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IIAR Member Analyst Relations agencies serving technology clients


  • Works with clients in the consumer, energy & automotive, enterprise computing, networking, telecoms and media technologies markets and with organizations driving policy & governance across the industry.
  • Offices in Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris and Stockholm, part of Cohn & Wolfe and the wider WPP group.
  • Services include media, influencer and analyst relations, corporate communications and digital.


CC Group


Destrier AR

Kea Company

  • Works with analyst relations teams and sales and marketing leaders in high technology and telecoms solutions providers
  • Offices in California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom
  • Services include the Analyst Value Survey, Analyst/Advisor Attitude Survey, training and development workshops and outsourced analyst relations management.
  • IIAR Community involvement from Kea Company: Duncan Chapple is an IIAR co-founder and served twice as a board member. Kea Company’s annual AR forum has sponsored eight AR Cafe get-togethers in the USA. IIAR board members have spoken at every AR forum.
  • Latest contributions by Kea Company


EngageAR, LLC

  • Works with small, medium and large technology services, software, marketing or digital agency companies to build a successful strategic relationship-focused analyst relations program.  We work with companies that have no AR team, or an AR team that wants to take their program to the next level.
  • Offices in US
  • Services – Industry Analyst Relations and Partnerships and Alliances.  We offer a Best Kept Secrets of Analyst Relations one-day workshop that builds a plan and enables companies of all sizes to quickly engage with analysts to drive brand, referrals and revenue. Our team has also delivered over 10 very successful analyst days and understand how to successfully capture mindshare at these events. After sitting on both Gartner and Forrester AR Leadership Boards for over 10 years – we understand the inner workings of research firms and have gathered numerous best practices from AR peers that drive unprecedented success.

 Loenberg AR

  • Works with global technology companies of all sizes from small start-up companies to global Fortune 500 companies.
  • Offices in London
  • Services – Loenberg AR specialises in all aspects of analyst relations including dedicated analyst relations programme development and execution, briefings, events and perception audits. Loenberg AR also provides training and coaching courses for spokespeople and messaging workshops
  • Signe has been voted by industry analysts IIAR AR Professional of the Year in 2017, 2016 and came second in 2014


Spotlight AR

  • Works with technology and services companies, from start-ups to the Fortune 500, who are looking to amplify their analyst relations programs.
  • Offices in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • Services include analyst relations consulting, outsourcing and coaching. We help our clients develop strategic AR programs and give them tools and resources to execute effective analyst relationships. 


St. Cross Group

  • Works with Technology companies of all sizes and sectors from start-up to global companies.
  • Offices in the UK and available to work with clients globally
  • Services– St Cross Group consultants cover all aspects of analyst and influencer relations. We have a unique sentiment analysis solution for aiding segmentation, targeting, measurement etc. This solution makes AR teams more effective and efficient with their outreach programme. St Cross Group also help clients create, build and execute analyst relations programmes.  We have decades of experience in building and executing industry leading programmes. To augment our programmes St Cross Group also provide SME/Executive coaching.
  • IIAR Community involvement from St Cross Group: Bill Reed was an IIAR Board Member in 2014
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Harvard: Sunesis AR 


Wildfire PR 

  • Works with clients across the technology sector, including consumer technology, electronics, software and services, IT infrastructure, marketing tech and fintech.  Wildfire is one of the UK’s leading independent technology communications agencies.
  • Offices in London. Wildfire is also a member of PROI Worldwide.
  • Services include integrated campaigns, analyst relations, media relations, digital, reputation management and content communications.


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