IT Analysis Firms – Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) The IIAR is a not-for-profit organisation established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers. Mon, 15 Jul 2019 22:40:01 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 76177372 What does 451 Research stand for? Wed, 03 Jul 2019 09:54:01 +0000 After yesterday’s IIAR Webinar, Simon Robinson (@simonrob451LinkedIn) SVP Research at 451 Research shared where the firm name comes from and  Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic LinkedIn) gave a quick wrap-up of the webinar.

1907_451_webinar_trailer from IIAR> on Vimeo.

IIAR Members will be able to access the recording and deck shortly from our new Member365 portal.

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[GUEST POST] Creative Intellect Consulting joins CCS Insight as firm expands enterprise research coverage Thu, 27 Jun 2019 16:13:07 +0000 Bola Rotibi and her team at Creative Intellect Consulting are joining CCS Insight.

Bola becomes research director, software development, and will lead CCS Insight’s research in the software development and delivery market.

The move expands CCS Insight’s coverage of the enterprise IT market. Although originally specialising in the mobile sector, the firm has been expanding into other areas in recent years.

In the enterprise market, CCS Insight now covers cloud computing, enterprise AI and machine learning, business applications of the Internet of things, and the digital workplace.

Nick McQuire, who is VP of enterprise research at CCS Insight, said: “Bola and her team bring first-rate knowledge of software development technologies, processes and market trends, which are all vital areas in enterprise transformation. Their experience will not only improve our enterprise research, but also increase the value we offer to our customers.”

Bola commented: “I’m truly excited to be bringing research insights and technical expertise to an analyst firm that is so well-respected. By becoming part of CCS Insight, we’ll greatly extend our research in the software development sector and continue to offer unrivalled expertise to an ever-changing industry. I’m looking forward to working together to create a world-class service for our clients.”

Creative Intellect Consulting, founded in 2010 by Bola, is an analyst research, advisory and consulting firm specialising in software development, delivery and lifecycle management across the software and IT spectrum along with their impacts on and alignment with business. 

It’s not been confirmed yet but we’re hoping/expecting that Bola will be speaking at the always popular CCS Insight Predictions event, which is taking place in London on 3rd October. 

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IIAR Webinar with Simon Robinson / 451 Research on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 Thu, 13 Jun 2019 09:40:09 +0000 Please join us on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 1500 GMT / 1600 CEST/ 1000 EDT / 0700 PDT for a discussion with Simon Robinson / Senior Vice President, Research at 451 Research.
451 Research is a leading information technology research and advisory company best known for its coverage of digital infrastructure, technology innovation, and market disruption.  

In this webinar we’ll discuss 451 Research’s influence and impact, differentiation and competitive advantage, as well as the format and the future of their research. We’ll also discuss how best to engage with the analysts at 451 Research and how AR professionals and vendors can leverage their research.

The discussion will be hosted by Simon Robinson (@simonrob451, LinkedIn) of 451 Research and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic LinkedIn), IIAR Board Member.

London-based members are invited to join in person for the webinar and drinks afterwards. Please register your interest using the form below.

This webinar is free for members. To register for this Webinar please click here.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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[GUEST POST] Informa adds IHS Markit tech analysts to equal Forrester Wed, 22 May 2019 16:20:58 +0000 IHS Informa logos (IIAR website)Informa (INF.L) has acquired IHS Markit’s (INFO) TMT business. Informa Tech, which includes Ovum, will have revenues similar to Forrester’s $350m. It represents a dramatic shift in the analyst landscape.

Informa announced the transaction on 22 May as part of an exchange of Informa’s agribusiness service for IHS Markit’s TMT portfolio, including the OTT and media teams.

A sixty-year-old firm built through acquisitions, IHS its has absorbed numerous tech research firms, including Infonetics Research and IMS Research.

IHS Markit has clarified that it will retain RootMetrics and part of its market intelligence business. Because the exchange is subject to US regulatory approval, it can’t be completed until July at the earliest.


Informa and IHS Markit are similar firms and know each other well. Many colleagues at one have worked at the other, including the head of Informa agribusiness. Given the broad scope of their information services, ‘co-opetition’ is unavoidable in many areas. For example, IHS Fairplay was previously part of Informa’s Lloyds List business. As a result, we expect the transition to complete smoothly.

As well as a substantial base of business, Informa gains senior market analysts like Abel Nevarez, Clifford Leimback, Devan Adams, Diane Myers, Heidi Adams, Laura Aguilera, Michael Howard, Ruomeng Wang and Stéphane Téral.

Informa’s current TMT business, Ovum, will be dwarfed by IHS Markit colleagues.  For example, the ARchitect analyst database lists 354 colleagues at IHS Markit in categories including IT, telecom, media, industrial, automotive, electronics, and solar: Ovum has 147. LinkedIn lists 1,000 colleagues in total at IHS Markit Technology, compared to 309 at Ovum. The heartland for IHS Markit is the USA, while Ovum is headquartered in London.


Our take

The exchange of assets is partly a defensive move. Both IHS and Informa have acquired extensively, and in doing so have complemented their long-standing roles as providers of industry data that spans multiple markets. In doing so, the businesses have developed profitability that Forrester can only dream of: Informa just reported operating profit of £732m on revenues of £2,369m. That’s double the firm’s revenue in 2015. Unlike Gartner, the firm is able to pay a regular dividend to shareholders.

From an analyst relations point of view, these purchases have been hard to understand. The integration of these businesses into the methods and content delivery platforms of IHS Markit and Informa has produced a degree of commodification and homogeneity, which has certainly led to a clash of cultures. Most importantly, AR professionals need to understand that the Informa business model is not Gartner’s. Measuring Informa Tech by how much it will resemble Gartner is a waste of time. Informa’s reach into the enterprise will be broader than ever.

As a result, Informa Tech will have a different value proposition to Gartner and Forrester. We expect its emphasis will be more on market data, events, lead generation and access to buyers than on inquiry calls and procurement support.


By Duncan Chapple (LinkedIn, @Duncan Chapple), Head of Analyst Relations, CCgroup PR.

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IIAR Webinar: Introducing CCS Insight – and how they make sense of the connected world Wed, 03 Apr 2019 15:55:32 +0000 CCS Insights LogoCCS Insight is a longstanding research firm headquartered in the UK, but with reach and clients into wider EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pac. This specialist technology market intelligence and advisory firm provides tailored, decision-ready solutions to their client base to help them ‘make sense of the connected world’.

This April 17th, we invite two of CCS Insight’s finest, VP of Research Martin Garner (Blog, @martin_garner, LinkedIn), and Principal Analyst for Digital Workplace Angela Ashenden (LinkedIn, @aashenden), to give us an overview of the firm’s research and advisory services and practice areas, and touch on their upcoming 2020 Predictions, a must-not-miss annual event in the diary for their clients.

We will also discuss some of the best ways to:

  • Engage in analyst time or consultancy time with CCS Insight
  • How Angela and Martin prefer to be reached out to prior to major industry events 
  • Some commercial initiatives the CCS Insight team has come up with, and how to engage with them from a business development perspective

Hosted by IIAR Board Member Suzannah Archibald (LinkedIn, @suzannah_a), the event will also be recorded for IIAR members unable to join due to work commitments. But please don’t miss it, as we think it’ll be a good one!

Date: Wednesday, 17th April 2019

Time: 1100am-1200 EDT / 1600-1700 BST

To register your interest (please note – Current IIAR members only) -OR- if not a current Member but you are an IAR professional, subject to IIAR approval.


Find the IIAR on social media – Institute of Industry Analyst Relations on Facebook; LinkedIn page, our website and blog or via our brand new Member365 portal (secure login needed – for current IIAR members only)

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[GUEST POST] Looking Back at Three Analyst Firms by Barry Rabkin / Market Insight Group Tue, 05 Feb 2019 21:21:31 +0000 By Barry Rabkin (LinkedIn, @Impactoftech), President & Principal Analyst, Market Insight Group, Ltd.


Barry Rabkin / Market Insights GroupI was fortunate to become an insurance industry analyst in 1997.

Before that time, I had worked in the business side of the insurance industry for 17 years (primarily in marketing and/or market research across all major lines of business) and then due to, what was to prove a very lucky event in hindsight, being caught up in a purge from John Hancock, becoming a management consultant. After eight years as a management consultant, I got and grabbed the opportunity to become an insurance industry analyst. I definitely found my true professional love being a part of the analyst community. [One difference between a management consultant and an analyst? Analysts don’t have to be nice!]

My insurance industry analyst experience included leading or launching and leading insurance strategic advisory services in the US and the UK. Looking back at those experiences at META Group, Financial Insights (IDC), and Ovum, these highlights standout to me. BTW Before going into my highlights I want to state that I respected all three firms for not being just vertical (i.e. industry) analyst firms but instead were homes for analysts from a large variety of IT and Telco disciplines as well as having vertical analysts.

I continue to not understand where analysts who work for analyst firms that cover only industries (i.e. only insurance or only insurance, banking, and capital markets) get their IT and/or Telco information. I felt blessed that I could walk over or talk to IT or Telco analysts. Part of my role as an insurance industry analyst was to understand and learn what the IT and/or Telco analysts considered to be trends, issues, challenges, and implications, in their respective fields and then repurpose their ideas, where appropriate, for the insurance segments I was covering.

From 1997 on, I quickly discovered that “the world is not flat” – what may seem to be an important emerging technology (or even a maturing technology) really wouldn’t capture the insurance industry lines of business at anywhere near the pace that the IT or Telco analyst thought it would. I carried a large number of sharp pins to prick their balloons when we discussed the insurance industry – or really, specific insurance lines of business.

The Three Analyst Firms

Returning to the title of my post, here are my key take-aways for each of the three analyst firms:

META Group

  • Very strong analysts – they knew their technology and industry spaces cold.
  • Very opinionated analysts (which I totally loved) – to this day I continue to feel / behave as if I am still a Meta Group analyst.
  • Analysts used sparingly by the consulting area – the philosophy was to use analysts as subject matter experts but don’t take up their time pursuing consulting engagements. (Analysts exist to research, do analysis, write reports, deliver presentations, and be briefed by firms or brief firms.)
  • Analysts ‘took a stand’ but changed their position as they ‘got smarter’ from more research and ‘talking to their market.
  • Short reports (about 1,200 words MAX) but each analyst had to write 6 – 8 reports / month.
  • Coherent themes for the analyst firm and simultaneously for each service area.
  • Had freedom to create an insurance research agenda that aligned with the Meta themes – still left a huge opportunity area.
  • Analysts’ text took priority over the editors – correct the grammar but do not replace the analyst’s text.
  • Quick editorial process – get those reports published !!

Financial Insights, IDC

  • Strong analysts but nice people, really nice people – I once told one of my colleagues that if IDC analysts were any nicer I would need an insulin shot.
  • Quite a few templates to write our reports – quite a few templates. But I didn’t think the templates were ‘over-engineered’ as some of my IDC colleagues.
  • Significantly more than analysts “who count boxes.” Quite a brush-back I almost always heard from Gartner analysts (and only Gartner). Didn’t take me long to realize that IDC analysts are waaaaayyyy more than box-counters.
  • However, IT Spend is a critical component / theme for IDC – ironically, I don’t believe in IT Spend at all. Not even an iota. I care about the ‘why’ and ‘what’ but not the ‘how much’ or ‘how many.’ IDC analysts cover that entire spectrum of those facets.
  • Relatively efficient editorial process – with the right attitude that editors shouldn’t re-write what an analyst has written (except correcting grammaritical mistakes).
  • Still shocked that our reports didn’t have an Executive Summary – but the 3 – 5 bullet points on the first page served that purpose.
  • I was part of a great global team of insurance industry analysts – and it was global: Canada, London, Italy, and Singapore. I always reminded the team that when we crafted our annual research agenda to change it however they felt necessary because they knew their regional significantly better than I ever could.
  • Colleagues from other parts of the world – and other practices – graciously agreeing to participate in the areas around the globe where we didn’t have insurance industry analysts.
  • I did run into some IDC analysts in my first year who told me that they never would have hired me once they found out I came from The META Group. (That gave me a few chuckles ….)
  • Used analysts in consulting engagements, including pursuit teams. Analysts had a consulting component of their compensation. Hated it.

Ovum (an Informa Company)

  • Gave me an opportunity to better understand first-hand the issues and challenges that insurers faced around the world, specifically Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Erroneously believed that one insurance industry analyst, or two analysts for that matter, could cover the entire planet. Insurance regulatory differences make that impossible (even if the one analyst or the two analysts are willing to work without any sleep).
  • Strong analysts including extremely strong Telco analysts – it quickly became apparent that Ovum’s roots were in Telco.
  • Editorial process (peer review and editing) that served to slow down the production of analyst reports.
  • Editorial process that erroneously was built to enable the editors to over-ride what the analyst wrote (beyond grammatical errors).
  • Reports that were too long – really too long … and when I first got there were organized as books with chapters. Books !! I continue to believe if an analyst has a lot of material the analyst should write multiple reports.
  • Far too much emphasis on head-to-head (i.e. Decision Matrices) for my taste – yes, they are important but they take way too long and analyst areas with three of fewer analysts shouldn’t be asked to do any H2H reports.
  • Analysts from various services were happy to collaborate – significantly different from IDC where some of the analysts would only collaborate if their service got a % of the subscription price (of the analyst asking for collaboration) or wanted to be shown as a co-author even if the collaboration was a short paragraph.
  • Wonderful approach to help analysts not just understand issues their market faces by sending the analyst to different parts of the world – got me to Australia twice and New Zealand once to visit clients and prospects.
  • However, wouldn’t tackle North American when I was with Ovum. Yes, there is a whole world out there but not being willing to compete with IDC, Gartner, and Forrester in North America is myopic IMO.
  • Used analysts in consulting engagements. Analysts had a consulting component of their compensation. Hated it.


If I had a magic wand, I’d combine META Group and Financial Insights, IDC into the analyst firm that I’d want to work. (I would eliminate the IT Spend and, of course, any head-to-head reports.)

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IIAR Webinar: Join us for a Webinar with Paul Reynolds from ISG on Thursday 7th February Fri, 25 Jan 2019 16:00:08 +0000 Please join us on Thursday February 7th, 2019 at 15.00pm GMT / 16.00pm CET/ 10.00am EST / 07.00am PT for a presentation and discussion with Paul Reynolds, Partner and Chief Research Office at ISG.

ISG is the leader in market research for the 45B Outsourcing Industry. Join this IIAR Event to better understand ISG’s position in the research market, and how you can work better with their advisors.
Paul Reynolds from ISG will be our host. Paul leads Momentum, a division of ISG that provides research services to help service providers better target, win and retain business. Paul has 25 years of market research experience with specific expertise in methodology development, data analytics and research process design. Having found many service providers’ Advisor Relations functions to lack appropriate analytics, Paul is working to develop innovative new approaches that allow for data-driven programs based on the unique needs of each client. His approach benefits Advisor Relations, go-to-market functions, sales, strategy, marketing, and market/competitive intelligence teams.

Join the IIAR for a one-hour Discussion Group.  The discussion will be co-hosted by Paul Reynolds (@PaulLReynolds LinkedIn)  of ISG and Beth Torrie (@bethtorrieLinkedIn) IIAR USA Board.

This webinar is free for members.  To register for this Webinar please click to here



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Around Soichi Nakajima from IDATE DigiWorld in 10 questions Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:02:28 +0000 Following our IIAR Webinar with Soichi NakajimaSoichi Nakajima / IDATE DigiWorld, Digital Telco Practice Lead (@NakajimaSoichiLinkedIn) at IDATE DigiWorld, here’s his interview in ten questions.

1. What are your coverage areas?
I cover all things Internet services and players; if you want to talk about the GAFA(M), FAMGA (yes it’s the same thing), FANG, BAT(X)… I’m all yours. To add a bit of flavor, I specifically take a telecommunication angle to cover the intersections of the Internet and telco worlds. Naturally this leads me to cover the US and China often, but being based in France we also have great European coverage, and it helps being Japanese to cover the Far East.


2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
Let me give you a market cliché; there’s so much data around today but nobody knows what to do with it. Analysis of yesterday was about collecting the data, whereas analysis of today is about filtering the data. I believe the days of long, descriptive reports are long gone, and what we need are sharp, adaptable, to-the-point, relative and critical analyses.


3. What’s your typical day like?
The day starts with grinding fresh coffee beans… by hand, never with a machine! I’m an early starter and often first in the office, and would often start with calls to the Far East (which is already in the afternoon due to the time difference). Maybe a few games of table football/baby-foot/kicker would follow, and lunch in the garden. Oh yes, I do some work too… writing reports, talking to clients, brainstorming with colleagues, you get the picture. Or, I’m travelling.


4. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
What’s my company name again? Oh yeah… IDATE. Need I say more? No, we are not a dating company, we are not i-DATE!


5. How do you position your firm? What is your business model?
We are actually over 40 years old, and based in France, which already makes us unique in this field. We have three axes of business; consulting, research and Institute. The first two are self-explanatory, but the Institute makes us a bit different. It is essentially a membership program to which we have 70+ members as of today, from various industries large and small. We operate “breakfast clubs” driven by these members every month in London, Paris and Brussels, where very interactive discussions take place. These activities then fuel our research and consulting activities, creating a nice little virtuous cycle. Oh by the way I am in charge of these clubs in London.


6. What is your research methodology?
Well I will end up repeating a little bit of what I mentioned above, but apart from the standard blabla of primary and secondary research, interviews etc., I really do believe what sets us apart is our access to the Institute members for real first-hand opinions and trends. On a personal note I’m a strong believer of the personal touch, and will try to implement this in my works.


7. Any favourite AR professional you’d like to mention? Any why?
Ah. I have come to learn that this type of question is a booby trap… I will always, always forget to mention someone. That said, I would certainly like to thank Ludovic Leforestier who gave me this opportunity, who also happens to be a top bloke.


8. What are your offerings and key deliverables?
We cover mainly the telecom, media and Internet fields. Our line of business is split into 5 main domains: fixed (such as FTTx), wireless (typically 5G), media (digital contents, video…), IoT, and digital telcos (Internet and telecom services).


9. Hobbies or favourite restaurant / food that you’d like to share?
I love both watching and playing football… so much so that I am the official organizer of 5-a-side football matches within our company. Some of my colleagues know me more for my football organizing skills rather than my analytical skills! The beer afterwards is always great too.


10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
Am I allowed to mention the Brexit?


Check also this post-webinar interview below

Post IIAR Webinar interview with Soichi Nakajima / Digital Telcos Practice Leader (@NakajimaSoichiLinkedIn) with Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) from the IIAR Board.

Other IIAR Around in 10 Questions


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IIAR Analyst Of The Year 2018 – The Awards Unwrapped. Tue, 04 Dec 2018 20:00:32 +0000 Who’d have thought Christmas would come this early? Grab a glass of bubbles, put on the festive music and light the fire. It’s time to unveil the IIAR Analyst Of The Year award winners.

2018 was a year in which influencer relations became more important in delivering business impact, and so unsurprisingly analysts’ voices have been a critical focus for sales enablement and marketing. We see analysts themselves continuing to build profile beyond repors, through social media and content, and in response organisations are ramping their commitment to tracking how analysts impact their brand. It’s an exciting, evolving time.

So for the IIAR community, it’s important to recognise the range of analysts and firms who are leading the way. We listen carefully to the voices of our members and remain fully engaged with the global analyst network.

To this end we’ve heard from the community in eleven countries across four continents. We’ve reviewed hundreds of nominations and thousands of point scores. Award winners were determined based on the scoring provided by IIAR members, in accordance with the IIAR SOSM methodology. The nominations therefore reflect the best practice promoted within the IIAR.

All of this leads to one thing – as a festive drumroll is unleashed – the award winners

IIAR New Entrant Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Paul McKay / Forrester (LinkedIn@PMcKayForrester)


IIAR Client Partner Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Chris Cook / Ovum (LinkedIn)

Well done to Michael Devagno / Ovum ( LinkedIn@mdevagno) and Greg Pace / Gartner (LinkedIn@gregpace12) who were runners up in the category.


IIAR Influential Analyst Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Pat Sullivan / Gartner (LinkedIn)

And congratulations to Donald Feinberg (LinkedIn@Brazingo) and Lydia Leong (LinkedIn@cloudpundit) both also from Gartner.


IIAR Innovative Analyst Of The Year 2018

The winner is: …in fact the ‘winners are’ in a dead heat:

Bravo indeed to each of Tim Jennings / Ovum (Tim Jennings@tjennings), Ray Wang / Constellation (LinkedIn@rwang0) and Owen Rogers / 451 (LinkedIn@owenrog) who were joint first in this new category.


And the overall winner of the IIAR Analyst of the Year 2018

The winner is: Margaret Adam / IDC (Margaret Adam@madam_idc).

Read her IIAR Around In 10 Questions interview.

And congratulations to Gilbert van der Heiden / Gartner (LinkedIn) and Liz Herbert / Forrester (LinkedIn@lizherbert) who were runners up in the category.


Finally, we can announce the IIAR Analyst Firm Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Gartner (related blog posts@Gartner_inc)

And congratulations to the following firms who represented the rest of the IIAR community’s top five:

In second place, IDC (blog posts, @IDC)

Third comes Forrester (blog posts, @forrester)

In fourth position we have 451 Research (blog posts, @451Research)

And fifth but not least, Ovum (blog posts,@Ovum)


So bravo to everyone who won and to the runners up – and thanks to the IIAR community for your time in voting. We look forward to another highly engaged year in 2019. Until then have a great Christmas and festive season.


By the IIAR Awards Committee


Previous IIAR Analysts and Firms Of The Year

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My Take: Forrester Acquires Sirius Decisions Thu, 29 Nov 2018 15:24:50 +0000 forrester-siriusdecisions

This week, Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SiriusDecisions, for $245 million in cash. Larry Dignan at ZDNet did a great job breaking down the deal here. As with all acquisitions, many of the details have not been decided or announced yet, but as I long-time client of both firms, I wanted to share my perspective.

Is there overlap?
Yes, some, but not really. Whereas Forrester had doubled -down on CX – recently celebrating 20 years of CX Research, Sirius Decisions completely focused on BtoB Marketing. Their many marketing models, including the industry iconic demand waterfall, marketing processes and best practices have guided and been implemented by thousands of the best BtoB marketers. Sirius provided unique and very specific guidance and how to improve every aspect of BtoB Marketing from email to customer advisory boards to building partner programs and more. They always were able to share specific best practices and benchmark data.

I predict that the current Forrester B2B Marketing Team will have to restructure to support this influx. I also believe that the Forrester Tech Marketing Leadership Board (of which I have been a member) is going to get some amazing new talent.

What does this mean for their customers?
I think it will be great for Forrester’s customers especially as companies are aggressively trying to understand every element of prospect journeys. Sirius Decisions (SD) was very expensive when I was a client (worth the money – but challenging to get budget). Pricing and contracts are now going to be greatly simplified.

What does this mean for analysts?
There will be some cuts, but if marketing budgets stay where both firms have predicted, there is enough demand to support the onboarding of the analysts and their tremendous research.  Another element is culture; there is good cultural alignment here.  The SD analysts are passionate about excellence in marketing, and they are approachable leaders. Their collaborative styles are similar to Forrester’s.

What does this mean for Analyst Relations (AR)?
There are 2 sides to this equation. Most AR programs won’t change very much except that AR will now target the SD Analysts more. Lots of AR programs do not formally target Sirius Decisions. The other side is:  because SD focused on the BtoB Marketer, they had research to validate the AR program. Research that is challenging to get. For example, in recent SD Buying Study – “Analyst reports beat out sales presentations as the top content asset.”

Typically, research firm acquisitions are not good for AR; we are better when we have a wide pool of experts, but because of the nature of SD’s expertise, this may be the exception.

Members of the Forrester AR Council typically will get the opportunity to hear directly from George Colony on a deal this big, though the call hasn’t been scheduled yet. I’m looking forward to hearing directly from him and hearing your comments and questions. Please comment below.

More this month than ever, grateful to you for reading.

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Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2018: key takeaways for AR professionals Fri, 16 Nov 2018 15:24:21 +0000 Gartner Symposium Barcelona 2018 - keynoteThis year’s keynote theme: the Continuous Next Strategy

Gartner Symposium, Gartner’s flagship event in Europe, attracted more than 8,000 visitors this year, and met or exceeded expectations, at least mine. The analysts were brilliant, inspiring speakers on stage and great advisors in the one2one meetings.

This was the first time in Europe that Mike Harris delivered the keynote, having taken over from Peter Sondergaard in the summer. It was a hard act to follow: Many attendees knew Sondergaard as an exceptionally gifted and inspiring speaker. Harris was different, of course. His presentation was strong and dynamic – and he came across as being very present, open and humble.

Harris outlined Gartner’s “Continuous Next” concept, referring to how the pace of innovation is accelerating and disrupting business models, and outlining the need for organizations to adapt to be successful. CIOs must adopt the role of business innovator and enabler, he said, and must interact with C-suite leaders to secure the foundation of digital business. In the era of Continuous Next, the CIO assumes responsibility for digital products and therefore controls not only technology and operations, but should also drive cultural change for the benefit of digital or business transformation. CIOs must also consider digital ethics before adopting new technologies.

Harris also noted that traditional enterprise roles, including HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Supply Chain will change as they all become digital.

Gartner seeks growth areas in new roles, building on the CEB acquisition

The Gartner AR Forum brought together AR professionals to offer a Gartner Business Update. The growth curve looks pretty good for Gartner, with contract value increased by 16% CAGR (2010-2017). The CEB acquisition, a large deal at USD 3.3 billion, contributed nicely to the positive trend.

The acquisition also reflects a shift: Gartner’s ambition is to serve all roles within an organisation and to expand its offerings. We are seeing already new research and engagement models for business leader roles.

The Gartner TSP Research Framework is being  renewed on a role-based model, targeting General Managers, Product Managers, Product Marketers and Tech CEOs, and widening its scope to embrace smaller businesses. AR Professionals can expect new research frameworks. These changes also impact pricing, something we’ll discuss next week in our IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with Gartner.

Gartner is not only talking about trends and the need to embrace new business models and technologies, but is leading by example. Advanced analytical capabilities are becoming an integral part of research. In a move away from focusing solely on best practice, Gartner plans to focus primarily on the top performers (10%) and examine the reasons why they are outperforming their competition.

Peer insights, a new headache for AR pros?

Gartner Peer Insights teddy bear

The Gartner Peer Insights Marly the Meerkat stuffed toy

It’s very clear from Symposium that Gartner Peer Insights will gain importance, with future Magic Quadrants (MQs) relying on customer experience captured in Peer Insights instead of reference customers provided by vendors. This means that in the worst-case scenario, vendors who are behind the curve in scoring reviews on Peer Insights may be excluded from MQs, and at the very least, will see their ratings suffer.

So far, Peer Insights is available only in English: next year, Gartner is introducing AI-based translation to offer additional language versions. This is an important step for Gartner as it tries to diversify its user base beyond English-speaking markets.

Gartner is also introducing a “Voice of the Customer  ” report to complement MQs, based on feedback and ratings from end-users and designed to help buyers in vendor selection and purchasing decisions. This new format could become equally powerful as MQs.  Any AR professional who has not yet done so must start to pay the same attention to Peer Insights as to MQ‘s.

Other newly-introduced research formats are “Gartner Cloud Decisions”, an interactive platform for Gartner Technical Professionals subscribers, helping to determine a best-fit for cloud vendors, and “Gartner Market Opportunity Map”, providing analysis of market size, forecast and profitability opportunity, designed specifically to help technology business leaders prioritize investments, product development planning and portfolio management.

What’s more, Gartner plans to update its flagship MQs and the associated Critical Capabilities deep-dive reports more frequently than the current 12-month cycle.


Key takeaways from Gartner Symposium in Barcelona for AR professionals:

  • Peer Insights hasn’t yet reached all technology areas but will impact your world, which means a world where ARs have less control over client references for MQs
  • This will also change the analyst role over time, increasing a focus on data analysis, possibly at the expense of industry expertise and opinion
  • Today, Gartner monetises some of its user-generated content on research platforms such as GetApp and Capterra on a cost-per-lead model. Although right now, these are distinct from Peer Insights, how long will this last?


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IIAR Webinar: meet iDate DigiWorld Wed, 14 Nov 2018 16:16:26 +0000 iDate DigiWorld webinar with the IIARLocal analysts yield much influence in the geographies they operate in, yet they are largely unknown to AR pros in multinationals. On December 11th, we’re offering you to get up close and personal with iDDATE DigiWorld, a firm founded in France in 1977, combining consulting, research and an institute. Its legacy is in telcos but it also covers media, smart territories and digital and internet services.

We will meet with Soichi Nakajima / Digital Telcos Practice Leader (@NakajimaSoichiLinkedIn) in a webinar to understand more about iDATE DigiWorld, its agenda and how AR pros should engage.

The session will be run by Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) from the IIAR Board and Julia Pope (LinkedIn, @iulia_g_popa), our UK Chapter Lead.


Date: Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 1700 BST.

The webinar is free to attend for all IIAR members. IIAR members in London are also invited to meet iDate in person for this webinar or after for an informal IIAR Café (drinks and self-funded dinner).


UPDATED: post webinar interview

With Soichi Nakajima / Digital Telcos Practice Leader, IDATE DigiWorld with Ludovic Leforestier / IIAR Board.


Check also Soichi’s interview in our IIAR Around In 10 Questions series.

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IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with Gartner Mon, 12 Nov 2018 16:16:36 +0000 Gartner IIAR logosTime to renew your Gartner subscription?

Our members have indicated a few interesting plays by the industry analysis market leader, almost two years after its takeover of CEB. including a continued drive to multi-year contracts and aggressive drive to sell their $150k executives offerings, effectively mirroring the EXP strategy for vendors. Those offerings causing much confusion with users in vendor organisations are Gartner for General Managers, Gartner for Sales Leaders, Gartner for Marketing Leaders, etc.

Following our latest discussion group on the subject, the IIAR is conducting a discussion group for members to exchange the issues they face when being sold bundled products. This will enable members to discuss ways to get the best value without disclosing individual price. IIAR will then present these findings to Gartner for their feedback and help Gartner sales teams improve client satisfaction.

Date: 20th November 2018
Location: webinar > IIAR MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE A PERSONAL DIARY REQUEST and London based members can attend in person > pls fill in form below.
Time: 0700 PST / 1000 EST / 1600 GMT / 1700 CET

Held under the Chatham House Rule the discussion will be strictly confidential and for IIAR members.

Of course, by attending you will not only have the opportunity to give your knowledge and opinions but also gain from that of others and have the advantage to submit questions directly. Let us have a lively discussion, the more of you that join in the better. Attending IIAR Events is free and restricted to AR professionals active members of the IIAR. We know some will try (again), but this session is not open to Gartner reps.

Any queries or if you are a non-member who would like to join this webinar, please do contact

Previous posts:


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[JOB POST] Research Manager, Application Services Research, IDC / London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen or Madrid Thu, 08 Nov 2018 16:08:19 +0000

IDC Europe is looking for a Research Manager to build out its next-generation application services research. The successful candidate will report to the management of IDC European Enterprise Research Group.


In this role, you will be tasked with bringing forward a compelling research agenda around the evolving and next generation application development, testing and deployment services landscape with a European focus.

Essential to this role are:

  • Thought leadership to shape a research agenda around “big mover” topics
  • Customer facing activities including ad hoc meetings and analyst events
  • Output of deliverables such as reports, webcasts and presentations that feed into strategic advisory and go-to-market engagements across Europe.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Already well-established with a broad network in the application services space (vendors and/or buyers)
  • Able to quickly build an internal network with IDC analysts covering complementary areas
  • Working closely with IDC sales and consultants to fulfil projects, help drive business development and support events.


Interested individuals that meet the following minimum requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • Minimum 5-years job experience in marketing, market research, management consulting or market intelligence
  • A domain expert in the custom application development services space, with proven knowledge around application development, testing, deployment (including topics such as Agile, DevOps, Digital Engineering, Automation and Continuous Delivery) and cloud/platform topics
  • Confident and credible manners to lead customer discussions
  • Experience advising how to bring technology to market (e.g. route to markets, pricing, customer segmentation etc.)
  • Versatility in dealing with a broad range of application development lifecycle services topics
  • Excellent team player, able to coordinate research with analysts outside the core team
  • Exceptional communication skills – written and verbal mastery of English required
  • Exposure to European macroeconomics and large IT buyer behaviour
  • Business acumen and appetite to drive business
  • Minimum university or college degree, BA, BSc or equivalent
  • Additional European languages a strong plus

The role will be based out of one of IDC European offices and involve some travel, predominantly within the region.

In addition to a competitive remuneration package, IDC offers the chance to join a research team in the industry’s foremost provider of market intelligence, providing expert advice to major organisations in Europe.

The selection process will take place in several phases, starting with an initial telephone-based discussion before progressing to a formal interview at IDC’s offices.

Click here to apply for this role

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[JOB POST] Research Lead, Services Research, IDC / London, Frankfurt or Copenhagen Wed, 07 Nov 2018 07:58:07 +0000

IDC Europe is looking for a Research Lead to build out its services research. The successful candidate will report to the management of IDC European Enterprise Research Group.

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. With more than 1,100 analysts worldwide, IDC offers global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries.


In this role, you will be tasked with bringing forward a compelling research agenda around the evolving services landscape with a European focus.

Essential to this role are:

  • Thought leadership to shape a research agenda around “big mover” topics
  • Customer facing activities including ad hoc meetings and analyst events
  • Output of deliverables such as reports, webcasts and presentations that feed into strategic advisory and go-to-market engagements across Europe.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Already well-established with a broad network in the IT services space (vendors and/or buyers)
  • Able to quickly build an internal network with IDC analysts covering complementary areas
  • Working closely with IDC sales and consultants to fulfil projects, help drive business development and support events.


 Interested individuals that meet the following minimum requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • Minimum 8-years job experience in marketing, market research, management consulting or market intelligence
  • A domain expert in the enterprise IT space, with proven knowledge around infrastructure hardware/software/cloud topics
  • Confident and credible manners to lead customer discussions
  • Versatility in dealing with a broad range of IT topics
  • Excellent team player, able to coordinate research with analysts outside the core team
  • Exceptional communication skills – written and verbal mastery of English required
  • Business acumen and appetite to drive a P&L
  • Minimum university or college degree, BA, BSc or equivalent

Additional qualifications

  • Staff and P&L management experience
  • Additional European languages a strong plus
  • Exposure to European macroeconomics and large IT buyer behaviour
  • In-depth expertise in at least one infrastructure area (e.g. infrastructure at service providers, hyperconverged, infrastructure software, IoT infrastructure, ITSM, cloud technologies etc.)
  • Experience advising how to bring technology to market (e.g. route to markets, pricing, customer segmentation etc.)

The role will be based out of one of IDC European offices and involve some travel, predominantly within the region.

In addition to a competitive remuneration package, IDC offers the chance to join a research team in the industry’s foremost provider of market intelligence, providing expert advice to major organisations in Europe.

The selection process will take place in several phases, starting with an initial telephone-based discussion before progressing to a formal interview at IDC’s offices.

IDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants and employees are considered for positions and are evaluated without regard to mental or physical disability, handicap, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, ancestry, national origin, age, genetic information, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status or other categories protected by law.

Click here to apply for this role.

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[JOB POST] Senior Research Analyst, Personal Computing Devices, IDC / London, UK Tue, 06 Nov 2018 23:44:14 +0000

IDC’s Personal Computing Devices research group in Europe is looking for a Senior research analyst to support the expansion of its research and business.

This is a highly visible position that requires the candidate to develop cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative research for IDC’s exceptionally diverse base of clients that includes hardware and software vendors and providers of IT services. A successful candidate will be a subject-matter expert on personal computers (notebooks, desktops, workstations and gaming computers), and related technologies, and will have a strong knowledge of distribution and commercial channels. The focus of the role is to develop ongoing syndicated research and custom research for specific projects, as well as be a key quantitative contributor to the IDC Personal Computing Devices Tracker Program.

IDC’s PCD research helps IT Vendors and end users understand the impact of personal devices and emerging technologies on their business plans and execution. These emerging technologies include Cognitive Computing, Robotics, Mobile Systems, Advanced Security, among other leading-edge technologies. We are looking for innovative thinkers to take a dynamic role within the team, promoting and supporting industry-specific IT market research.  Candidates should bring extensive knowledge especially in the analysis of the value and trends of IT investment across industry sectors and among small and medium-sized companies.  The candidate will work with industry leaders to identify and analyze strategic business issues and key use cases for a wide range of technology solutions.

The role is based in London, and will involve some travel, predominantly in Europe but occasionally to other regions.


The Senior research analyst will support and deliver industry and technology research for existing syndicated products – both qualitative and data focused and as part of a global team. The analyst will also support specific consulting projects, based on IDC data and research from different groups within IDC. She/he will add to this with desk research from varied IDC sources enhancing the analysis and data: in some cases, building data models to meet client needs, or to explain or understand market behaviour and trends. Some analysis will require written descriptions, charts, or presentation material, and the analyst might be asked to present in webinars, to clients or to IDC events. The analyst is also expected to build strong relationships with vendors active in these markets, understanding key business and technology issues they face.

Successful candidates will contribute to the team’s cross-industry market research, provide support to custom engagements, respond to client enquiries, and support the sales and marketing teams.  We expect the candidate to build ongoing relationships with vendors, improving the visibility and relevance of IDC’s PCD European research especially IT vendors.


This position calls for someone with a good understanding of the broader ICT ecosystem, experience in working with IT vendors and end user organisations in Western Europe and good exposure to distribution channels in the PC industry.  The analyst will be involved in presenting during webinars and in answering direct enquiries on market trends. She/he has good experience in writing research, and presentation skills.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Strong experience and knowledge of distribution channels in the PC industry.
  • At least 3 years’ experience working in the marketing intelligence team of a leading PC manufacturer, or working for a large IT distributor in Europe; or in a relevant practice at an IT market research or consulting firm.
  • Analytical, enjoys working with numbers and shows a strong attitude to identify key business trends based on quantitative analysis.
  • Outstanding writing skills, able to produce insightful reports based on sound survey or forecast data, providing meaningful recommendations.
  • Experienced knowledge of MSOffice packages. Experience in data modelling and forecasting techniques is an advantage.
  • Prior experience in survey research design, and analysis of key results is useful.
  • Extensive problem-solving skills and positive attitude.
  • Public speaking and good interpersonal communications skills.
  • Good time management and planning skills, ability to conduct several projects in parallel.
  • University BA/MS degree in Business, Economics, or Information Sciences.
  • Professional fluency in written and oral business English is required, and fluency in a second European language would be advantageous.

In addition to a competitive remuneration package, this position offers the successful candidate the opportunity to thrive in the industry’s leading provider of market intelligence, delivering expert solutions to major suppliers of cutting-edge infrastructure solutions.

The selection process will take place in several phases, starting with an initial telephone-based discussion before progressing to a formal interview at IDC’s offices.

Click here to apply for this role


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Join us for the IIAR Café at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona Sat, 03 Nov 2018 10:31:45 +0000

If you are going to the Gartner Symposium 2018, Barcelona, drop in to the IIAR Breakfast and join the discussion on all things AR related with Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn), IIAR Board Member (Chapter Liaison) and Senior Manager Analyst Relations and Market Strategy at Retarus.

We’ll have an update on the IIAR, discuss recent Gartner news and other AR topics.


When: Wednesday November 7th Nov 2016
Time: 08.30am local time
Venue: Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona Hotel, Carrer del Taulat,262-264, 08019 Barcelona, Spain

For registration, please connect with Yvonne Kaupp on site, via Gartner Events Navigator FoApp or with the contact


form below.

Read also: 


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Why should AR pros call CXP Group? Fri, 14 Sep 2018 15:16:58 +0000 Hot on the heels of yesterday’s IIAR Webinar with CXP Group (they’ve dropped “le” to my great chagrin), here’s a quick interview summing-up their coverage areas and why analyst relations (AR) professionals should give them a call. With Yannick Carriou (LinkedIn, @YCarriou), Chairman and CEO and Jean-Christophe Bodhuin (LinkedIn, @JCBodhuin), SVP & UK Managing Director, UK Operations from of CXP Group, interviewed by Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), from the IIAR Board.

IIAR webinar: CXP group from iiar on Vimeo.

Thanks to the CXP executive team for dropping in and treating IIAR members!


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We’ll Miss You Claire Tue, 11 Sep 2018 06:18:12 +0000 Claire Dessaux

It was with great sadness that I heard Claire Dessaux, Managing Vice President, Research Content and Delivery at Gartner, died recently.

Claire struggled with health issues off and on in recent years, but she was still too young to leave us, and her premature death robs the world of a steadfast friend, reliable co-worker, and cheerful presence for those who knew her.

For the analyst relations community, it’s worth taking a moment to mourn her passing even for those who didn’t know her, as we lost a key advocate in Claire. In her role at Gartner, Claire pushed for more transparency, predictability, and communications with vendors. Longtime, experienced Gartner analysts would grumble about how Gartner management continues to mechanize research, making it increasingly templatized and fungible, but Claire understood the need for consistency, scalability, and getting away from the “prima donna analyst” that plagued Gartner pre-Gene Hall.

This was likely due to the fact that prior to joining Gartner, Claire had spent nearly a decade in analyst relations at one of the industry’s leading software vendors. Claire knew what it was like to be at a vendor and arguing with the world’s most powerful market researcher. She deeply understood vendor concerns and helped institute reforms that improved Gartner and bettered vendor relations. It’s telling that when you look at her LinkedIn profile, analyst relations was the first thing she put in her personal description. She loved the art and science of analyst relations and was a credit to our profession.

Gartner had her last, but she was one of ours.


Peggy O’Neill (@PegONeillLinkedIn) is Vice President, Industry Analyst Relations at Informatica

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IIAR Webinar: Le CXP Group, a European powerhouse? Tue, 04 Sep 2018 21:28:29 +0000 CXP Group logo (IIAR website)Over the past few months, the analyst community has been experiencing an array of changes, with many analyst departures and career moves shaking up the status quo. As we come back to work and the summer days fade into autumn, there’s no better time to catch-up with analyst firms and understand what has changed, what’s to come and exactly how their services can support AR pros and their programmes.

On Thursday 13th September at 1600 BST we will be discussing this and more with Yannick Carriou (LinkedIn, @YCarriou), Chairman and CEO of the CXP Group who will be providing a deep-dive on CXP Group and PAC, as well as addressing the acquisition of Ardour, a move that was widely discussed in the industry.

Le CXP Group is has a fascinating and long history, now englobing PAC (Pierre Audoin Conseil), BARCBerlecon and Ardour. It now combines end-user and vendor advisory, market sizing and analysis and now consulting services.
In this webinar, we’ll explore whether Le CXP is a credible local alternative to the Gartner-ogre and challengers Forrester, IDC and IHS. We’ll also probe how analyst relation professionals can leverage this extensive presence and dive deeper in the Ardour acquisition.
Yannick will be joined by Jean-Christophe Bodhuin (LinkedIn, @JCBodhuin), SVP & UK Managing Director, UK Operations, PAC UK and Nick Mayes (LinkedIn@Nick_Mayes), Research Director at PAC UK for the Q&A.


The session will be run by Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), from the IIAR Board and Julia Pope (LinkedIn, @iulia_g_popa).


The webinar is free to attend for IIAR members and will take place on Thursday 13th September at 1600 BST.
IIAR members in London are also invited to meet Le CXP in person for this webinar or after for an informal IIAR Café (drinks and self-funded dinner).


To register please fill-in your details below


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