How to structure a briefing?

James McGovern (@mcgoverntheory, LinkedIn) asked here how to structure a briefing.

Here are some past posts on the IIAR blog that dealt with the subject:

There are also tips hidden away on the Gartner website:

Kevin’s got a point that briefings have to be  remembered and it can pay to change the order. I’d say it depends on  your spokesperson: if you do something too un-natural and un-comfortable it’s most likely to backfire and you won’t get a good result.

In terms of content, there’s nothing wrong with the good old funnel structure, even if you  change the order:

  • vision
  • strategy, inc. GTM
  • issue, business problem
  • solution, product, capabilities
  • differentiators
  • use cases, credentials
  • architecture and the rest of the technical aspects, delivery model, pricing aspects, ROI
  • wrap-up and summary

AR pros: how do you do it?

Analysts: what do you like to hear?

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One Response to How to structure a briefing?

  1. Duncan Chapple Monday 31st October 2011 at 17:18 #

    I had the same questions from James last Thursday, and my suggestion for a ten slide deck was: Strategy; Segmentation; Solutions; Sweet spot; Clients; Roadmap; RoI/Pricing; Work in Progress; Channel; Service