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New IIAR Best Practices Paper on AR Measurement

With AR budgets ever under pressure and AR as a discipline moving increasingly towards a shared-risk/rewards engagement model with the analysts, what should AR measurement look like? Is there still a place for measuring pure operational activity or should the AR community be looking more towards demonstrating its strategic contribution to the business, and measuring real impact on the sales cycle?

This new IIAR Best Practices paper by Ellie Warner (LinkedIn@elliewarner) provides plenty of vendor and service provider examples, tips and food for thought for AR professionals wanting to build or improve their AR measurement programs. Available to IIAR members to download free-of-charge from the IIAR website at it can be viewed and downloaded by going to Library -> Best Practice White Papers and Teleconferences -> White Papers.

The link for IIAR members is

Should we be asking the analyst community, or is it up to us to define our picture of success? Operational or outcome-based: what does your AR measurement program look like? What best practices would you like to share with your peers?




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New IIAR Best Practices paper about escalating research disagreements available

The latest IIAR Best Practices paper is out – “Best Practices for Escalating Research Disagreements” reviews techniques and tips for avoiding and escalating disagreements over research. It includes interviews with AR practitioners and briefly outlines the escalation processes for Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Ovum.

The paper is available to IIAR members to download free-of-charge from the IIAR website at To view and download, go to Library -> IIAR Best Practice Library -> Dealing with Analyst Issues (here).

What are your views on escalating research? Do most AR managers have experience in this area? Or is it something you learn on the job, trial by fire?

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Next IIAR Discussion Group call on AR in Asia-Pac

Our next monthly IIAR Discussion Group teleconference is this Wednesday, November 25th, on the topic of analyst relations in Asia-Pacific.

This call will be lead by Pia Langstrom and will discuss issues such as cultural differences across Asia Pacific, APAC analysts and analyst firms, and what’s required to set up an AR programme in this region.  Pia is currently authoring a Best Practices Paper on this subject for the IIAR.

IIAR members who would like to join the call, please contact Hannah Kirkman for dial in details.

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Agenda for today’s IIAR London Forum with Forrester

Here’s the agenda for today’s Forum –action packed as usual… and with the proverbial curry at the end!

1500-1530   Social media tutorial
1545-1600   Registration
1600-1605   Introductions and welcome
1605-1620   Report back from Gartner Symposium
1620-1655   Discussion groups:
– AR and social media
– Planning for 2010
– Gaining and maintaining executive support for AR
1655-1715 Discussion groups report back
1715-1730 Break
1730-1830 Guest speaker: Brad Holmes, VP Technology Research at Forrester Research
1830 p.m. Close of meeting and informal dinner

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Because two are better than one: IIAR Tweetup tomorrow, IIAR London Forum on Thursday!

This week is quite busy for IIAR members with not just one event but two:

And don’t forget about the IIAR Christmas Cafe on the 3rd December, all welcome too -many analysts already have confirmed their participation. More here and later.

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Summary of the IIAR Certification teleconference

Duncan hosted a teleconference with Peggy O’Neill of the IIAR board on Analyst Relations Certification and posted the summary on his Analyst Equity blog.

The IIAR Certification is a first step in equipping AR Professionals with an independent industry professional certification, definitely a good way to boost a CV.

It’s open to all AR practitioners, free to IIAR members and for a fee to others.
Read more in Peggy’s own post: IIAR Launches Certification for Analyst Relations Managers

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Around Carsten Schmidt from HENRY Corporation in 10 questions

Carsten SchmidtCarsten Schmidt and other IDC Alumni recently formed Henry Corporation as a network of analysts offering strategic advice and marketing services to IT vendors, including Martin Hingley. Read Carter’s post for more background.

  1. What are your coverage areas?
    At HENRY I manage the commercial communication with our clients and project manage larger and cross-country projects.
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    A marketplace assumes sellers and buyers. Frankly, I see the buyers pulling out because of the vast availability of free information and alternate sources. Secondly analysis and marketplace are contradicting forces if we hold on to the belief that analysis is an objective or even scientific process as opposed to the notion of a marketplace. There’re numerous examples how research firms productize their analysis. By doing that information transforms from research to marketing. There’s nothing wrong (or “magic”) about that as long as we stop calling it research.
  3. What’s your typical day like?
    I communicate a lot, either by email, phone or blogs. My role is to be proactive towards HENRY’s clients, the IT vendors. I spend most mornings planning my day and prioritizing my approach. I care a lot about not wasting other people’s time. I firmly believe in business relationships that are mutually sensible meaning having the respect and interest in your client’s goals and objectives. Talking to people I never think what I can get out of it, but how it can benefit the other part. Experience has taught me that this approach is the most rewarding in the long run.
  4. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
    AR’s are marketers and part of the marketing ecosystem together with research analysts and sales and marketing people. Most ARs know that which helps communication and facilitate exchange of information. It is only when AR’s commence pre-assessing the purpose of your approach that the AR misunderstands their role.
  5. How do you position your firm? What is your business model? (where are your revenues coming from, mix between users and vendors?)
    Our revenue comes solely from vendors. And we are in the business of helping building pipe lines by providing lead generation on behalf of the IT vendors. This is no different from our research colleagues in the industry apart from the fact that we communicate it in the open. World business as such is becoming more and more verticalized wherefore in-depth understanding of the IT business is a prerequisite for providing tactical marketing services. Research is used as a tool in one-on-one projects and as a foundation for offering the right tactical approach. Consequently we do not believe in published qualitative research reports as they are by nature  strongly biased toward the intended buying audience.
  6. What is your research methodology, in 255 characters or less?  (primary research, F2F or phone, secondary only, etc…)
    Qualitative research must by default be primary. If not I’d call it journalism. Quantitative data can easily come from public available sources as long as you are a skilled analyst able to verify and see behind the data. HENRY only partner with highly experienced analysts as you will know from our website.
  7. Any favourite AR professional you’d like to mention? Any why?
    IBM’s Carsten Grønning is a great representative for the AR community. Forward coming, helpful, proactive and knowledgeable.
  8. Tell us about one good AR practice you’ve experienced or one good AR event you’ve atttended.
    As long as the relationship is mutually sensible any AR practice and activity is good, simply because proactivity is beneficial and time saving for both the research company and the IT vendor.
  9. What are your offerings and key deliverables?
    HENRY has three offerings, Research-, Activate- and Event-related. We consider research as an integral part of the marketing value chain which real  purpose obviously is to improve market shares. We embrace that value chain by focusing at the ultimate goal for our clients, the IT vendors.
  10. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 mn?
    Strategy work at IT vendors are being centralized at headquarters. That has been a trend for years now. Secondly still more marketing money are spend closer to the clients at the expense of market intelligence. Our challenge is to communicate this trend to our prospect clients and to offer marketing services that are closer to our clients customers.
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New editorial calendar for IIAR now available

The IIAR has just published a summary of best practices papers and added a new editorial calendar detailing papers that we plan to publish in coming months.  Papers are free of charge to all IIAR members – to access them, just go to Library – > Best Practice White Papers and Teleconferences -> White Papers.

Feedback and contributions from IIAR members and non-IIAR members are welcome! If you are interested in contributing a paper, or have ideas for topics that you would like to see included, please contact me directly at [email protected].

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IIAR seeks new Secretary

In March 2010 the current IIAR Secretary, Hannah Kirkman, will be leaving and we are looking for someone to take over the role.

As Secretary, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day running of the IIAR, including looking after members, organising events, maintaining the website and supporting the board with key initiatives such as development of AR certification, and best practice white papers.

The position is part-time, hours to suit (currently between 1 to 1.5 days per week).

You’ll need to be a self-starter, with a background in analyst relations, and ideally based in the UK or able to travel there on a regular basis. If you’re passionate about AR, this is your opportunity to help shape the future of the IIAR and drive our profession forward.

Interested? For more details, please contact hkirkman (at) analystrelations (dot) org.

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Forrester to present at IIAR November Forum in London

Brad Holmes, VP Technology Research with Forrester Research, will be the guest presenter at the next IIAR London Forum on November 19th. In addition, before the main session Jonny Bentwood will be holding a tutorial on using social media tools. Forums are open to all IIAR members. A limited number of guest places are available for those who have not previously been to an IIAR event. For more information, please contact IIAR Secretary Hannah Kirkman at hkirkman (at) analystrelations (dot) org.

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