market trends.

The second high-level appointment is Philip Carnelley who joins PAC in UK as a Research Director, software and application services markets. Philip joins PAC from TechMarketView, and previously worked as an industry analyst at Gartner Group and Ovum, researching the software development, business applications, database, and business intelligence markets.

Also new on board is Scott Tiazkun, joining the PAC US team. The former Forrester Research and IDC analyst brings with him a very rich and diversified industry experience of over 15 years focusing on the enterprise application market and key vertical industries, such as financial services and healthcare.

Another high-level appointment is of Franck Nassah, who was earlier consulting manager for IDC France. With his wide industry knowledge covering software and services, in particular IT outsourcing, engineering outsourcing, global sourcing, embedded systems and SI business models, he will be located at PAC in France.

Through its recognized capacity PAC proposes, quantitative and qualitative analyses as well as operational and strategic consulting to help ITC players in optimizing their growth policies.This is perfectly aligned to the mission statement of PAC, which states that “From strategy to execution, PAC brings focused and objective responses to the challenges of growth of the ITC players”.

“We want to become the partner of reference for the actors of the ICT industry worldwide. PAC’s growth is also in response to the growing needs of the clients in the sphere of strategic consulting, analysis and information. With the reinforcement through acquisitions and expansion of its teams, PAC aims to better serve them. PAC stays loyal to its reputation and proximity to clients will remain one of our strongest points”, says Eric Isabey, CEO of PAC Group.


About Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC): Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is a global market research and strategic consulting firm for the Software and IT Services Industry (SITSI). PAC helps IT vendors, CIOs, consultancies and investment firms by delivering analysis and advice to address a range of the growth, technology, financial and operational issues.

Our 35 years heritage in Europe – combined with our US presence and worldwide resources – forms the foundation of our ability to deliver in depth knowledge of local IT markets, anywhere. We employ structured methodologies – undertaking thousands of annual face-to-face interviews on both the buy and sell side of the market, as well as a bottom-up, top-down approach – to leverage our research effectively.

PAC publishes a wide range of off-the-shell and customized market reports – including our best-selling SITSI program – in addition to our suite of strategic consulting and market planning services. With 16 offices across all continents, we deliver the insight that can make a difference to your business.

For more information, please visit our website at


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[ANALYST FIRM NEWS] Leading Software Industry Expert Joins PAC UK Mon, 06 Dec 2010 09:09:54 +0000 Pierre Audoin Consultants, the software and IT services analyst firm, is delighted to announce that software industry expert Philip Carnelley has joined its UK team. Philip has taken on the position of Research Director, with a focus on leading the companyʼs research and consulting services in the dynamic software and application services markets as well as becoming a key contributor to PAC Cloud research team.

Jean-Christophe Bodhuin, Managing Director of PAC UK, said: “I am delighted that Philip has joined our expanding team in the UK. He brings almost 30 years of experience as an industry analyst, software developer and project manager and has become one of the best-known and most respected analysts in the sector.”
Philip Carnelley said: “These are exciting times for IT, as the industry embraces new service delivery models such as the Cloud. I am really looking forward to working with the leading company for European IT analysis, leveraging and building on PACʼs expertise and huge wealth of existing research.”
Philip joins PAC from TechMarketView, and previously worked as an industry analyst at Gartner Group and Ovum, researching the software development, business applications, database, and business intelligence markets. Prior to that he worked in systems development and project management for companies including Oracle and ICL/Fujitsu.
About Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC):
PAC is a global market research and strategic consulting firm for the Software and IT Services Industry (SITSI). PAC helps IT vendors, CIOs, consultancies and investment firms by delivering analysis and advice to address a range of growth, technology, financial and operational issues.
Our 30+-year heritage in Europe – combined with our US presence and worldwide resources – forms the foundation of our ability to deliver in-depth knowledge of local IT markets, anywhere. We employ structured methodologies – undertaking thousands of annual face-to-face interviews on both the buy and sell side of the market, as well as a bottom-up, top-down approach – to leverage our research effectively. PAC publishes a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized market reports –including our best-selling SITSI® program – in addition to our suite of strategic consulting and market planning services. Over 160 professionals in 16 offices –across all continents – are delivering the insight that can make a difference to your business.
Pierre Audoin Consultants, the software and IT services analyst firm, is delighted to announce that software industry expert Philip Carnelley has joined its UK team. Philip has taken on the position of Research Director, with a focus on leading the companyʼs research and consulting services in the dynamic software and application services markets as well as becoming a key contributor to PAC Cloud research team.
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September IIAR London Forum Featured European Analyst Panel Tue, 21 Sep 2010 17:16:12 +0000
Jean-Christophe Bodhuin, PAC and Lawrence Calot, LeCXP

Jean-Christophe Bodhuin, PAC and Lawrence Calot, LeCXP

The September IIAR London Forum was hosted by Bite Communications, and featured a European AR panel with Lawrence Calot of LeCXP,  and Jean-Christophe Bodhuin of PAC. Ludovic Leforestier moderated with questions on the industry in general, AR best practices, and local AR.  The analyst presentations and meeting notes are available to members here.  A special thanks goes Fionnula Fitzsimons, Bite Communications, for hosting the Forum,

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Reminder to Register for IIAR London Forum – Thursday, Sept 16th Thu, 09 Sep 2010 09:01:58 +0000 There are still a few places left for next Thursday’s Forum featuring a European analyst panel with Laurent Calot, LeCXP and Jean-Christophe Bodhuin, PAC.  If you are not a member of IIAR and have not attended an IIAR Forum before, you can also register for this event.

Please RSVP to the secretary at jcourtenay(at)analystrelations(dot)org.

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Team Work Needed for 2009! Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:09:18 +0000 DARA Event on 20.1.2009 / Podcast about the IIAR

As the year has started with some of the most negative predictions we have heard for the past years, it becomes obvious that close collaboration between AR professionals of different companies and among AR and IT research professionals will become even more important than before.

One little step towards this objective are the local events organized by the IIAR and its associated organizations and chapters. In Germany, a few volunteers and I have also worked to bring AR and IT research together.

Next week, we want to strike a balance and look ahead:

Tower Bar Frankfurt/Main (IIAR website)For the 20th of January this year, the German Analyst Relations Working Group, which is closely working together with the IIAR, is organizing a fireside chat and networking dinner in the city center of Frankfurt / Main. The official title is: “IT industry and the IT research industry in times of economic slowdown”

We are enabling networking and discussions between important analyst relations professionals on the one side and important analyst houses on the other side. We have seen extremely positive reactions to our plans from both, the IT industry and the analyst houses.

The event is almost booked out by now and has been organized with the help of three sponsors: Fujitsu Siemens Computers, IBM Germany and Wilken, a German software company.

Our guests are:

  • Wafa Moussavi-Amin, General Manager Germany & Switzerland, IDC
  • Jeff Golterman, Group Vice President and Analyst Relations Community Leader, Gartner
  • Peter O’Neill, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Stephan Kaiser, Senior Consultant, Pierre Audoin Consultants

We want to discuss the reactions of IT user organizations and IT vendors to a beginning worldwide recession. However, the perspective of the IT research industry is also important: How do they change, and how do they react / adapt to the new situation?  This evening will be a possibility for all participants to share their thoughts, experiences and views on the market.

The event will be a wonderful opportunity to again raise the topic of officially opening a German Chapter of the IIAR in Germany. The German Analyst Relations Working Group (DARA) has developed a lot of momentum by today. The history of the DARA and the IIAR is a history of collaboration and mutual support. I personally hope that both organizations can push their level of integration even further.

The DARA will also elect a new board early this year. As a board member, I have led the organization of all its events until today. I would like to announce that this event will be the last I will have developed and organized: We are looking for someone who is dedicated to take on this responsibility in the future.

If you would like to hear the voices of some people involved in the IIAR (and DARA), you can listen to the latest podcast that I have just finished today. I recorded it end of last year with an IIAR Board member:

The topic is: “The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations – An interveiw with Peggy O’Neill” In this cast, we are talking to Peggy O’Neill about the IIAR and trends in the industry.  Peggy startet her career as a journalist. Today, she is heading Hill & Knowlton‘s North American AR practice.
Listen to the podcast (direct link) – Part one of two (mp3, 8 min.)

If you like this cast, you can subscribe to it here.

If you would like to attend the fireside chat and networking dinner, there is a fee of 49 EUR per person to cover the cost for the dinner. This is the data you need:  Date: 20 January 2009, Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Kaminzimmer des “Tower – Bar & Restaurant”
Eschenheimer Turm, 60318 Frankfurt/Main – (Tower – Bar & Restaurant: Tel: 0 69 – 29 22 44)


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