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Around Anthony Mullen from Gartner in 10 questions

Today we ask our probing questions of Anthony Mullen  from Gartner (@gartner, see related posts). Anthony ( LinkedIn, @ant_mull) recently joined Gartner and was previously with Forrester. Last year while working in a data science consultancy, Anthony conceived of and ran a piece of R&D work that developed the worlds first rich segmentation using wearable data. The work went on to develop […]

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[GUEST POST] Trends: Influencers Aspire For Market Maker Status by Ray Wang / Constellation

The Bottom Line: Influencers Who Adopt Multiple Influencer Types Emerge As Market Makers Market makers create tremendous influence in the market. Today’s savvy influencers adopt multiple influencer types to gain market maker status. A true market maker will master at least four influencer types. For example, some industry analysts earn market maker status by authoring […]

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