IIAR News – Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) https://analystrelations.org The IIAR is a not-for-profit organisation established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers. Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:33:20 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 76177372 Duncan Brown returns to IDC (again) https://analystrelations.org/2020/03/03/duncan-brown-returns-to-idc/ https://analystrelations.org/2020/03/03/duncan-brown-returns-to-idc/#comments Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:15:35 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=314177 Duncan Brown has returned to IDC in a significant new role within the EMEA organization, after 16 months with a vendor. As newly appointed Vice President, European Enterprise Research, Brown (LinkedIn / @duncanwbrown) takes on a 40-plus strong analyst team including Software, Services, Accelerated App Delivery (AccAD), Artificial Intelligence, Channels and Ecosystems.

IDC’s Duncan Brown

It’s a broad remit in a newly created role. London-based Brown reports to Chief Analyst Phil Carter in Munich. The European Enterprise Research team includes practice leads Neil Ward-Dutton (AI), Philip Carnelley (software), Carla Arend (cloud), Margaret Adam (services & channel) and Jen Thomson (accelerated application delivery). Notably, Brown is not taking over the strong Cyber-Security practice he helped build during his last tenure at IDC, between June 2015 and October 2018. This remains under the stewardship of Dominic Trott, now “firmly established” and who continues to report to Carter.

Brown is focused on “driving the ‘new’” and one of the areas under the microscope is Ecosystems – essentially merging channels and services research. He will also be working closely with Marta Muñoz across IDC’s research areas on digital society impact assessment, covering ethics, diversity and sustainability.

“We all need to get our heads around the extent that IT purchasing decisions are being driven by sustainability, and how they fit into a broader digital society – which is close to becoming a major consideration,” he comments.

With a wry smile, Brown acknowledges that it’s his “third and final” stint at IDC, noting that he’s “signed in blood this time”. He says a stint at vendor Forcepoint helped deepen his understanding of the analyst advisory landscape and provided a sharper view of the competitive positioning of IDC versus rival analyst firms.

Missing the “wider perspective” was a key driver for his return to an analyst role, which he describes as his “natural habitat”. As VP European Enterprise Research, Brown is placing a strong focus on team development and thought leadership, and will work with sales, marketing and consulting to help build IDC’s European business.

Our take: Brown’s departure for a vendor was a big loss for IDC – although his previous role was quickly and ably filled by Dom Trott. This new role – especially with its focus on what’s new – means Brown has a much wider remit, backed by a wide range of resources from the analyst teams within his organization. Maintaining that strategic view to provide future-facing insights will help make IDC more relevant to the C-suite.

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This post originally appeared on Destrier’s blog.

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Introducing our new UK Chapter Co-lead: Anja Steinmann https://analystrelations.org/2019/10/29/introducing-our-new-uk-chapter-co-lead-anja-steinmann/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/10/29/introducing-our-new-uk-chapter-co-lead-anja-steinmann/#respond Tue, 29 Oct 2019 16:16:26 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=311659
Anja Steinmann / IIAR UK Chapter Co-Lead

I am extremely pleased to announce Anja Steinmann (LinkedIn, @AnjaSteinmann) as the new IIAR UK Chapter Co-lead. Anja is currently part of the Global Analyst & Consultant Relations team at BT and a seasoned AR pro, with a breadth of experience working in-house and as a freelancer in AR, media relations and marketing.  Besides having worked in the IT industry most of her career, Anja is also an entrepreneur, having leased and re-launched a restaurant in her home country Germany. 

She has kindly been supporting IIAR activities over the past few months and is a true team player. 

In addition to her vast experience and great relationships with the analyst and AR community, Anja brings a fresh perspective to the IIAR UK Chapter and I am excited to work closely with her to reshape our UK chapter activities in the coming months! Her main goal for the IIAR is to encourage more networking opportunities for our members which is something that we’ll work towards in 2020 so stay tuned. 

Please join me in welcoming Anja to the IIAR!  

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Party: IIAR Christmas Networking Party 2019 celebrating the Analyst of the year and the Analyst Firm of the year https://analystrelations.org/2019/10/27/have-yourself-a-merry-little-christmas-party-iiar-christmas-networking-party-2019-celebrating-the-analyst-of-the-year-and-the-analyst-firm-of-the-year/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/10/27/have-yourself-a-merry-little-christmas-party-iiar-christmas-networking-party-2019-celebrating-the-analyst-of-the-year-and-the-analyst-firm-of-the-year/#comments Sun, 27 Oct 2019 19:08:13 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=311656
IIAR London Christmas Networking Party 2019 - Sponsored by HCL

Sponsored by HCL Technologies 

We are very excited to announce the date of our famous Christmas Networking Party which will celebrate the outstanding results that analysts and analyst firms have delivered when collaborating with AR professionals: the IIAR> Analyst, Firm, New Analyst and Client Partner Of the Year 2019 will be announced.

The event is kindly sponsored this year by HCL Technologies.

Join us in Central London for a festive evening of drinks, canapés, and networking, with leading industry analysts and analyst relations peers alike.

Date: 27th November 2019

Time: 1830 – 2230 GMT

Where: Central London 

This event is free for IIAR Members and Industry Analysts. We have limited capacity as this event is increasingly popular, yet we want to keep it intimate.

IIAR members should register using the link which will be sent by email on Tuesday 29th and apply their code. Check your spam folder and contact us if you need help.

Analysts can get a priority ticket from IIAR Members or register for the wait list here.

If you are not an IIAR Member but are a bona fide AR professional and would like to attend, you may purchase a ticket or join as a member on the EventBrite page. Tickets may be purchased but are subject to approval by the IIAR.

Invitations with the exact address will be sent after approval of each attendee by the IIAR board.

Register now! We have limited capacity and for security reasons we will only be able to accept guests registered 24h before the event with a personal confirmation.

For any questions, fill in the form below.

We would like to thank HCL Technologies for sponsoring our 2019 event and for helping us to celebrate key AR industry achievements and to create networking opportunities for AR professionals and analysts in the UK.

Register / buy tickets now!

Either click on the button below for a pop-up form or scroll to go to the correct ticket type in the embedded form below.

Any questions?


https://analystrelations.org/2019/10/27/have-yourself-a-merry-little-christmas-party-iiar-christmas-networking-party-2019-celebrating-the-analyst-of-the-year-and-the-analyst-firm-of-the-year/feed/ 3 311656
The IIAR board welcomes Andrew Hsu and Simon Jones https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/04/the-iiar-board-board-welcomes-andrew-hsu-and-simon-jones/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/04/the-iiar-board-board-welcomes-andrew-hsu-and-simon-jones/#respond Tue, 04 Jun 2019 22:29:03 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=301589 Andrew Hsu and Simon Jones, IIAR Board MembersFollowing elections in May 2019, the IIAR is proud to present two new members who have joined the IIAR Board. Please help us welcome Andrew Hsu and Simon Jones, for a two year term starting on the 1st June 2019.

Thanks to outgoing board members and in particular to Suzannah Archibald for her dedication to supporting the transition to our new community manager.

Finally, we’d like to welcome Deepak George (LinkedIn) as our new community manager. Please reach out to him using the contact form here.

Andrew Hsu / Spotlight AR for the IIAR Website Andrew Hsu (@andrew0hsu, LinkedIn), is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Spotlight AR based in Kansas City, USA.

He will oversee the IIAR programme of events, seek to grow the IIAR’s US base and contribute to the content agenda.

Simon Jones, IIAR German Chapter co-lead Simon Jones (@SimonDestrier, LinkedIn) is Managing Partner at Destrier AR, based in Munich, Germany. He is the new IIAR Board Member in charge of Membership and Operations.

Simon is committed to focusing on the IIAR’s mission of enhancing the awareness, image and practice of the analyst relations profession globally, by aligning with and supporting the needs of AR professionals.

One of his highest priorities is to establish an IIAR chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area, so Simon would like to hear from rainmakers who are interested in bringing AR professionals together on the West Coast.

Simon will continue to be the German Chapter Co-lead

Link to all IIAR posts by Simon.


IIAR Board elections are held every two years, unless unanimous and exceptional decision. All active (fully paid-up) IIAR members are entitled to vote in elections.

The election was organised by an independent IIAR volunteer, and was held fairly, in a process that was transparent to members.

The full line up of our new board is:


The IIAR board is composed of volunteers, collectively responsible for proactively supporting the IIAR’s mission, which is to enhance the awareness, image and practice of the analyst relations profession on a global basis.

See the rest of the team in the local IIAR Chapters.

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Ask not what the IIAR can do for you….. https://analystrelations.org/2019/05/10/ask-not-what-the-iiar-can-do-for-you/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/05/10/ask-not-what-the-iiar-can-do-for-you/#respond Fri, 10 May 2019 15:04:37 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=295145

No doubt you are well aware of how that phrase finishes but I am sure you are aware of the purpose of this post – becoming an IIAR Board Member. If you have ever wondered what you can do for the IIAR then becoming a board member is a great way to shape the direction of analyst relations globally, learn new skills, work with some great people and you have until 1700 BST on Wednesday 15th May 2019 to take that chance.

It might sound corny but those who give gain more than they think as they have the satisfaction of helping others as well as their appreciation too. Besides which taking a hands on role such as a IIAR Board role means you become a leader and inspire others, additionally you create connections that last a lifetime and your position will mean senior people you may have been unable to speak to in the past will be keen to speak to you!


With all of the above in mind there are TWO great IIAR Board openings that you can apply for:

  • membership and operations
  • events


If you are looking to sharpen your business development skills then the membership and operations role is for you. On the other hand if your role currently involves organising events – analyst summits or roundtables are likely to be something you have plenty of experience with – then this is a board position you should consider.


Apart from your passion, flair, know-how and drive you will need to


  • Be a practitioner in analyst relations or related disciplines such as sourcing advisory relations, in-house or in an agency.
  • Have been an IIAR member in good standing for a minimum of one year (continuously and immediately preceding the election).
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to the IIAR for at least 12 months, in addition to being a member, with contributions to the community (e.g. running a chapter or specialist group, organising a meeting or webinar, writing a paper, regularly contributing original content to the blog with over 3 posts in the 12 months preceding the election)


If you are not sure if you fit the bill do bear in mind that we’re also looking for local chapter leads too which is a great stepping stone to being on the Board. The IIAR Board reserves the right to allow exceptions to the eligibility criteria in exceptional circumstances and subject to unanimous approval by the IIAR Board. You So don’t be shy or leave to others, be bold and take an opportunity that will enhance your skills as well shape the future of Analyst Relations in the year ahead.

Check your email as we’ve sent a comms to all members this week. You can also contact elections at analystrelations dot org to apply or reach out to any board members below for more information.


The IIAR Board

Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn), Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) and Aniruddho Mukherjee (@aniruddho, LinkedIn).

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Three new members join the board of the IIAR https://analystrelations.org/2018/07/09/three-new-members-join-the-board-of-the-iiar/ https://analystrelations.org/2018/07/09/three-new-members-join-the-board-of-the-iiar/#respond Mon, 09 Jul 2018 09:28:57 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=239460 The IIAR is pleased to present the addition of three new members to the IIAR Board as a result of this years’ elections held in June.

Please help us welcome Beth, Suzannah and Aniruddho to the IIAR Board, for terms that run from July 1, 2018 through to June 30, 2020.

Suzannah Archibald / IIAR Board Member Suzannah Archibald (@suzannah_a,  LinkedIn), is head of analyst relations at CCgroup and based in London. She will oversee operations and membership.

Suzannah’s main goal as a board member will be to ensure the IIAR continues to improve each year and to address and exceed the needs, questions and expectations of all members. She is actively engaged on social and digital channels.

Link to all posts by Suzannah

Aniruddho Mukherjee / IIAR Board Aniruddho Mukherjee (@aniruddho, LinkedIn), is the Head of AR and Branding, Europe for HCL Technologies out of London. He is the new IIAR Treasurer.

Ani is committed to make the IIAR the voice of AR professionals globally and to create an IIAR India Chapter. He’ll create new content for beginner as well as for advanced AR professionals. Ani is helps showcase analyst relations as a strategic part of the marketing function.

Link to all posts by Aniruddho

Beth Torrie / IIAR Board Member and Associate Vice President – Analyst & Advisor Relations at Cybage Beth Torrie (@bethtorrieLinkedIn) is Associate Vice President – Analyst & Advisor Relations at Cybage and lives in North Carolina (USA). She’ll drive Content and Events.

Beth bings 18 Years of Analyst Relations Experience she’ll support our community by writing, speaking and sharing best practices, collaborating, networking and sharing opportunities.


IIAR Board elections are held every two years. All active (fully paid-up) IIAR members are entitled to vote in elections.

The election was organised by an independent IIAR volunteer, and was held fairly, in a process that was transparent to members.

The full line up of our new board is:


The IIAR board is collectively responsible for proactively supporting the IIAR’s mission, which is to enhance the awareness, image and practice of the analyst relations profession on a global basis.

You can find out more about our new board members here.


Local Chapters

Julia Pope / IIAR UK Chapter LeadAlso announced today: Julia Pope (LinkedIn, @iulia_g_popa), is now the IIAR UK Chapter lead.

Click on her picture to read all the posts by Julia.

See the list of our chapters here.

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Wrap-up: IIAR Germany 2018 kick-off https://analystrelations.org/2018/02/12/wrap-up-iiar-germany-2018-kick-off/ https://analystrelations.org/2018/02/12/wrap-up-iiar-germany-2018-kick-off/#respond Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:09:32 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=223256 IIAR German Chapter meeting at Restaurant Ella, MunichA few inches of snow in the deep midwinter in Munich didn’t stop the 2018 IIAR German chapter kick-off from going ahead, with six intrepid AR professionals getting together to exchange news, views and the occasional snippet of gossip – under Chatham House rules, of course.

Hosted by IIAR Germany chapter leads Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn) and Simon Jones (@simondestrierLinkedIn), the networking event was focused on the topic of “how to run an effective inquiry”, with IIAR members and guests (our “prospective members”) sharing best practice and experiences. One point which came through loud and clear is that everyone is nervous about running their first analyst inquiry calls – usually related to having enough questions to ask in a 30-minute call.

Expert opinion from the other side of the table was on hand, with Munich-based Gartner analyst Fabio Di Capua (@fabiodik, LinkedIn) joining the networking evening. The simple answer is: Don’t worry – you don’t necessarily need to use the whole 30 minutes – and if you run out of time, you can always book another one. One key tip for AR professionals: Always be generous in providing stars for your analyst inquiries, because your analyst contacts will appreciate it!

The get-together kicked off a busy year ahead for the IIAR in Germany – watch this space for details of a networking event in Berlin, and save the date for the IIAR Germany beer garden get-together in Munich on June 7, from 1700 CET.

New sign-ups for the growing IIAR Germany membership are welcome – or contact us for details using the form below. You can even join the IIAR via credit card.


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https://analystrelations.org/2018/02/12/wrap-up-iiar-germany-2018-kick-off/feed/ 0 223256
IIAR Webinar: the state of Advisor Relations: Europe (1 Feb) – Rescheduled https://analystrelations.org/2018/01/08/iiar-webinar-the-state-of-advisor-relations-europe-1-feb-rescheduled/ https://analystrelations.org/2018/01/08/iiar-webinar-the-state-of-advisor-relations-europe-1-feb-rescheduled/#respond Mon, 08 Jan 2018 10:38:30 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=215707 IIAR Sourcing Advisory GroupWith profound and rapid changes taking place in the Outsourcing Services industry, what does the present and future look like for the sourcing advisory firms and those executives who manage relations with advisors. ISG estimates 30+ new Advisor Relations positions for 2018. One of the feeding grounds for Advisor Relations is Analyst Relations. Roles are morphing into “Influencer Relations” positions.

Don’t miss out, register today for this rescheduled event. Note this event is free for IIAR Members and is restricted to Advisor and Analyst Relations Professionals only. All attendees will need to register with a company email address and will also be required to identify themselves upon dialing in. IIAR non-members can pay £25 to join the call.


State of Advisor Relations: Europe – February 1st at 1600 GMT / 1100 EST

Join IIAR moderator Ed Gyurko / Advisor Relations Consultant (LinkedIn, @edgyurko), and panelists:

  • Paul Reynolds / Partner Provider Services, Chief Research Officer, ISG (LinkedIn, @PaulLReynolds)
  • Caroline Mackrill / Advisor Relations UK and Nordics, Infosys (LinkedIn)
  • Minna Metsala / Head of Advisor Relations Nordics, Capgemini (LinkedIn)
  • Ben Waterston / Director – Advisor Programme, HCL (LinkedIn)


Click here to register (need to register well in advance) and there to buy your ticket if you’re not already an IIAR member.

Click here for details on how to join the SAR and the IIAR or just click below to get your membership.


The IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations) has created a Sourcing Advisory Relations (SAR) Working Group, led by Wendy Shlensky / VP Analyst and Advisor Relations, HGS (LinkedIn, @WLS26) and Ed Gyurko (LinkedIn, @edgyurko). The goal of this workgroup is to provide education and networking for analyst & advisor relations professionals. The IIAR (analystrelations.org) is a not-for-profit organisation established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers.

If you have any queries on this event please use the contact form below to contact Ed.


Read also:



https://analystrelations.org/2018/01/08/iiar-webinar-the-state-of-advisor-relations-europe-1-feb-rescheduled/feed/ 0 215707
IIAR Webinar: the state of Advisor Relations: Europe (13 Dec) and North America (14 Dec) https://analystrelations.org/2017/12/06/iiar-webinar-the-state-of-advisor-relations-europe-13-dec-and-north-america-14-dec/ https://analystrelations.org/2017/12/06/iiar-webinar-the-state-of-advisor-relations-europe-13-dec-and-north-america-14-dec/#respond Wed, 06 Dec 2017 09:45:06 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=211705 IIAR Sourcing Advisory GroupWith profound and rapid changes taking place in the Outsourcing Services industry, what does the present and future look like for the sourcing advisory firms and those executives who manage relations with advisors. ISG estimates 30+ new Advisor Relations positions for 2018. One of the feeding grounds for Advisor Relations is Analyst Relations.  Roles are morphing into “Influencer Relations” positions.

To this end, IIAR (International Institute of Analyst Relations) has created a Sourcing Advisory Relations (SAR) Working Group, led by Wendy Shlensky / VP Analyst and Advisor Relations, HGS (LinkedIn, @WLS26)  and  Ed Gyurko (LinkedIn, @edgyurko).  The goal of this workgroup is to provide education and networking for analyst & advisor relations professionals.

To kick things off the SAR will host two teleconferences.

Don’t miss out, register today. Note this event is free for IIAR Members and is restricted to Advisor and Analyst Relations Professionals only. All attendees will need to register with a company email address and will also be required to identify themselves upon dialing in. IIAR non-members can pay £25  to join the call.

State of Advisor Relations: Europe – December 13th at 1600 GMT / 1100 EST

Join IIAR moderator Ed Gyurko / Advisor Relations Consultant (LinkedIn, @edgyurko),  and panelists:

  • Paul Reynolds / Partner Provider Services, Chief Research Officer, ISG (LinkedIn, @PaulLReynolds)
  • Caroline Mackrill / Advisor Relations UK and Nordics, Infosys (LinkedIn)
  • Minna Metsala / Head of Advisor Relations Nordics, Capgemini (LinkedIn)
  • Ben Waterston / Director – Advisor Programme, HCL (LinkedIn)

Click here to register (need to register well in advance) and there to buy your ticket if you’re not already an IIAR member.

State of Advisor Relations: North America – December 14th at 4pm GMT/11am EST

Join IIAR moderator Wendy Shlensky / VP Analyst and Advisor Relations, HGS (LinkedIn, @WLS26) and panelists:

  • Paul Reynolds / Partner Provider Services, Chief Research Officer, ISG (LinkedIn, @PaulLReynolds)
  • Joe Hogan / VP and Head of Global Advisory and Analyst Relations, HCL (LinkedIn, @Irishczech)
  • Maureen Barry / Head of Advisor Relations, IBM (LinkedIn, @BarryMH)
  • Mark Noller / Senior Global Sourcing Manager, Infosys (LinkedIn)

Click here for registration and and there to buy your ticket if you’re not an IIAR member.



Click here for details on how to join the SAR and the IIAR or just click below to get your membership.

If you have any queries on this event please use the contact form below to contact Ed and Wendy.


The IIAR (analystrelations.org) is a not-for-profit organisation established to raise awareness of analyst relations and the value of industry analysts, promote best practice amongst analyst relations professionals, enhance communication between analyst firms and vendors, and offer opportunities for AR practitioners to network with their industry peers.



https://analystrelations.org/2017/12/06/iiar-webinar-the-state-of-advisor-relations-europe-13-dec-and-north-america-14-dec/feed/ 0 211705
Who’s really shaping the digital future? https://analystrelations.org/2016/02/26/whos-really-shaping-the-digital-future/ https://analystrelations.org/2016/02/26/whos-really-shaping-the-digital-future/#respond Fri, 26 Feb 2016 09:49:59 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=101533 Professor Neil Pollock looks at the role industry analysts play in creating today’s markets and asks: Who is shaping this dynamic digital world?…

Neil Pollock IIAR

The words digital economy conjure images of young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs breaking moulds in a world where technology is disruptive. But could the reality be much more mundane and mercantile?

When Facebook released Facebook at work early last year, the social networking Goliath laid a huge challenge at the feet of LinkedIn, a powerful incumbent that had until then dominated its corner of the market.

The market segment in question, Social Software in the Workplace, was recently identified as distinct from the wider social media marketplace by Gartner Inc.

At first glance this seems to emphasize the sheer unstoppable energy of markets for the future digital economy — with the proliferation of not only products but entire product categories. For example, Gartner has identified several new sub-markets developing around Social Media technologies in the last couple of years. But could this explosion of new segments have a different source? Dig a little deeper and Gartner’s role appears highly significant.

For more than 30 years, Gartner has been telling the business world what’s the next thing in technology. Its analysis works by listing recognised players operating in a new field and depicting them in its (in)famous graphical ranking – the Magic Quadrant.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is central to the firm’s success and a large part of how it’s managed to retain its 30% share of the $4 bn annual market for industry analysis. But while it may be described as amongst the most important and influential pieces of business research produced today, it has (at least) one serious flaw.Magic Quadrant

Having used the system for more than three decades, Gartner knows just the right number of vendors to depict to construct a graphic decision-makers find useful — somewhere between 10 and 25. This ‘beautiful picture’ — as the firm’s analysts have taken to calling it — gives CIOs just enough information to gain an ‘at a glance’ understanding of what’s going on in the market without rendering further advice from Gartner redundant.

The trouble is, what happens when there are hundreds rather than tens of players in a given segment? How does Gartner create its MQ picture then? As one of the firm’s analysts recently explained “…graphically you can, […] we’ve done it, you have 100 dots on the chart but its unreadable. It is just garbage.”

So when they were faced with a Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software which looked ‘too cluttered’ to be a meaningful analytic tool for CIOs, the analysts decided they’d break it into smaller pieces.

Thus three new market segments – Social Software in the Workplace, Externally Facing Social Software, and Social CRM – were born. And with them came three more aesthetically pleasing, marketable Magic Quadrants.

Let’s be clear in what we’re saying here. Some of the most important and high profile market segments of the digital economy were created not as a result of processes of technological innovation or product differentiation but to compensate for the limitations of Gartner’s signature research product.

Let us call the new segments that Gartner create “prosthetic markets” to distinguish from those market areas where there are real, organic relationships between vendors and adopter communities. We don’t know exactly how many of its 320 or so Magic Quadrants are prosthetic as opposed to real, but the fieldwork we’ve conducted during the past ten years suggests it’s likely to be quite a few.

Power of the Magic Quadrant

Power of the Magic Quadrant

Nor are Gartner alone in the practice. Its main rival Forrester also configures new markets around the constraints of its Forrester Wave — where it depicts around seven to 10 vendors. And given there are now as many as 700 analyst firms producing influential research on the digital economy, it may be these prosthetic markets are more prevalent than we think.

These interventions aren’t trivial. There is lots of evidence to suggest that they ultimately shape the process of innovation and product development that constitutes the digital economy.

Thankfully many of the savvy tech firms seem to recognise this. But with Facebook at Work, Facebook could easily end up losing out if it isn’t careful.

Not only is its entry late, it seems surprisingly unaware that its new battleground has in many respects been made up, meaning the dynamics of this segment could be very different those found in a more organic marketplace.

It is clear industry analysts are making their mark on the digital future in ways most commentators have yet to fully realise. What is most remarkable is not only how quickly these firms have been able to establish influence over markets and tech vendors, but on what this power appears to rest.

The digital economy is being shaped not simply by the supply and demand of traditional market economics. But it’s also being driven by — as one former analyst recently suggested to me — what needs to be done to keep industry analysts “in the game.”


Neil Pollock (Linkedin, @neilpollock, bio) is Professor of Innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School and a member of the IIAR board.book cover

His book, How Industry Analysts Shape the Digital Future, co-authored with Professor Robin Williams (Linkedin), is available now.

Thanks to IIAR members Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) and Duncan Chapple (Linkedin, @DuncanChapple) for helpful comments on this blog post.



All previous posts on the Gartner Magic Quadrant (and more)

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Meet the 2016 IIAR board https://analystrelations.org/2015/12/24/the-2016-iiar-board-is-here-to-serve-buzzmethod-yvekaupp-lludovic-neilpollock-robert_desouza-archat-arforum-arcouncil/ https://analystrelations.org/2015/12/24/the-2016-iiar-board-is-here-to-serve-buzzmethod-yvekaupp-lludovic-neilpollock-robert_desouza-archat-arforum-arcouncil/#respond Thu, 24 Dec 2015 15:58:34 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=100923 IIAR Logo SmallTo ensure continuity in the new year, the IIAR board opted to open two positions for 2016, to replace Debleena Paul and John Gallaher who both wished to step down.

The board would like to thank them for their support in 2015 and is looking forward to John and Debleena’s continued engagement.

Two candidates have stepped forward for those positions and therefore were confirmed immediately. From January, the new board for the next 12 months is presented below. IIAR members can see their full submissions here on Huddle.

The board also committed to reform the institute’s governance in 2016, to allow better members participation, minimise disruption and reinforce accountability.

 Dominic Pannell Dominic Pannell (@buzzmethodLinkedIn) Director, Industry Analysts and Advisors EMEA at Unisys. Location: London.
Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn) Analyst & Sourcing Advisor Relations at Retarus. Location: Munich.
Ludovic Leforestier Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), Director Thought Leadership & Influencer Relations at BearingPoint. Location: London.
 Neil Pollock IIAR  Neil Pollock (@neilpollock, LinkedIn), Professor of Innovation and Social Informatics University of Edinburgh. Location: Edinburgh.
Robert De Souza (@robert_desouza, LinkedIn) Director – Advisor Relations at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Location: London.

The board would also like to thank the chapter leads and is looking forward to working with them in 2016:

  • UK chapter: Neil Pollock, Aniruddho Mukherjee and Michael Rennett
  • US Chapter: Alyssa Gilmore
  • German Chapter: Yvonne Kaupp and Simon Jones

And of course, our thanks to the IIAR staff:

  • Ann Maisey, IIAR Secretary -with special thanks for organising the election process
  • Trevor Howard and Jacqueline McCouat, IIAR Community Managers (in succession)

The IIAR Community Manager role is still open as Jacqui, who took over from Trevor in 2015, stepped down.


Past IIAR boards:

https://analystrelations.org/2015/12/24/the-2016-iiar-board-is-here-to-serve-buzzmethod-yvekaupp-lludovic-neilpollock-robert_desouza-archat-arforum-arcouncil/feed/ 0 100923
IIAR Jingle Bells c/o Dell https://analystrelations.org/2014/12/20/iiar-jingle-bells-co-dell/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/12/20/iiar-jingle-bells-co-dell/#respond Sat, 20 Dec 2014 15:54:40 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=74930 dell-blue_spot hi-resWith nearly 150 Analysts and AR Professionals confirmed to attend on the night, the 9th December, it seemed as though all arrived together to share a glass (or two, or three, or more) at the IIAR Christmas Party. The private room at the Convent Garden hostelry, complete with roaring fire and Christmas decorations was, at times, full to bursting. Never the less, a good time was had  by all who attended and the “free bar” (kindly sponsored by Dell) lasted all evening. Here are a few words, provided by our sponsor …

From a Dell perspective, the evening provided a fantastic networking opportunity in a fun and festive setting. The impressive turnout and the wide variety of analysts and AR professionals in attendance, created the ideal environment to catch up with existing analyst connections as well as establish new relationships with the ever-growing EMEA analyst community. 2014 has certainly been a busy year for all and the IIAR Christmas drinks were a great way to celebrate the successes of the year as we look towards an exciting 2015.

Dell also provided a fantastic tablet computer for the prize draw. The lucky winner was Peter Hall, Principal  Analyst at Ovum.

For those who missed the evening – and who attended, here are a few pictures, some taken before the crowd fully developed !

Here’s to another great IIAR Party and may we wish everyone a Fantastic Festive Holiday and a Prosperous New Year !!



https://analystrelations.org/2014/12/20/iiar-jingle-bells-co-dell/feed/ 0 74930
IIAR Election Results – The New 2015 Board https://analystrelations.org/2014/12/17/iiar-election-results-the-new-2015-board/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/12/17/iiar-election-results-the-new-2015-board/#respond Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:45:11 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=74809 IIAR Logo SmallThe IIAR is delighted to announce the election results of its new Board Members for 2015. Following a transitional board meetings in January the new board will be effective for 12 months.

  Debleena Paul (@Debleena_Paul, LinkedInIndustry Analyst Relations Lead at SapientNitro Europe: Location, UK.
Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn) Analyst & Sourcing Advisor Relations at T-Systems International. Location, France.
Ludovic Leforestier Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), AR Director – firm wide at BearingPoint. Location, UK
John Gallagher (LinkedIn), Director at Brunswick Group. Location: San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Robert De Souza (@robert_desouza) Director – Advisor Relations at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Location, UK.

Congratulations to each of the new Board Members! The new Board’s aim is to take the IIAR forward on its path towards growing into becoming a truly global organization and support members in meeting their wishes, objectives and career goals over the coming year.

The new Board will have their first meeting early next year. In the meantime IIAR members can find out more about each Board member’s goals for the institute by clicking here.

Many thanks to the outgoing board for their hard work:

  • Alyssa Gilmore – Bloomberg LP
  • Simon Levin – The Skills Connections
  • Bill Reed – St Cross Group
  • Yash Khanna – TCS

Finally, thanks to Neil Pollock, Aniruddho Mukherjee and Michael Rennett for also standing as IIAR Board candidates (we are sure to call on you in 2015 for your assistance) and to Ann Maisey (IIAR Secretary) and Trevor Howard (IIAR Community Manager) for organising and running the election process.

https://analystrelations.org/2014/12/17/iiar-election-results-the-new-2015-board/feed/ 0 74809
“Wet Paint” ~ Refreshed IIAR Website https://analystrelations.org/2014/10/03/wet-paint-refreshed-iiar-website/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/10/03/wet-paint-refreshed-iiar-website/#respond Fri, 03 Oct 2014 14:55:01 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=49411 Refresh_1The IIAR is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed, fully refreshed, version of this IIAR Blog/Website, which goes live over this weekend, (4th and 5th, October 2014). Hopefully the transition will be smooth and the IIAR web presence will have a fresh new look over this weekend. Please excuse interruption in normal service during the change-over and any “construction in progress” pages, they will be updated soon. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact us at info (at) analystrelations (dot) org

We hope you like it ! 

https://analystrelations.org/2014/10/03/wet-paint-refreshed-iiar-website/feed/ 0 49411
The IIAR UK Summer Networking event is back in 2014: Bigger and Better than ever! https://analystrelations.org/2014/06/26/the-iiar-uk-summer-networking-event-is-back-bigger-and-better-than-ever-2/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/06/26/the-iiar-uk-summer-networking-event-is-back-bigger-and-better-than-ever-2/#comments Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:54:27 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=18078 IIAR Summer Party 2014 at The Grange, LondonFor this year’s IIAR 2014 Summer Party and Networking Event we have exclusive use of a stunning penthouse bar overlooking London (right next to St Paul’s Cathedral). With 80+ analysts attending (and growing), no queuing for one-on-one meetings and drinks plus food all evening why endure the conference scene?

When: 15th July 2014 at 5pm (UK) until late

Where: Central London overlooking St Pauls. Free for IIAR Members, register (here). £75 for non-members, fully redeemable against membership. Full details here.

https://analystrelations.org/2014/06/26/the-iiar-uk-summer-networking-event-is-back-bigger-and-better-than-ever-2/feed/ 1 18078
First German IIAR Stammtisch kicks off https://analystrelations.org/2014/06/17/first-german-iiar-stammtisch-kicks-off/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/06/17/first-german-iiar-stammtisch-kicks-off/#respond Tue, 17 Jun 2014 09:39:16 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=17133 The first German IIAR Stammtisch will kick off on Tuesday, 24th June, at 5pm CET at Cordobar, located in the famous Glockenback district of downtown Munich on, at Ickstattstraße 1a.

This is a must-attend event for Analyst Relations professionals working in Germany, or with German-focused analysts. The IIAR is building a community of AR pros in Germany and we’re getting together to network and discuss German-specific elements of AR.

As experienced organisers of analyst briefings and events, we know it’s always important to check for clashing events – and to work around these. That’s why we have picked a venue with a big screen, so that after some AR-related networking, we can watch the live football – and with Costa Rica Vs England and Italy Vs Uruguay, it promises to be an exciting night.

Our key interest is to offer a platform for exchange and discussion on AR in and out of Germany, in a enjoyable and fun atmosphere. That’s why, before the World Cup matches kick off, we want to give everyone the chance to introduce themselves to the biggest ever dedicated gathering of AR professionals in Germany, and to make sure everyone’s “on the ball”, we’ll give you a chance to share your experience, views, questions, expectations, and of course your goals.

IIAR Germany organizers Simon Jones (LinkedIn, @MrNesjo), Horst Kuchling (LinkedIn, @hkurchling) and Yvonne Kaupp (LinkedIn, @YveKaupp) will also present on the opportunities and challenges of Analyst Relations serving the German market . And if you are not yet an IIAR member, you will have the opportunity to learn about the IIAR organization, its objectives and activities. There will of course be enough time for questions and answers.

If you come along, please be prepared to enjoy some tapas and drinks in our host venue, the Cordobar. If you’d like to attend this event please respond to Trevor Howard (IIAR Community Manager): trevor at analystrelations dot org.

IIAR Events are free to attend for all IIAR Members, which in itself is a good reason for joining the IIAR. There will be a limited number of places for non-members, please pass this invite onto your AR colleagues in Germany and ask them to register using the FORM below. We are looking forward to your participation in a fantastic first German IIAR Stammtisch event.

We are looking forward to your participation in a fantastic first German IIAR Stammtisch event.


Previous posts:



https://analystrelations.org/2014/06/17/first-german-iiar-stammtisch-kicks-off/feed/ 0 17133 48.12965 11.567569 48.12965 11.567569
IIAR Analyst Relations Professional of the Year 2014 – and the winner is… https://analystrelations.org/2014/04/11/iiar-analyst-relations-professional-of-the-year-2014-and-the-winner-is/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/04/11/iiar-analyst-relations-professional-of-the-year-2014-and-the-winner-is/#comments Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:59:00 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=16535 IIAR AR Professional of the YearSo here’s what you’ve all been waiting for – perhaps you’re wondering, “Is it someone I know? Could it be me?!” Well, before we get that far, let’s take a good look at ourselves to determine if we deserve the recognition or not.

As mentioned in the previous post, analysts did get the opportunity to give feedback not just on what AR pros do well and how well they do it, but also on what they don’t do well. Here are some examples of – ahem – bad practices which we are sure none of the top AR pros would ever engage in…

Top of the list: poor communication and poor content. By far this is the biggest issue AR pros have to deal with, as analysts provided nearly 80 comments about how they receive too little valuable information, too much marketing or PR or sales pitches, as well as a tidal wave of information of no or little relevance to their coverages via blanket emails and press releases. Surely if you want to drive Results you need to share the right information in the right way – in fact it seems some AR pros communicate with many analysts in a one-way fashion rather than engaging in two-way open dialog. One quote which clinched it was that AR pros need to “understand that dealing with analysts is not PR or marketing and that analysts are critical and analytical by nature. They need very high quality information which makes the ordinary marketing stuff of no use.” Enough said.

Second on the list was lack of Responsiveness and poor engagement with 20 mentions by the analysts. We’ve all been there – too many emails to deal with, too many requests on the go, too much pressure from stakeholders to prioritize on some analysts rather than others. However when an analyst writes “briefing me only once a year for the magic quadrant”, you know there’s a problem.

The next bugbear was gate-keeping with 17 comments about how AR pros do not let analysts interact with the right level of people, even to the point of stopping execs from handing out business cards! After this came a clear lack of understanding of the analysts, the different firms and their different roles, such as “assuming all analysts work like Gartner” or even “making us feel that Gartner is just so important and everyone else pales in comparison”. Not exactly the right practices to establish strong Relationships with the analysts.

On relationships, one important point to note here is that individual relationships matter more than employer’s brand -as you will see below, the individual IIAR AR Professionals of the Year don’t match up with the IIAR AR Teams of the Year as announced on Monday.

Let’s now take a look at those who got a special mention. When asking the analysts to name names, we gave them the opportunity to name up to three different people from any firm (vendor or agency side) in relation to how much those individuals stand out through their excellence in forging strong Relationships, being Responsive to requests and driving Results. The analysts named almost 320 different individuals from around the world, so there’s a very long tail and those who stood out needed to get at least 18 points in order to make the top 10.

So it’s a great pleasure to announce the fantastic achievement by Clare Loxley (LinkedIn, @ClareLoxley) from HP, who scored a grand total of 53 points and is by far the winner of the title of Analyst Relations Professional of the Year! Congratulations Clare!

In second place comes Signe Loenberg (LinkedIn, @signeloenberg) of Loenberg AR with a total of 43 points – also no mean feat and for someone who runs her own agency, she does herself proud!

And sharing third place with 32 points each are Andrea Edwards (LinkedIn, @AndreaTEdwards, blog) of Microsoft and Caroline Dennington (LinkedIn, @CDennington) of Symantec – well done Andrea and Caroline!

IIAR AR Professionals of the Year 2014

Of course there are many more individuals who stood out from the rest – you may be one of them! So why not join the webinar on Friday 10th April at 1600 BST to find out more. We will be running through the top 10 global AR pros, as well as the top 10 regional AR pros and details of the top five professionals for each of the three Rs. Full results will not be published on this blog so you’ll never know if you don’t listen in!



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Laura Brownrigg (LinkedIn)
Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn, @lludovic)



WEBINAR DETAILS  –  IIAR members can register now for the announcement IIAR Webinar on the 11th April at 1600 BST.  IIAR Webinars are free to attend for all IIAR Members, a good reason for joining the IIAR. For non-members there is a fee of $25/£15 (pay here) that is redeemable against IIAR Membership over the next 12 months. Join the IIAR via the form on this page, new members are always welcome !


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https://analystrelations.org/2014/04/11/iiar-analyst-relations-professional-of-the-year-2014-and-the-winner-is/feed/ 9 16535 46.198392 6.142296 46.198392 6.142296
Announcing the 2014 IIAR Analyst Relations Team of the Year https://analystrelations.org/2014/04/07/announcing-the-2014-iiar-analyst-relations-team-of-the-year/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/04/07/announcing-the-2014-iiar-analyst-relations-team-of-the-year/#comments Mon, 07 Apr 2014 15:16:22 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=16523 IIAR AR Team of the Year 2014

Working for a large IT or Telco vendor brings many perks but it’s not all plain-sailing. Having worked for the likes of HP and IBM, we know a thing or two about life in the megavendor fast lane: long hours, multiple internal stakeholders to please, ever-increasing targets to meet, ever-decreasing resources at your disposal, and of course even larger numbers of analysts with more varied coverages to service.

We also know that AR programs can vary widely from one large vendor to another, which is why we wanted to provide a ranking of these firms. We initially wanted to have a ranking of the ‘top 10’ megavendors, but we soon discovered that there are not that many companies which fit the criteria. In order to keep things serious, we established a cut-off point of revenues over US$20 billion, and in order to bring as wide a bearing as possible to the term ‘megavendor’, we decided to stipulate that those vendors should sell a mix of at least three of the following: IT hardware, networking equipment, telecommunication services, enterprise software, IT services and outsourcing, Business consulting.

The line-up of vendors included (in alphabetical order): Accenture , Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

So what were the analysts’ views of the megavendors’ AR teams?

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that no single vendor stood out as providing a service recognised as being head and shoulders above the others. Second, it seems the analysts are pretty critical about the large vendors – all of which could improve their scores. It’s always worth to remind at this point that AR is providing analysts with a free information, granted in return for coverage (hopefully at least). In some cases, agendas may not be aligned and therefore their views on the service they get might be tainted by the fact AR might have prioritised other analysts. However, we believe that for successful long term relationships, interests have to be aligned or there should be at least clarity about the objectives leading to lack of engagement.

Bottom of the class is Oracle, with an average score of 2.1 out of 5, while IBM is top of the class with 2.8 out of 5. After IBM, Cisco and EMC share second place with 2.7, Dell and HP share third place with 2.6, Accenture stands in fourth place with 2.4, while Fujitsu and Microsoft share fifth place with 2.3 out of 5.
Megavendor Table
Things change only slightly when we look at the 3 Rs separately: EMC gets top marks for Responsiveness along with IBM, voted by the analysts as being the most important aspect of AR, but moves down a notch to third place for Relationships, incidentally seen by the analysts as being least important. Dell manages a slightly better score than HP for Responsiveness but the tables are turned when it comes to Results.

Overall, the results could be better: no firm managed to score even a middle of the road 3 out of 5. One explanation could be in the demographics. As pointed out in the previous post [link], two of the large firms did not collaborate with us so the numbers of their participating analysts are low”. Given the megavendors often prioritise the larger analyst firms due to the perceived level of influence these analysts have in the market, the missing votes could indeed have an impact. Likewise, a significant number of boutique analysts firms participated in the study – many of these firms are seen as having less influence and are therefore not prioritized by the megavendors who already have to attend to larger numbers of analysts. The low scores could well be symptomatic of the lack of attention these analysts receive.

We’re not excusing anybody here – in the freeform field where analysts were invited to provide feedback on what AR does not do well, many analysts decried the lack of responsiveness of AR pros, not to mention various other practices which make us blush from shame. On the other hand, we know only too well that often we just don’t have resources to answer all requests and this is probably the biggest problem of all that AR has to face.

AR professionals can sign up for the webinar on April 11th to get more detail on how the megavendors line up and complete rankings of the top AR professionals as chosen by the analysts themselves. See details below.


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Laura Brownrigg (LinkedIn)
Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn, @lludovic)



WEBINAR DETAILS  –  IIAR members can register now for the announcement IIAR Webinar on the 11th April at 1600 BST.  IIAR Webinars are free to attend for all IIAR Members, a good reason for joining the IIAR. For non-members there is a fee of $25/£15 (pay here) that is redeemable against IIAR Membership over the next 12 months. Join the IIAR via the form on this page, new members are always welcome !


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https://analystrelations.org/2014/04/07/announcing-the-2014-iiar-analyst-relations-team-of-the-year/feed/ 36 16523
On the trail of the Analyst Relations Professional of the Year https://analystrelations.org/2014/03/28/on-the-trail-of-the-analyst-relations-professional-of-the-year/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/03/28/on-the-trail-of-the-analyst-relations-professional-of-the-year/#comments Fri, 28 Mar 2014 16:16:38 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=16369 IIAR AR Professional of the YearIf you have ever had enough money to pay for the services of an AR agency, no doubt you will have run a survey or two to evaluate how well your AR practice is performing. However these surveys – by their nature – remain proprietary information and the industry has never looked itself in the face as a whole to see what it looks like across the board.
Enter the IIAR with the idea to run a survey of all the analysts across the globe, to see what they think en masse of the Analyst Relations community. The idea is simple: for the past few years we have run a survey among AR professionals to find out who is the favourite analyst of the year, but now the tables are turned and it’s the analysts’ turn to vote on who is the favourite AR professional of the year…

No drum roll yet – we’re not ready to announce the winner just now, but we will very soon – promise!
First of all, down to basics: “What is this survey?” we hear you say, “How did you do it?” and “Really, why bother?!” The answer is simple and threefold, we wanted to:

  • Raise the profile of AR as a profession
  • Recognise those individuals who stand out from the crowd, as seen by the analysts themselves
  • Evaluate how AR professionals are performing as a group, and identify those areas which need more attention

Easy, right? Wrong. Running a survey is no easy business, and analysts are not easily coerced into freely sharing opinions. We’d like to thank those who were willing to give their time to read and re-read the draft survey questions, provide their inputs – often long and detailed – which were very much appreciated and carefully considered. We are very grateful to them for sharing their views so openly and freely. We would also like to thank all the analysts who took part – all 320 of you!

But back to your questions. First of all, the “what”. This is a survey of all industry analysts from all firms across the globe, designed to ask their opinion of AR across a number of criteria for the year 2013. It was conducted by the IIAR and kindly sponsored by ARInsights, using their database of nearly 7,000 analysts to ensure a sufficient sample size. We’d like to thank Crystal Golightly (@crystalARI) and ARInsights’s management, as well as Matt Heath (@IDC_EMEA) at IDC and Claire Booty (@ClaireBooty) at Ovum who ensured we had maximum turnout from the major analyst firms. Unfortunately, Gartner and Forrester were not as cooperative as their counterparts and we regret to say that the number of analyst responses from these firms is sadly lacking.

We looked at the analysts’ perception of how AR professionals are performing as a whole according to the ‘Three Rs’ of AR:

  • Responsiveness
  • Relationship
  • Results

Both individuals and top megavendors are rated along those three criteria, which came from detailed interviews with several analysts. Indeed according to our analysis, those Three Rs of AR are the key determinant of the quality of the relationship and performance of AR professionals and AR programmes.

As for the results, well they yielded a few surprises, as well as confirming a few things we already intuitively knew.


STOP PRESS –  IIAR members can register now for the announcement IIAR Webinar on the 11th April – SAVE THE DATE!

IIAR Webinars are free to attend for all IIAR Members, a good reason for joining the IIAR. For non-members there is a fee of $25/£15 (pay here) that is redeemable against IIAR Membership over the next 12 months. Join the IIAR via the form on this page, new members are always welcome !


Laura Brownrigg (LinkedIn)
Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn, @lludovic)


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https://analystrelations.org/2014/03/28/on-the-trail-of-the-analyst-relations-professional-of-the-year/feed/ 14 16369 46.198392 6.142296 46.198392 6.142296
The IIAR opens its German Chapter https://analystrelations.org/2014/02/20/the-iiar-opens-its-german-chapter/ https://analystrelations.org/2014/02/20/the-iiar-opens-its-german-chapter/#comments Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:16:53 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=14489 As an analyst relations manager you may ask yourself the question: Should I do any specific German AR? Should I run an activity at CeBIT in Hanover, or at the Supercomputing show in Leipzig or set up exclusive f2f meetings with analysts at some location like Munich or Frankfurt, and maybe do it in local language? Should I send my stakeholders to a local analyst event like the Gartner CIO summit in Berlin?

How does the German analyst landscape look like. Which industry and analyst events are relevant? How big is the German analyst firms’ influence?

City center of Munich, Germany

City center of Munich, Germany

If you are an analyst relations manager working for a company from outside Germany which is having great ambitions in the European market and counting Germany amongst its focus countries, you should ask yourself these questions. If you are an AR manager working for a German vendor, you will know very well what is going on in the German market, but may have different challenges and questions.

All these questions now receive a platform with the German Chapter which IIAR today announced in its webinar about what makes an AR program at CeBIT successful.

Recording of the Webinar and presentation available for IIAR Members to download here.

The intent of the local chapter is to establish a strong AR community in Germany, to enable best practices sharing, fuel a lively discussion with the analysts based in Germany and give the AR community a voice. Objective is also to promote German AR as a profession, as an important part of strategic communications and value creation.

We will kick off with activities like webinars, regular f2f meetings which we want to call “AR Stammtisch” and we also will share deliverables like white papers, blog entries or Q&A papers.

We look very much forward to going into the discussion with you.

In case of questions, talk to  or  Yvonne Kaupp (LinkedIn, @YveKaupp), Simon Jones (LinkedIn, @MrNesjo) or Sven Litke (LinkedIn, @SvenLitke).

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https://analystrelations.org/2014/02/20/the-iiar-opens-its-german-chapter/feed/ 3 14489 48.135125 11.581981 48.135125 11.581981