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Paris report: oh là là cinq Forrester forums

Forrester ran this week its annual landmark European conference, or rather EMEA Forums. Indeed this year, the EMEA IT Forum was dismembered into five separate, co-located role-based events: Infrastructure & OperationsCIO, SecuritySourcing & Vendor Management (IT services in plain English) and Enterprise Architecture.

Those five events were marketed separately but they were in fact more like parallel tracks in a larger conference –without a main session, meaning many attendees did not get to hear from CEO, George Colony with regard to his views on the markets and emerging trends.

From an AR standpoint, this divide and conquer audiences strategy made scheduling one to ones somewhat tricky as attendees could only book meetings in advance for the “event” they were registered for (although Forrester subsequently commented this should not have happened).  Continue Reading →

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[Job Posting] KPMG Seeks Associate Director, AR – Boston, USA

At KPMG we run our firm just as effectively as we support and strengthen our clients’ businesses. That means hiring talented people to help develop and manage our brand, publish our thought leadership, control our finances, run our IT infrastructure, and support our professionals in the field. There are great opportunities to build your career within our business. We are currently seeking an Associate Director, Analyst Relations in our Boston office or in any U.S. office. Continue Reading →

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Around Mark McGregor from MWD Advisors in 10 Questions

Mark McGregor is Principal Analyst for MWD Advisor’s BPM programme with a Six Sigma Black Belt and certified PRINCE2 practitioner. He recently joined the company having previously worked for Bloor Research as Research Director. You can find out more about Mark via his twitter feed and on LinkedIn or alternatively read the latest from the MWD blog.

1.  What are your coverage areas?

Given my 17 + years in the modeling tool market, it will come as no surprise that analysis & design will be a particular area of focus. I will also be looking more at some of the soft issues surrounding change and BPM in particular. As we say at MWD it is all about getting the best value from your IT investment, and that needs more than just technology skills.

2.  What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going? Continue Reading →

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Save the date: IIAR to Host Cocktail Hour at ARchitect User Forum, Sept. 19

The IIAR will be hosting a cocktail reception for AR professionals on September 19, in conjunction with the annual ARchitect User Forum being put on by ARInsights. The IIAR-sponsored cocktail event is free of charge for all AR pros (IIAR members, prospective members and, of course, ARchitect User Forum attendees) and will be held from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Westin Palo Alto.

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IIAR ANALYST OF THE YEAR 2012 – Voting open!

This year’s search to find the IIAR 2012 Analyst of the Year and IIAR Analyst Firm of the Year is now open.

You will see that this year’s survey is a little different to last year’s. To help us validate the nominations we are asking you to rate your chosen analyst and analyst firm of the year against a list of 10 criteria. The winner will be the analyst with the highest overall rating from multiple responses, rather than the analyst that attracts the highest number of votes.

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New IIAR Board member: Welcome Simon Levin

We wanted to let you know that unfortunately Karsten Scherer has decided to step down from the IIAR Board because of unforeseen personal and work commitments.   We’re sorry that he’s leaving us and would like to thank him for his contribution.  We hope that he’ll able to support the growth and development of the IIAR in other ways in the coming months.

We have asked Simon Levin to take over the vacant board position for the remaining six months of this Board’s tenure effective immediately. Simon was the candidate who received the next highest number of votes in last year’s election.

We’re delighted that Simon’s joining the Board (he’s already proved an invaluable contributor to the UK Chapter) and are looking forward to working with him. If you want to find out more about Simon you can connect with him via LinkedIn or twitter or read more via his blog.

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IIAR Café at Forrester Forums – 19 June in Paris

The IIAR will be hosting an informal networking session at the Forrester Forums during the evening of Tuesday 19th June in Paris.  It’s a chance to unwind, discuss the day’s events with AR colleagues and talk about the latest activities and upcoming events within the IIAR. Hosting the Cafe will be Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic) from BearingPoint and former IIAR Board member as well as Ed Capps from AR Insights.

For further details of the event and to register your interest please email me.

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Ovum lays out its strategy to the IIAR

Last week the IIAR was given an insight into the new strategy at Ovum in a one and a half hour Q&A session with four of the company’s top executives.

The in-person event in London saw Ovum’s MD (Brett Azuma), Global Director for IT (Ian Charlesworth), Global Director for Telecoms (Richard Mahony) and Chief Telecoms Analyst (Jan Dawson) all take time out of hectic schedules to personally answer IIAR members’ questions and provide an update on the company’s future direction.

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Around Dean Bubley from Disruptive Analysis in 10 questions

Today we learn more about Dean Bubley, Founder and Director of Disruptive Analysis. Having gained a degree from the highly prestigious, University of Oxford, Dean spent nine years at Datamonitor becoming Chief Analyst and Consulting Director. He then spent a brief stint as an equity analyst before setting up his own business, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. You can hear more from Dean via his blog or on twitter (unpaid) and (paid).
  1. What are your coverage areas?
    Primarily telecoms technology and service-provider business models, especially mobile. But I have an extremely broad beat within that, from voice & messaging, through mobile broadband & 4G/WiFi networks, to telecoms regulation & policymaking and devices.
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    I see it as similar to many other industries – consolidation among medium/larger firms, fed by a growing pool of smaller ones. However, the move towards social media & collaboration makes it much easier for both solo analysts and ad-hoc alliances and affiliations. I work closely with various other organisations and individuals, such as STL Partners/Telco 2.0 and Martin Geddes Consulting. One last point – I sometimes feel that Telecoms Analysts have a somewhat different model to IT Analysts, as the “end-users” of network infrastructure are the telcos. Continue Reading →
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IIAR Analyst of the Year 2012: All new criteria

The IIAR Board has made a major transformation to the way this year’s IIAR Analyst of the Year is selected.

After numerous conversations with members, AR professionals and analysts we felt this year we needed to do things differently. We’re pleased with the new approach and hope you will agree that this year the survey will give every analyst an equal chance based on their expertise, credibility and research.

Rather than just nominating your top analyst, participants will this year be asked to rate their chosen analyst against a list of 10 criteria ranging from ‘Quality of research’ to ‘End-user influence’, and will be able to provide ratings for more than one analyst. The winner will be the analyst with the highest overall rating from multiple responses, rather than the analyst that attracts the highest number of votes. The Analyst Firm of the Year will be run using the same format only we’ve split out the large global analyst firms from other smaller and independent firms so you can vote for multiple analyst firms. This will allow us to recognise those large firms which have scale and market influence, as well as those that offer quality of research and value for money. Of course, it’s entirely up to you who you vote for and which criteria you believe offer the most value.

The survey will be opened in the next two weeks and we are looking forward to receiving your votes. All marketing communication professionals who regularly engage with analysts – IIAR members and non–members – are welcome to take part and all individual votes will be treated as strictly confidential. The survey will be open for seven weeks after which we will close it for analysis and announce the results early September.

Watch this space for news of the voting open!

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