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  1. Regular briefings
  2. Targeted coverage
  3. Open discussion about company strengths and weaknesses
  4. Sending the deck ahead of the briefing so there’s time to come up with in depth questions
  5. Well organised AR events that encourage conversation not mere presentations
  6. Support for research interviews, being pragmatic during Evaluative Research. 
  7. When AR helps to get the right people on the table for f2f meetings and when AR gives feedback  about what kind of information is the most valuable for its organization
  8. Pro-actively flagging developments in coverage areas
  9. Knowing the kind of material/projects my company works on. 
  10. Sharing data under NDA
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Around Caroline Dennington at Dennington AR, IIAR> AR Agency Of The Year 2019, in 10 questions https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/22/around-caroline-dennington-at-dennington-ar-iiar-ar-agency-of-the-year-2019-in-10-questions/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/22/around-caroline-dennington-at-dennington-ar-iiar-ar-agency-of-the-year-2019-in-10-questions/#respond Mon, 22 Jul 2019 18:21:42 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=307935
Caroline Dennington / Dennington AR

Caroline Dennington is the Managing Director of Dennington AR (@CdenningtonLinkedIn) and the winner of the IIAR> AR Agency Of The Year 2019.  Like Ricarda, she doesn’t have any horror story and also has a liking for the French art de vivre…

  1. What’s been your career path to becoming an AR pro? 
    After an early career for several years in banking, I took a voluntary redundancy and joined a media production company owned by a TV presenter and ex EMI producer which allowed me to enjoy a slightly bonkers 18 months working with celebrities and pop stars, traveling and filming in places such as Arizona, Venice and Bali.  Sense eventually prevailed that I had to get a ‘real job’ so I joined a small PR agency, initially to work with the media but quickly realised the importance of the industry analysts, so I helped build and implement an Analyst Relations service for the various IT clients. I eventually went in-house and continued to develop my AR skills from there.
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analyst Marketplace and where do you see it going? 
    The IT Analyst Marketplace has continuously changed over the last 20 years and in many ways, for the better.  The calibre of analysts is much stronger these days with many having real world experience. Organisations are also starting to see the value and influence analysts can have on the buyer and the role of the AR Professional, has become increasingly important. 
  3. What’s your typical day like? 
    My morning always starts with an hour’s walk, come rain or shine, with my faithful furry friend, Tilly.  I use this time to plan my day and map out the tasks ahead. Of course, in Analyst Relations there is no such thing as a typical day and when the phone is not ringing, I am usually on an inquiry, hosting a briefing or filling out an RFI.  The rest of my time is spent answering emails, chasing down information for analysts or reading some of the latest research. Networking is a huge part of the role and I like to maintain the relationships I have built over the last 20 years as well as engage in new conversations, be that via the phone or social media.
  4. Now, c’mon, tell me an Analyst horror story?
    I know this will sound like a cop-out but I have been very fortunate in my career with the analysts not to have any real horror stories.  Yes, there will always be interesting characters along the way and people can have bad days, but I very much believe that if you are kind to people, hopefully, they will be kind back to you.    
  5. How does your company structure its AR team?
    Being a boutique agency, I am very fortunate to have a wonderful set of associates who support me when I need a little extra help.  They know who they are and I am grateful to them (especially Lyn) every day!
  6. Tell us about one good experience you have had with an analyst or analyst firm?
    I could actually name numerous experiences but a very personal one that comes to mind was when I suffered a bereavement whilst running a major analyst summit.  I took a call telling me that my grandmother had sadly passed away about an hour before the event kicked off. A wonderful analyst was with me at the time and could not have been kinder.  OK, offering me a gin at 9am was maybe not the best idea (I did not drink it) but he was so kind and I will never forget that.  
  7. Which analyst firm do you miss that’s been acquired or analyst that’s left the industry?
    Oh gosh, this is a hard one as there are so many people I miss – some who are still with us and sadly, some who are not.  Thankfully, there are a few great analysts who are now independent so still very much in the industry such as Vernon Turner and Puni Rajah (both ex IDC) and then others like Gene Ruth (Gartner) who are now enjoying retirement.
  8. What’s your favorite niche analyst firm and why?
    Another hard question as there are a few who I work with and really admire.  To be honest, many firms have their strengths and weaknesses but for me, those that truly want to partner and forge a mutually beneficial relationship, are the ones that get my attention.
  9. Any hobbies or favourite restaurant / food that you’d like to share? 
    Spending time with my family and playing tennis is high on my list along with anything to do with France – food, wine, etc….   I am the secretary for my local PCC so actively involved in fund raising activities as well as flower arranging. As for sharing food, if it is chocolate, not a chance!
  10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
    Ensuring I meet my client’s objectives and addressing analysts research needs are my top priority.  Being able to juggle numerous activities is a daily challenge but with a good structure in place, colour coded spreadsheets and lists (lots of them), anything is possible.  As for the next 30 minutes, sleep……….

PS: don’t miss tomorrow’s webinar to find out the details of the survey (members only).

IIAR> Best Practice Papers by Caroline

Guest IIAR> posts by Caroline

IIAR> community involvement from Caroline

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IIAR Webinar: Analyst Relations Professional and Analyst Relations Team of the Year 2019 https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/12/iiar-webinar-analyst-relations-professional-and-analyst-relations-team-of-the-year-2019/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/12/iiar-webinar-analyst-relations-professional-and-analyst-relations-team-of-the-year-2019/#comments Fri, 12 Jul 2019 08:38:03 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=306712

Last week we hosted the IIAR Summer Networking Party 2019 in London kindly sponsored by Criteo and Spotlight Analyst Relations. On behalf of the IIAR, I wanted to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to all who could join us in celebrating the achievements of the Analyst Relations community and hope that you’ll join us again at future events. 

We also want to take a moment to ponder the event, the conversations had, the relationships that were nurtured and the new ones formed. During the evening, we welcomed over 70 industry analysts from firms including Gartner, IDC, Ovum, CONTEXT, Forrester, 451 Research, Aite Group, CCS Insight, IT Candor, IHS Markit, HfS Research and AR pros from companies including Oracle, BT, Symantec, Criteo, NTT, Atos, Wipro, HCL Technologies, and from agencies including Dennington AR, Hotwire, Loenberg AR, Spotlight AR, Chameleon, Destier AR, Magnolia AR and CC Group. 

It was a charming evening which sparked conversations around AR best practice, analyst priorities, as well as on informal topics, a testament to the great relationships in the community.

During the event, we announced the highly-anticipated IIAR Analyst Relations Professional and Analyst Relations team of the year: congratulations to Peggy O’Neill, Informatica (winner ‘IIAR AR Professional of the Year 2019′ – her second win of the title!), Oracle AR Team (winner of ‘IIAR AR Team of the Year 2019’) and Dennington AR (winner of ‘IIAR AR Agency of the Year 2019’).  

The IIAR is committed to recognising the achievements of AR professionals who go above and beyond in their career and to promoting best practice in the industry. This year, over 400 AR professionals, 84 agencies and 11 megavendors have been rated. We will be running a webinar for IIAR members for a deep-dive on methodology, key takeaways and analyst feedback, as well as their significance for the AR profession on Tuesday 23rd July at 1600 BST. 

As in previous years, we will highlight and discuss the main AR annoyances for analysts as well as best practice that sets AR pros apart. Additionally, during the webinar we will have a quick refresher on The Three Rs of Analyst Relations, which form the basis for the IIAR survey:

  • Responsiveness– analysts expect AR pros to revert back to them in a timely fashion with the information required for their research;
  • Relationships– analysts have many stakeholders; they rely on someone that’s easy to deal with and always goes that extra mile;
  • Results– can AR pros deliver results for their employers?

During the webinar there will also be an opportunity to address questions and discuss the future of the AR industry. We hope that you can join us!

IIAR Webinar: the IIAR AR Professional, Team & Agency Of The Year 2019

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Around Ricarda Rodatus from Oracle, IIAR> AR Team of the Year 2019 in 10 questions https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/08/around-ricarda-rodatus-from-oracle-iiar-ar-team-of-the-year-2019-in-10-questions/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/08/around-ricarda-rodatus-from-oracle-iiar-ar-team-of-the-year-2019-in-10-questions/#comments Mon, 08 Jul 2019 15:16:33 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=305898
Ricarda Rodatus / VP Analyst Relations, Oracle (IIAR website)

Ricarda Rodatus (@rodatusrLinkedIn) is the VP of Analyst Relations at Oracle, leading the analyst relations team recognised  last Thursday night as the IIAR> AR Team Of The Year 2019 discloses which analyst she misses the most and reveals a French secret.

  1. What’s been your career path to becoming an AR pro?
    After a diverse career mostly in  product marketing and communication – locally & globally, hardware & software – I honed my AR skills over the past 5 years as global AR lead at Oracle. Throughout my path in the workplace I tried to always keep true to my passions of being a culturally-aware relationship all-rounder, enthusiastic about products, creating awareness & demand, focused on building world-class teams, processes, and structures to serve an ever so demanding stakeholder community. I would still define myself as a marketing generalist, having customer needs and audience desires at the heart of my every day focus.
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analyst Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    The analyst market place is definitely changing and transforming looking at the firm landscape, the vendor environment, and the customers transformation. Customers are definitely more educated today and more informed than ever before. Customers these days have much more choice to obtain vendor performance evaluations based on peer reviews, crowd sourcing, and online consulting. There is a big and broad community out there needing and providing services. New communication channels are created every day to serve customers with information and supporting them for their decision taking needs. Analysts are still very important, yet need to adjust and adapt to a new set of customers, new buying behavior, and new competing forces.
  3. What’s your typical day like?
    There is no such thing as a typical day. Of course I have a regular cadence with my team, our executive stakeholders and the analysts, managing more or less regular events, and regular reports. Yet every day is different, needs creative adjustment, agile answers to newly rising questions. Of course I work hard, yet I’m also finding time to play – walking, hiking, and running with my dog, which gives me creative ideas for the job at hand, lightbulb moments for previously seemingly unsolvable past issues, and forward-looking ideas for innovative strategy adjustments.
  4. Now, c’mon, tell me an Analyst horror story (no names mentioned)?
    I guess I was really lucky throughout my AR career to not encounter anything that would qualify as a horror story. Not even remotely. Yes there is pressure from many different sides, there are difficult situations, and we face tough conversations within Oracle and with our analysts, yet I feel we are always able to work out hardships and in the end time and dedicated hard work will always heal all wounds.
  5. How does your company structure its AR team?
    We are very logically and simply structured around our product portfolio & solutions, industries and regions. We have a technical focus on product development- and management on the one side and a go-to-market focus on marketing and demand gen on the other side. We have a very flat hierarchy. And we try to give our AR Managers at least 2 coverage pillars to focus on, and cross-functional responsibilities for everyone to be able to support our team success. 
  6. Tell us about one good experience you have had with an analyst or analyst firm?
    I specifically enjoy working with one fairly big analyst firm where I feel we have a similar value system, we speak the same language, we often use the same words looking at the same strategic challenges. They are like us very customer-focused, trying to deliver creative customer assets. They are always keen to show up at our events, while we are also making a good showing at their events. It feels like a partnership, where we value their enthusiastic engagement, and value their fair judgement.
  7. Which analyst firm do you miss that’s been acquired or analyst that’s left the industry?
    Vernon Turner, Ex-IDC. I liked his calm and composed demeanor, his broad view and detailed analysis. I enjoyed the conversations with him, and valued him as an experienced analyst, and interesting human being. 
  8. What’s your favorite niche analyst firm and why?
    G2. They started as a Peer Review firm, added research based on the customer voice, and just recently customer consulting to their charter. As a newcomer they hired capable talent, acquired great financial funding, and constantly adjust their model in an agile way.
  9. Any hobbies or favourite restaurant / food that you’d like to share?
    I like a little casual place called “Chouquet’s” on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. It’s close to our home, I can take our dog there, my business partners enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, it gets the sun almost all day (if the sun is out and about), and it’s French J.
  10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
    How to amplify our valuable assets even more inside and outside the company – with our employees, sales force, with customers and prospects. We need to use our current assets, find more assets, and get them through the appropriate channels to the right audience, looking at the digital experience of our customers and analysts.

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Around Peggy O’Neill, IIAR> AR Professional of the Year 2019 in 10 questions https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/05/around-peggy-oneill-iiar-ar-professional-of-the-year-2019-in-10-questions/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/05/around-peggy-oneill-iiar-ar-professional-of-the-year-2019-in-10-questions/#comments Fri, 05 Jul 2019 15:16:16 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=305874
Peggy O'Neill, Senior Director Analyst Relations @ Informatica

Peggy O’Neill / VP Analyst Relations, Informatica,  (@pegoneillLinkedIn) and former IIAR> Board Member was recognised yesterday night as the IIAR> AR Professional Of The Year 2019 and shares today some insights for the AR community.

Congratulations Peggy!

  1. What’s been your career path to becoming an AR pro? 
    I’m a former Gartner analyst who got recruited into analyst relations by Oracle.
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analyst Marketplace and where do you see it going? 
    Industry analysts have an important role in the tech ecosystem, they help customers, vendors, investors make sense of it all.
  3. What’s your typical day like? 
    Briefings, inquiries, and nagging my colleagues for materials to send to analysts.
  4. Now, c’mon, tell me an Analyst horror story (no names mentioned)?
    I’m lucky to work with a good group of analysts, can’t really think of anything horrifying off the top of my head.
  5. How does your company structure its AR team? 
    By product line.
  6. Tell us about one good experience you have had with an analyst or analyst firm?
    At Informatica World recently one of our senior executives was struggling with a demo in his keynote that wasn’t working. I had a dozen industry analysts sitting in the audience and was bracing myself for some snarky tweets as the demo failed repeatedly. It was an irresistible opportunity to poke fun and we didn’t get a single negative tweet. Analysts can be kinder than you give them credit for.
  7. Which analyst firm do you miss that’s been acquired or analyst that’s left the industry? 
    Doug Laney at Gartner.
  8. What’s your favorite niche analyst firm and why? 
    Tough to single out one, we work with a bunch of them at Informatica.
  9. Any hobbies or favourite restaurant / food that you’d like to share? 
    Italian cuisine is my favorite
  10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
    Two Magic Quadrants and a Vendor Rating refresh in the next six months. Slides for an internal meeting next week.

Guest IIAR> posts by Peggy

IIAR> Best Practice Paper by Peggy

IIAR> community involvement from Peggy

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“Celebrate good times, come on”! Announcing the IIAR Analyst Professional and Teams of the Year 2019 https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/04/celebrate-good-times-come-on-announcing-the-iiar-analyst-professional-and-teams-of-the-year-2019/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/04/celebrate-good-times-come-on-announcing-the-iiar-analyst-professional-and-teams-of-the-year-2019/#comments Thu, 04 Jul 2019 18:40:10 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=305628 London, Thursday 04th July 2019 – The wait has an end…. Whilst the USA are celebrating their Independence Day, the IIAR members celebrated their annual IIAR Summer Party, kindly sponsored by Criteo and Spotlight AR this year. Highlight of the evening was the announcement of the IIAR AR Professional of the Year 2019, a highly coveted recognition among the AR professionals.

Needless to say that there were plenty of reasons to celebrate at this traditional event that brings together the AR professionals and agencies as well as the analysts who joined us from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Ovum, 451 Research and many others for an evening full of great discussions and insights. The party is a great opportunity to engage with peers from the AR community and exchange best practices, get feedback from the key analysts in the industry and build or strengthens new and existing relationships. 

The IIAR recognises outstanding analyst relations professionals since 2014 through it’s yearly ARPOTY survey of all global industry analysts who can rate the capabilities and performance of AR pros. The analyst respondents can vote for the best AR professional, teams and agencies who they engage with throughout the year. Foundation of the survey are traditionally the 3 R’s of analyst relations:

  • Responsiveness– analysts expect AR pros to revert back to them in a timely fashion with the information required for their research
  • Relationships– analysts have many stakeholders; they rely on someone that’s easy to deal with and always goes that extra mile
  • Results– can AR pros deliver results for their employers?

This year, over 400 AR professionals, 84 agencies and 11 megavendors have been rated. The IIAR added Google and Amazon and Fujitsu to the megavendors section of this year’s survey.

“This year’s IIAR AR Professional, Team and Agency of the year survey indicate an interesting phase separation in the analyst relation professionals community, between the top 10% of top performers, the middle ground long-tailers and new this year, analysts have clearly indicated displeasure with the bottom 10%. This shows the need for continued education and best practices on the profession”

Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), IIAR Board Member.

A big Thank You! to all of the analysts who took the time out of their busy schedules to provide quality feedback on the service the AR pros deliver. The analysts input is of great value for the AR professions who can evaluate their own performance, plan analysts engagement according to analyst priories and , and for relationship building activities.

Whilst the IIAR awards the top 3 AR professionals, there are many others who are doing an excellent job and who stand out from the crowd. It is always a great pleasure to see so the many talented AR professionals who are acknowledged by the analysts we work with on a daily basis and the survey clearly shows the head to head race between our fellow AR peers. We’ll share more details and our key findings in the upcoming webinar for IIAR members where we will look beyond the top winners and discus why it is crucial for an AR professional  to be responsive, have the ability to help build strong analysts relationships with their stakeholders and deliver great results.

Enough talks –the winner of the IIAR AR Professional award 2019 goes to…

IIAR AR Professional of the Year

IIAR AR Professional of the Year 2019: Peggy O’Neill / Informatica

Peggy O'Neill, Senior Director Analyst Relations @ Informatica

Congrats to Peggy! Peggy O’Neill  (@pegoneillLinkedIn) was able to claim back her title from 2016 making her the AR Pro of the Year for the second time.

“I’m humbled by the recognition and feel grateful that even after doing analyst relations for 17 years I still look forward to work everyday.”

Peggy O’Neill / Vice President Industry Analyst Relations, Informatica (@pegoneillLinkedIn)

See Peggy’s interview here.

A big Wohooo also goes to  the two runner-ups tp Peggy who share the second place:

Joely Urton / Box (@JoelyUrton, LinkedIn) and Christine Randle / Oracle (@crandle, LinkedIn).

It seems like you need to have been to the Oracle School of AR those days -congratulations to Peggy for claiming the title back and fostering such a rooster of talented AR professionals.”

Ludovic Leforestier(@lludovicLinkedIn), IIAR Board Member.

Well Done! To learn about the top 10 AR professionals, please join us for the webinar on the 23rd July 2019 at 1600 BST (IIAR members only, join here).

IIAR AR Team of the Year 2019: Oracle

Analysts were also able to vote an AR Team of the Year – with Oracle being the winner for 2019 -all the way from the bottom of the league in 9th place back in 2014.

AR teams are being recognised in doing a great job in balancing the ever-increasing volumes of requests, continuously evolving their AR program to the changes in the market and the demands of the analysts whilst looking at building strong relationships with the analysts. Teams recognised from “Megavendors”, are defined as companies over USD 20 billion global annual revenues and providing a mix of three or more types the following: IT hardware; Networking equipment; Telecommunication services; Enterprise software; IT services and outsourcing; and Business consulting.

“It is an honor to be recognized for this award for the first time, especially given the strong competition. We very much appreciate the positive support from the Analyst community. This is above all a win for a very dedicated team of AR professionals driven by years of experience, strong relationship skills, and creative problem solving expertise. I’m grateful to the Oracle management for helping us build one of the best AR
 programs in the industry.”

Ricarda Rodatus / VP of Analyst Relations, Oracle (@rodatusr, LinkedIn)

See Ricarda’s interview here.

Oracle was followed by SAP (up from 6th last year), IBM (up from 8th), and HPE (up from 7th).

Last year’s winner IIAR AR Team of the Year 2018 Cisco dropped down to 5th place in the megavendors AR teams ranking.

It’s a great pleasure to see Oracle back on top of the AR teams after a few tough years, congratulations to Ricarda and the team for this spectacular turnaround.

Ludovic Leforestier / IIAR Board Member (@lludovicLinkedIn)

More details on the scores will be given in our webinar on the 23/7.

Logo IIAR AR Agency of the Year

IIAR AR Agency of the Year 2019: Dennington AR

In its second year is the category AR agencies that are providing analyst relations services. With a big head start Dennington AR was rated into the winner position of 2019. The second place is being shared by last year’s winner Signe Loenberg (@signeloenberg, LinkedIn) of Loenberg AR and Destrier AR which is managed by our newly appointed board member Simon Jones (@SimonDestrierLinkedIn). Also ex-aequo in 4th place, we have Magnolia Analyst Relations, founded by Pam Crain (@pamcrain2002, LinkedIn) and Merritt Group.

It is the best feeling to receive an award for a job that I am passionate about and enjoy doing.  Being recognised by the analyst community makes me feel extremely proud of Dennington AR and its associates.  Delivering value to clients and ensuring analysts needs are met is absolutely fundamental along with maintaining trustworthy and credible relationships.  I would like to extend my thanks to the IIAR and all of the analysts who participated in the survey as well as congratulating Peggy, Oracle and all the other winners.”

Caroline Dennington / Managing Director, Dennington AR (@CdenningtonLinkedIn)

The IIAR survey analyses a deep field with 84 AR agencies identified by analysts, with a good balance between smaller, boutique AR specialised agencies, the top 30 agencies as well as large unspecialised agencies. .

“On behalf of the IIAR Board, it is a pleasure to award Caroline for her magnificent AR work and to Signe and Simon for being once again in the top three of excellent analyst relations services.” 

Ludovic Leforestier / IIAR Board Member (@lludovicLinkedIn)

See our IIAR list of AR agencies here.

Well done everyone who snatched an award and thank you for your ongoing commitment to best practice in analyst relations. We also appreciate the efforts of the analyst community to keep us informed and sharing their insights. 

Thanks in particular to Anja Steinman (@AnjaSteinmann, LinkedIn) for her precious help with this project.

See also the IIAR> press release: The IIAR Announces the 2019 Analyst Relations Professional, Team and Agency of the Year 2019.

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What does 451 Research stand for? https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/03/what-does-451-research-stand-for/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/03/what-does-451-research-stand-for/#respond Wed, 03 Jul 2019 09:54:01 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=305624 After yesterday’s IIAR Webinar, Simon Robinson (@simonrob451LinkedIn) SVP Research at 451 Research shared where the firm name comes from and  Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic LinkedIn) gave a quick wrap-up of the webinar.

1907_451_webinar_trailer from IIAR> on Vimeo.

IIAR Members will be able to access the recording and deck shortly from our new Member365 portal.

https://analystrelations.org/2019/07/03/what-does-451-research-stand-for/feed/ 0 305624
The IIAR Summer Networking Party celebrating the IIAR AR Professional and Team of 2019 https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/17/the-iiar-summer-networking-party-celebrating-the-iiar-ar-professional-and-team-of-2019/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/17/the-iiar-summer-networking-party-celebrating-the-iiar-ar-professional-and-team-of-2019/#comments Mon, 17 Jun 2019 21:37:51 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=303001 We are excited to announce the date of our famous IIAR Summer Party, sponsored by Criteo and Spotlight AR.

We will celebrate the achievements of the analyst relations community, where we will announce the IIAR analyst relations professional and analyst relations team of the year. 

Join us in Central London, for an after-work evening of drinks, canapés, and networking with AR professionals and industry leading analyst peers. 

Date: 4thJuly 2019
Time: 1830 – 2130 BST
Where: Central London

This event is free for IIAR Members and Industry Analysts.We have a limited capacity as this event is increasingly popular, yet we want to keep it intimate.

IIAR members should register using the link sent by email and apply their code. Check your spam folder and use the form below if you haven’t got this email.

Analysts can get a priority ticket from IIAR Members or register for the wait list here.

If you are not an IIAR Member but are a bona fide AR professional and would like to attend, you may purchase a ticket or join as a member on the EventBrite page. Tickets may be purchased but are subject to approval by the IIAR.

Invitations with the exact address will be sent after approval of each attendee by the IIAR board.

Register now! We have limited capacity and for security reasons we will only be able to accept guests registered 24h before the events with a personal confirmation.

For any questions, fill in the form below.

https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/17/the-iiar-summer-networking-party-celebrating-the-iiar-ar-professional-and-team-of-2019/feed/ 5 303001
IIAR Webinar with Simon Robinson / 451 Research on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/13/iiar-webinar-with-simon-robinson-451-research-on-tuesday-2nd-july-2/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/13/iiar-webinar-with-simon-robinson-451-research-on-tuesday-2nd-july-2/#comments Thu, 13 Jun 2019 09:40:09 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=302944 Please join us on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 1500 GMT / 1600 CEST/ 1000 EDT / 0700 PDT for a discussion with Simon Robinson / Senior Vice President, Research at 451 Research.
451 Research is a leading information technology research and advisory company best known for its coverage of digital infrastructure, technology innovation, and market disruption.  

In this webinar we’ll discuss 451 Research’s influence and impact, differentiation and competitive advantage, as well as the format and the future of their research. We’ll also discuss how best to engage with the analysts at 451 Research and how AR professionals and vendors can leverage their research.

The discussion will be hosted by Simon Robinson (@simonrob451, LinkedIn) of 451 Research and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic LinkedIn), IIAR Board Member.

London-based members are invited to join in person for the webinar and drinks afterwards. Please register your interest using the form below.

This webinar is free for members. To register for this Webinar please click here.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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The IIAR board welcomes Andrew Hsu and Simon Jones https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/04/the-iiar-board-board-welcomes-andrew-hsu-and-simon-jones/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/04/the-iiar-board-board-welcomes-andrew-hsu-and-simon-jones/#respond Tue, 04 Jun 2019 22:29:03 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=301589 Andrew Hsu and Simon Jones, IIAR Board MembersFollowing elections in May 2019, the IIAR is proud to present two new members who have joined the IIAR Board. Please help us welcome Andrew Hsu and Simon Jones, for a two year term starting on the 1st June 2019.

Thanks to outgoing board members and in particular to Suzannah Archibald for her dedication to supporting the transition to our new community manager.

Finally, we’d like to welcome Deepak George (LinkedIn) as our new community manager. Please reach out to him using the contact form here.

Andrew Hsu / Spotlight AR for the IIAR Website Andrew Hsu (@andrew0hsu, LinkedIn), is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Spotlight AR based in Kansas City, USA.

He will oversee the IIAR programme of events, seek to grow the IIAR’s US base and contribute to the content agenda.

Simon Jones, IIAR German Chapter co-lead Simon Jones (@SimonDestrier, LinkedIn) is Managing Partner at Destrier AR, based in Munich, Germany. He is the new IIAR Board Member in charge of Membership and Operations.

Simon is committed to focusing on the IIAR’s mission of enhancing the awareness, image and practice of the analyst relations profession globally, by aligning with and supporting the needs of AR professionals.

One of his highest priorities is to establish an IIAR chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area, so Simon would like to hear from rainmakers who are interested in bringing AR professionals together on the West Coast.

Simon will continue to be the German Chapter Co-lead

Link to all IIAR posts by Simon.


IIAR Board elections are held every two years, unless unanimous and exceptional decision. All active (fully paid-up) IIAR members are entitled to vote in elections.

The election was organised by an independent IIAR volunteer, and was held fairly, in a process that was transparent to members.

The full line up of our new board is:


The IIAR board is composed of volunteers, collectively responsible for proactively supporting the IIAR’s mission, which is to enhance the awareness, image and practice of the analyst relations profession on a global basis.

See the rest of the team in the local IIAR Chapters.

https://analystrelations.org/2019/06/04/the-iiar-board-board-welcomes-andrew-hsu-and-simon-jones/feed/ 0 301589
Ask not what the IIAR can do for you….. https://analystrelations.org/2019/05/10/ask-not-what-the-iiar-can-do-for-you/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/05/10/ask-not-what-the-iiar-can-do-for-you/#respond Fri, 10 May 2019 15:04:37 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=295145

No doubt you are well aware of how that phrase finishes but I am sure you are aware of the purpose of this post – becoming an IIAR Board Member. If you have ever wondered what you can do for the IIAR then becoming a board member is a great way to shape the direction of analyst relations globally, learn new skills, work with some great people and you have until 1700 BST on Wednesday 15th May 2019 to take that chance.

It might sound corny but those who give gain more than they think as they have the satisfaction of helping others as well as their appreciation too. Besides which taking a hands on role such as a IIAR Board role means you become a leader and inspire others, additionally you create connections that last a lifetime and your position will mean senior people you may have been unable to speak to in the past will be keen to speak to you!


With all of the above in mind there are TWO great IIAR Board openings that you can apply for:

  • membership and operations
  • events


If you are looking to sharpen your business development skills then the membership and operations role is for you. On the other hand if your role currently involves organising events – analyst summits or roundtables are likely to be something you have plenty of experience with – then this is a board position you should consider.


Apart from your passion, flair, know-how and drive you will need to


  • Be a practitioner in analyst relations or related disciplines such as sourcing advisory relations, in-house or in an agency.
  • Have been an IIAR member in good standing for a minimum of one year (continuously and immediately preceding the election).
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to the IIAR for at least 12 months, in addition to being a member, with contributions to the community (e.g. running a chapter or specialist group, organising a meeting or webinar, writing a paper, regularly contributing original content to the blog with over 3 posts in the 12 months preceding the election)


If you are not sure if you fit the bill do bear in mind that we’re also looking for local chapter leads too which is a great stepping stone to being on the Board. The IIAR Board reserves the right to allow exceptions to the eligibility criteria in exceptional circumstances and subject to unanimous approval by the IIAR Board. You So don’t be shy or leave to others, be bold and take an opportunity that will enhance your skills as well shape the future of Analyst Relations in the year ahead.

Check your email as we’ve sent a comms to all members this week. You can also contact elections at analystrelations dot org to apply or reach out to any board members below for more information.


The IIAR Board

Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn), Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) and Aniruddho Mukherjee (@aniruddho, LinkedIn).

https://analystrelations.org/2019/05/10/ask-not-what-the-iiar-can-do-for-you/feed/ 0 295145
IIAR Webinar: Introducing CCS Insight – and how they make sense of the connected world https://analystrelations.org/2019/04/03/iiar-webinar-introducing-ccs-insight-and-how-they-make-sense-of-the-connected-world/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/04/03/iiar-webinar-introducing-ccs-insight-and-how-they-make-sense-of-the-connected-world/#respond Wed, 03 Apr 2019 15:55:32 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=290815 CCS Insights LogoCCS Insight is a longstanding research firm headquartered in the UK, but with reach and clients into wider EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pac. This specialist technology market intelligence and advisory firm provides tailored, decision-ready solutions to their client base to help them ‘make sense of the connected world’.

This April 17th, we invite two of CCS Insight’s finest, VP of Research Martin Garner (Blog, @martin_garner, LinkedIn), and Principal Analyst for Digital Workplace Angela Ashenden (LinkedIn, @aashenden), to give us an overview of the firm’s research and advisory services and practice areas, and touch on their upcoming 2020 Predictions, a must-not-miss annual event in the diary for their clients.

We will also discuss some of the best ways to:

  • Engage in analyst time or consultancy time with CCS Insight
  • How Angela and Martin prefer to be reached out to prior to major industry events 
  • Some commercial initiatives the CCS Insight team has come up with, and how to engage with them from a business development perspective

Hosted by IIAR Board Member Suzannah Archibald (LinkedIn, @suzannah_a), the event will also be recorded for IIAR members unable to join due to work commitments. But please don’t miss it, as we think it’ll be a good one!

Date: Wednesday, 17th April 2019

Time: 1100am-1200 EDT / 1600-1700 BST

To register your interest (please note – Current IIAR members only)  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/5ca1950adb347e73c5b9141539e44ee6 -OR- info@analystrelations.org if not a current Member but you are an IAR professional, subject to IIAR approval.


Find the IIAR on social media – Institute of Industry Analyst Relations on Facebook; LinkedIn page, our website and blog or via our brand new Member365 portal (secure login needed – for current IIAR members only)

https://analystrelations.org/2019/04/03/iiar-webinar-introducing-ccs-insight-and-how-they-make-sense-of-the-connected-world/feed/ 0 290815
IIAR Discussion Group on Scaling AR on April 18th https://analystrelations.org/2019/03/28/iiar-discussion-group-on-scaling-ar-on-april-18th/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/03/28/iiar-discussion-group-on-scaling-ar-on-april-18th/#comments Thu, 28 Mar 2019 15:13:01 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=289451 The analyst landscape is changing fast and new voices are joining the conversation with impact over potential buyers. Whilst Tier 1 analyst firms generally retain their position in the area of direct buying recommendations, the picture is different when it comes to other sources influencing the buyer journey.
For instance, boutique firms are claiming their share of the influencer space, particularly in regional markets.
They might however not have the same business models or abide by the same rules of engagement than traditional analyst research firms (see the IIAR Best Practice Paper: The 7+7+7 Golden Rules of Engagement).

Scaling analyst relations however poses multiple challenges, starting with prioritisation, bandwidth and content.
We are hosting an IIAR> Best Practice call on the 18 April 2019 at 1600-1700 BST / 1100-1200 EDT / 0800-0900 PDT to discuss and explore the subject of Scaling AR.
Join the IIAR for a one-hour Discussion Group, where we’ll ask and debate these topics, and more.
The discussion will be co-hosted by Katie Webb (LinkedIn@katiewebb) of Oracle and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) at Criteo.

It’s free for all IIAR members. Register online here for the IIAR> Discussion Group > https://zoom.us/meeting/register/e5e0c0766eaca779d746f627e8486654

We look forward to your participation.

https://analystrelations.org/2019/03/28/iiar-discussion-group-on-scaling-ar-on-april-18th/feed/ 3 289451
[JOB POST] Global Media & Analyst Relations Manager – Communications, Media & Technology, Accenture / San Francisco or Seattle, USA https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/02/job-post-global-media-analyst-relations-manager-communications-media-technology-accenture-san-francisco-or-seattle-usa/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/02/job-post-global-media-analyst-relations-manager-communications-media-technology-accenture-san-francisco-or-seattle-usa/#respond Sat, 02 Feb 2019 16:11:11 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=271384 Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions – underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network – Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With approximately 435,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Visit us at www.accenture.com .

People in the Corporate Function career track contribute to the running of Accenture as a high- performance business through specialization within a specific functional area and grow into internally focused roles by deepening their skills and/or developing new skills within an internal functional area.

Marketing and Communications professionals build a powerful and differentiated global brand at the corporate, industry, capability and geography levels that supports the Accenture strategy; enhances long-term client relationships; inspires employees and candidates; and drives profitable revenue growth.

Job Summary

The purpose of this role is to raise the profile of Accenture’s Communications Media & Technology (CMT) industry group globally, with a concentration on leading aspects of its Global CMT practice and supporting its overall North America CMT businesses. The individual will be responsible for helping drive an overall increase in media share-of-voice and industry analyst awareness as a key member of the CMT marketing and media relations teams. He or she will report to the Global Director of Media & Analyst Relations in CMT, collaborating closely with the relevant marketing leaders, country-level media relations leads, and lead spokespeople (senior managing directors, managing directors, other subject-matter experts).

This individual will help design and execute proactive strategies, plans and campaigns to maximize positive positioning and media coverage for the CMT group. The role will include direct media relations, primarily focused on tier-one press – mainly promoting thought leadership and client-related news – as well as crisis support and industry analyst relations.


  • A strategic, results-oriented thinker focused on generating tier-one media attention in support of Accenture’s CMT business objectives
  • Ability to identify and distill key media messages from research and marketing material to position Accenture as a thought leader in CMT
  • Manage and develop professional working relationships with key journalists and internal clients
  • Ability to function effectively and influence senior leadership in a highly-matrixed organization and align with company’s global brand and approach to teamwork and collaboration
  • Deliver and execute global and NA CMT media strategies to support key markets
  • Collaborate with media leads in key markets to generate tier-one media interest in Accenture’s Media practice and NA CMT group
  • Work with colleagues to lead timely responses to media requests
  • Collaborate closely with the CMT and other cross-industry marketing teams to identify opportunities and synergies in Accenture’s key markets

Work Requirements

  • Occasional travel

Basic Qualifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Work Experience: Minimum of 8 years of experience in media relations/corporate communications

Preferred Qualifications

  • Media, high tech or telco journalism background a plus
  • Excellent writing and editing skills for audiences ranging from general to business to technical – including press releases, talking points, Q&As, white papers, etc.
  • Excellent media relations skills and ability to develop stories and understand news cycles – with or without the support of public relations agency resources
  • High level understanding of the dynamics and critical issues in the communications, media and technology sectors
  • Solid project management skills
  • Command of MS Office suite and key internet applications for research and media management
  • Social media expertise (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)

Professional Skills

  • Ability to manage multiple projects under tight deadlines
  • Passion for executing deliverables and programs that are of the highest quality
  • Ability to develop and apply creative solutions to complex issues
  • Ability to work both autonomously as well as collaboratively with other areas of the company
  • Demonstrated leadership in professional setting; either military or civilian
  • Demonstrated teamwork and collaboration in a professional setting; either military or civilian

Applicants for employment in the US must have work authorization that does not now or in the future require sponsorship of a visa for employment authorization in the United States and with Accenture.

Candidates who are currently employed by a client of Accenture or an affiliated Accenture business may not be eligible for consideration.

Accenture is an EEO and Affirmative Action Employer of Females/Minorities/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All employment decisions shall be made without regard to age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, citizenship status or any other basis as protected by federal, state, or local law.

Job candidates will not be obligated to disclose sealed or expunged records of conviction or arrest as part of the hiring process.

Accenture is committed to providing veteran employment opportunities to our service men and women.

For more information and to apply for this role Click Here

https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/02/job-post-global-media-analyst-relations-manager-communications-media-technology-accenture-san-francisco-or-seattle-usa/feed/ 0 271384
[JOB POST] Analyst Relations Program Lead, T-Mobile / Seattle, USA https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/01/job-post-analyst-relations-program-lead-t-mobile-seattle-usa/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/01/job-post-analyst-relations-program-lead-t-mobile-seattle-usa/#respond Fri, 01 Feb 2019 16:03:28 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=271365 In this role, you’ll build, own, and run the industry analyst program. You’ll work with analysts to ensure company is represented in their analysis and consultations, with a focus on increasing enterprise consideration in wireless services, Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technology fronts. You’ll create our inbound AR program, harnessing third-party insights for the business to sharpen the product and service design. And of course, you’ll own the relationships with industry analysts and drive awareness and visibility for all company news.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced, motivated, self-starter who can work collaboratively with business leaders, product managers, and PR leads.  You’ll come to us with a thirst to do big things and you’ll have bold ideas about how to leverage AR to drive outsized business outcomes. You’ll know how to develop smart, tailored plans, rally support across the organization, be a ruthless negotiator who gets maximum bang for the buck, and a smart strategist who can pull insights from masses of data.  And when we need you, you’ll be willing to pinch hit on a wide variety of projects for the team and in lock-step with our agency resources.

10+ years’ experience managing communications, media, or AR strategy at an agency or fast-paced corporate comms/PR team.
Strong track record of successful influencer / analyst relationship management
Understanding of consumer technology and wireless technologies.
Demonstrated strong organizational skills
Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
Ability to partner across the company and with different teams.
Understanding of AR’s impact on the sales cycle and product development lifecycle.
Proficient using MS Office.
Bachelor’s degree is required.
Strong writing and editing skills attention to detail and commitment to accuracy.
Sense of urgency and flexibility.
Calm under pressure and tight deadlines.

Personal Characteristics:
Manages resources across the organization and is skilled at getting results through others.  Mentors and coaches others on the team.
Thrives in a fast-paced culture of change and innovation; you have to be able to think on your feet and pivot on a dime.
Ability to work independently but aware of when to bring relevant and timely updates to the forefront at the right time.
A roll-up-your-sleeves attitude with a bias toward action; a self-starter who takes initiative rather than waiting for direction; general ass-kicker.
Works well with others whether leading or contributing to a project.
Ensures productivity is maximized and quality is delivered.
Excellent follow-through skills and attention to detail. You do what you say you’ll do and dot the i’s.
Positive interpersonal and communication skills, critical thinking, upbeat attitude, high integrity, persistence and personal initiative all are required.
Ready and willing to adapt to the possibility of uncertainty, new territory and change every day.

Build, own, and run industry analyst program.
Partner cross-functionally to develop and execute AR strategies, increasing enterprise consideration, and for creating third-party advocacy for proactive news announcements and launches.
Deliver actionable third-party insights that shape product roadmaps and go-to-market strategies to business and product leaders
Serve as a strategic business partner; consult with, educate, and provide counsel to business leaders at all levels on AR strategy and results.
Provide leadership and guidance to team members and agency resources to drive alignment and results.
Own, create and cultivate national analyst relationships, including influencers that have not typically covered company.
Monitor and track industry analyst publications and trends.
Be seen as an expert, always coming to the table with a unique, informed POV.
Assist in the execution of PR events and media relations activities.
Jump in on projects where the team needs additional support without needing weeks to get up to speed.
Direct agency resources, ensuring deadlines and budgets are met and business objectives and opportunities are well communicated.
For more information and to apply for this role, please contact Scott Ziluck here
https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/01/job-post-analyst-relations-program-lead-t-mobile-seattle-usa/feed/ 0 271365
[JOB POST] Industry Analyst Relations Manager, Amdocs / London, UK https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/01/job-post-industry-analyst-relations-manager-amdocs-london-uk/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/01/job-post-industry-analyst-relations-manager-amdocs-london-uk/#respond Fri, 01 Feb 2019 07:30:49 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=271305 Amdocs is seeking an Industry Analyst Relations Manager to join its highly experienced and dedicated Industry Analyst Relations team. In this role the individual will be responsible for the planning, execution, management and measurement of strategic AR programs, primarily focused on (but not restricted to) Amdocs Media business, a leading global provider of premium content services and media technology solutions.

As part of a closely connected AR team within Corporate Marketing, you will collaborate with senior internal stakeholders, business leaders and subject matter experts as well as Amdocs’ established and growing network of global and specialist analyst firms, helping to engage and develop relationships and build advocacy for Amdocs’ leading capabilities in the communications and media industries.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • An Analyst Relations professional with 3-5+ years of experience in the planning, development and execution of global AR programs in a B2B technology environment, preferably telecommunications and / or media
  • Whilst not essential, knowledge of the media technology space and existing analyst relationships within would be an advantage
  • Strategic thinker with tactical execution skills; a flexible multi-tasker balancing long term relationship management with short term program goals
  • Grasp of new technologies and approaches and their business impact
  • A team player, contributor and collaborator able to effectively operate in a multi-national and cross functional environment
  • An ambassador with the ability to broker successful working relationships with internal clients and external influencers, engendering goodwill, trust and advocacy
  • Strong interpersonal communication with listening, writing and articulation skills, balancing attention to detail with management level summation
  • Creative thinker with experience integrating analyst relations with other programs eg social media for optimal effect
  • Location flexible, but London preferred. Some travel required (less than 20%)
  • BA/BS degree or equivalent experience

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and development of proactive campaigns to optimize positioning of Amdocs via the industry analyst channel
  • Manage all elements of Amdocs Media AR program from concept to results, including:
    • Timely response to incoming analyst requests to maximize coverage opportunities
    • Key report management – identification, contribution and submissions, fact review and Amdocs-analyst liaison
    • Relationship development and maintenance, ‘business as usual’ communications (inquiries, briefings, etc) and planned campaigns eg roadshows and events
    • AR training and guidance for spokespeople
    • Identification of and enrollment in cross-team opportunities and fund raising
    • Program measurement and reporting
  • Support team planning and preparation of analyst activity at Amdocs and industry events;
  • Assist procurement and internal customers with subscription spend and paid for analyst engagements such as custom research projects, strategy days, speaking engagements, webinars, etc. as well as shortlisting, relationship and issue management.
  • Create effective, timely communications both internally, to highlight AR success and share analyst insights and externally, to support Amdocs ‘sustain leadership’, ‘evangelize the brand’ and ‘expand and diversify’ AR goals

All Amdocs roles require strong verbal and written communications skills, position-appropriate mentoring/leadership abilities, ability to quickly master new systems and/or processes, capacity to stay organized while managing competing priorities, and a deep customer service orientation, both internally and externally.


VUBIQUITY, part of Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), connects content owners and video providers to deliver entertainment to viewers on any screen. Working with 600+ leading film studios, television networks, independent producers and Digital First providers, VUBIQUITY brings premium content to over 1,000 global video distributors. VUBIQUITY has offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and London. For the latest company news, follow us on Twitter @VUBIQUITY or visit www.vubiquity.com.

About Amdocs

Amdocs is a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies of all sizes, accelerating the industry’s dynamic and continuous digital transformation. With a rich set of innovative solutions, long-term business relationships with 350 communications and media providers, and technology and distribution ties to 600 content creators, Amdocs delivers business improvements to drive growth. Amdocs and its 25,000 employees serve customers in over 85 countries. Listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, Amdocs had revenue of $4.0 billion in fiscal 2018. For more information, visit Amdocs at www.amdocs.com

For more information and to apply for this role, please contact philippa.tozer@amdocs.com


https://analystrelations.org/2019/02/01/job-post-industry-analyst-relations-manager-amdocs-london-uk/feed/ 0 271305
IIAR Webinar: Join us for a Webinar with Paul Reynolds from ISG on Thursday 7th February https://analystrelations.org/2019/01/25/iiar-webinar-join-us-for-a-webinar-with-paul-reynolds-from-isg-on-thursday-7th-february/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/01/25/iiar-webinar-join-us-for-a-webinar-with-paul-reynolds-from-isg-on-thursday-7th-february/#respond Fri, 25 Jan 2019 16:00:08 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=269793 Please join us on Thursday February 7th, 2019 at 15.00pm GMT / 16.00pm CET/ 10.00am EST / 07.00am PT for a presentation and discussion with Paul Reynolds, Partner and Chief Research Office at ISG.

ISG is the leader in market research for the 45B Outsourcing Industry. Join this IIAR Event to better understand ISG’s position in the research market, and how you can work better with their advisors.
Paul Reynolds from ISG will be our host. Paul leads Momentum, a division of ISG that provides research services to help service providers better target, win and retain business. Paul has 25 years of market research experience with specific expertise in methodology development, data analytics and research process design. Having found many service providers’ Advisor Relations functions to lack appropriate analytics, Paul is working to develop innovative new approaches that allow for data-driven programs based on the unique needs of each client. His approach benefits Advisor Relations, go-to-market functions, sales, strategy, marketing, and market/competitive intelligence teams.

Join the IIAR for a one-hour Discussion Group.  The discussion will be co-hosted by Paul Reynolds (@PaulLReynolds LinkedIn)  of ISG and Beth Torrie (@bethtorrieLinkedIn) IIAR USA Board.

This webinar is free for members.  To register for this Webinar please click to here



https://analystrelations.org/2019/01/25/iiar-webinar-join-us-for-a-webinar-with-paul-reynolds-from-isg-on-thursday-7th-february/feed/ 0 269793
IIAR Discussion Group on “The Future of Analyst Relations” on January 30th https://analystrelations.org/2019/01/24/iiar-discussion-group-on-the-future-of-analyst-relations-on-january-30th/ https://analystrelations.org/2019/01/24/iiar-discussion-group-on-the-future-of-analyst-relations-on-january-30th/#respond Thu, 24 Jan 2019 18:18:46 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=269903 Gerry van Zandt and Ludovic Leforestier - IIARWhat is the future of Analyst Relations looking like?  How is our field evolving?

Have you recently thought about:

  • Whether AR is evolving into “Influencer Relations”?
  • How AR is changing to meet the evolving IT industry analyst firm landscape?
  • How AR can adapt to — and adopt — new ways of measuring AR productivity and effectiveness?
  • What the “next chapter” in the AR field will be?

It’s a very current and relevant topic that affects all of us, and should provide some food for thought as you move along in your own AR career. We are interested in getting your perspective, observations, comments and predictions about the current and future state of Analyst Relations.

Join the IIAR for a one-hour Discussion Group, where we’ll ask and debate these topics, and more.  The discussion will be co-hosted by Gerry Van Zandt (LinkedIn@gerryvz) of Oracle and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) at Criteo.

The Discussion Group will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019 at 8:00 AM US Pacific Time / 11:00 AM US Eastern Time / 4:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time / 5:00 PM Central European Time.

It’s free for all IIAR members. Register online here for the Discussion Group https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HffMy0LqTMCqnSPSy0AdAw

We look forward to your participation.


https://analystrelations.org/2019/01/24/iiar-discussion-group-on-the-future-of-analyst-relations-on-january-30th/feed/ 0 269903
Around Soichi Nakajima from IDATE DigiWorld in 10 questions https://analystrelations.org/2018/12/17/around-soichi-nakajima-from-idate-digiworld-in-10-questions/ https://analystrelations.org/2018/12/17/around-soichi-nakajima-from-idate-digiworld-in-10-questions/#comments Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:02:28 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=263320 Following our IIAR Webinar with Soichi NakajimaSoichi Nakajima / IDATE DigiWorld, Digital Telco Practice Lead (@NakajimaSoichiLinkedIn) at IDATE DigiWorld, here’s his interview in ten questions.

1. What are your coverage areas?
I cover all things Internet services and players; if you want to talk about the GAFA(M), FAMGA (yes it’s the same thing), FANG, BAT(X)… I’m all yours. To add a bit of flavor, I specifically take a telecommunication angle to cover the intersections of the Internet and telco worlds. Naturally this leads me to cover the US and China often, but being based in France we also have great European coverage, and it helps being Japanese to cover the Far East.


2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
Let me give you a market cliché; there’s so much data around today but nobody knows what to do with it. Analysis of yesterday was about collecting the data, whereas analysis of today is about filtering the data. I believe the days of long, descriptive reports are long gone, and what we need are sharp, adaptable, to-the-point, relative and critical analyses.


3. What’s your typical day like?
The day starts with grinding fresh coffee beans… by hand, never with a machine! I’m an early starter and often first in the office, and would often start with calls to the Far East (which is already in the afternoon due to the time difference). Maybe a few games of table football/baby-foot/kicker would follow, and lunch in the garden. Oh yes, I do some work too… writing reports, talking to clients, brainstorming with colleagues, you get the picture. Or, I’m travelling.


4. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
What’s my company name again? Oh yeah… IDATE. Need I say more? No, we are not a dating company, we are not i-DATE!


5. How do you position your firm? What is your business model?
We are actually over 40 years old, and based in France, which already makes us unique in this field. We have three axes of business; consulting, research and Institute. The first two are self-explanatory, but the Institute makes us a bit different. It is essentially a membership program to which we have 70+ members as of today, from various industries large and small. We operate “breakfast clubs” driven by these members every month in London, Paris and Brussels, where very interactive discussions take place. These activities then fuel our research and consulting activities, creating a nice little virtuous cycle. Oh by the way I am in charge of these clubs in London.


6. What is your research methodology?
Well I will end up repeating a little bit of what I mentioned above, but apart from the standard blabla of primary and secondary research, interviews etc., I really do believe what sets us apart is our access to the Institute members for real first-hand opinions and trends. On a personal note I’m a strong believer of the personal touch, and will try to implement this in my works.


7. Any favourite AR professional you’d like to mention? Any why?
Ah. I have come to learn that this type of question is a booby trap… I will always, always forget to mention someone. That said, I would certainly like to thank Ludovic Leforestier who gave me this opportunity, who also happens to be a top bloke.


8. What are your offerings and key deliverables?
We cover mainly the telecom, media and Internet fields. Our line of business is split into 5 main domains: fixed (such as FTTx), wireless (typically 5G), media (digital contents, video…), IoT, and digital telcos (Internet and telecom services).


9. Hobbies or favourite restaurant / food that you’d like to share?
I love both watching and playing football… so much so that I am the official organizer of 5-a-side football matches within our company. Some of my colleagues know me more for my football organizing skills rather than my analytical skills! The beer afterwards is always great too.


10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
Am I allowed to mention the Brexit?


Check also this post-webinar interview below

Post IIAR Webinar interview with Soichi Nakajima / Digital Telcos Practice Leader (@NakajimaSoichiLinkedIn) with Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) from the IIAR Board.

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https://analystrelations.org/2018/12/17/around-soichi-nakajima-from-idate-digiworld-in-10-questions/feed/ 1 263320
IIAR Analyst Of The Year 2018 – The Awards Unwrapped. https://analystrelations.org/2018/12/04/iiar-analyst-of-the-year-2018-the-awards-unwrapped/ https://analystrelations.org/2018/12/04/iiar-analyst-of-the-year-2018-the-awards-unwrapped/#comments Tue, 04 Dec 2018 20:00:32 +0000 https://analystrelations.org/?p=261326 Who’d have thought Christmas would come this early? Grab a glass of bubbles, put on the festive music and light the fire. It’s time to unveil the IIAR Analyst Of The Year award winners.

2018 was a year in which influencer relations became more important in delivering business impact, and so unsurprisingly analysts’ voices have been a critical focus for sales enablement and marketing. We see analysts themselves continuing to build profile beyond repors, through social media and content, and in response organisations are ramping their commitment to tracking how analysts impact their brand. It’s an exciting, evolving time.

So for the IIAR community, it’s important to recognise the range of analysts and firms who are leading the way. We listen carefully to the voices of our members and remain fully engaged with the global analyst network.

To this end we’ve heard from the community in eleven countries across four continents. We’ve reviewed hundreds of nominations and thousands of point scores. Award winners were determined based on the scoring provided by IIAR members, in accordance with the IIAR SOSM methodology. The nominations therefore reflect the best practice promoted within the IIAR.

All of this leads to one thing – as a festive drumroll is unleashed – the award winners

IIAR New Entrant Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Paul McKay / Forrester (LinkedIn@PMcKayForrester)


IIAR Client Partner Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Chris Cook / Ovum (LinkedIn)

Well done to Michael Devagno / Ovum ( LinkedIn@mdevagno) and Greg Pace / Gartner (LinkedIn@gregpace12) who were runners up in the category.


IIAR Influential Analyst Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Pat Sullivan / Gartner (LinkedIn)

And congratulations to Donald Feinberg (LinkedIn@Brazingo) and Lydia Leong (LinkedIn@cloudpundit) both also from Gartner.


IIAR Innovative Analyst Of The Year 2018

The winner is: …in fact the ‘winners are’ in a dead heat:

Bravo indeed to each of Tim Jennings / Ovum (Tim Jennings@tjennings), Ray Wang / Constellation (LinkedIn@rwang0) and Owen Rogers / 451 (LinkedIn@owenrog) who were joint first in this new category.


And the overall winner of the IIAR Analyst of the Year 2018

The winner is: Margaret Adam / IDC (Margaret Adam@madam_idc).

Read her IIAR Around In 10 Questions interview.

And congratulations to Gilbert van der Heiden / Gartner (LinkedIn) and Liz Herbert / Forrester (LinkedIn@lizherbert) who were runners up in the category.


Finally, we can announce the IIAR Analyst Firm Of The Year 2018

The winner is: Gartner (related blog posts@Gartner_inc)

And congratulations to the following firms who represented the rest of the IIAR community’s top five:

In second place, IDC (blog posts, @IDC)

Third comes Forrester (blog posts, @forrester)

In fourth position we have 451 Research (blog posts, @451Research)

And fifth but not least, Ovum (blog posts,@Ovum)


So bravo to everyone who won and to the runners up – and thanks to the IIAR community for your time in voting. We look forward to another highly engaged year in 2019. Until then have a great Christmas and festive season.


By the IIAR Awards Committee


Previous IIAR Analysts and Firms Of The Year

https://analystrelations.org/2018/12/04/iiar-analyst-of-the-year-2018-the-awards-unwrapped/feed/ 1 261326